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November 4th, 2007

Sightron Offers FREE NRA Membership with Scope Purchase

Sightron, Inc., has joined forces with the NRA to assist with the largest NRA membership drive in history. Shooters who purchase any Sightron scope (excluding SI models) will receive a free 1-year membership to the National Rifle Association. Current NRA members will receive a 1-year renewal with purchase. “With 2008 being a critical election year, all of us here at Sightron are concerned about attacks against our right to bear arms and future generations having the same rights we have enjoyed,” said Sightron’s President, Scott Helmer. “We are proud to do our part to help the NRA defend our Second Amendment rights.” To learn more about Sightron’s complete line of products, visit

Sightron 6-24 rifle scope

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November 4th, 2007

130gr JLKs — Perfect Projectile for 6.5×47 Lapua?

In our view, the 6.5×47 Lapua cartridge is a bit low on capacity to shoot the full-size 139-142gr 6.5mm bullets at optimal velocities. However, the round really performs with 120-130gr match projectiles. Don Nielson once again demonstrated the accuracy potential of the 6.5×47 at a recent Sacramento 600-yard NBRSA match. Don “cleaned house” in Heavy Gun class, winning HG Aggregate, and HG Score (283-3X), the latter a new record. Don was shooting the JLK 130gr VLD, produced by Swampworks based on an original Jimmy Knox design. The JLK 130 may be the “ultimate” bullet choice for the 6.5×47 case–with just the right combination of weight, bearing surface, and BC. The 6.5mm 130gr VLD, item 26130, costs $43.60 per 150. Specs are listed on the Swampworks website. To order call (417) 831-2309.

JLK Bullets

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November 4th, 2007

TubeGun Kit for Anschütz 54 Actions

Some months ago we featured Gary Eliseo’s superb R5 Repeater Rifle Kit chambered in 6BR. Many of the folks who shoot prone centerfire matches also practice and compete with rimfire rifles. Gary has created a high-quality tubegun kit for smallbore shooters. This kit provides a great platform for NRA prone shooters who want to cross-train with a rimfire gun. The kit utilizes the outstanding Anschütz 54 match action and Anschütz trigger group. Gary’s AN1 kit uses a unique barrel sleeve mounting system that free floats both the action and barrel resulting in zero stress mounting for enhanced accuracy. Optional extras include a front sight base (see below) and a very effective barrel tuner. Visit for more info, or call Gary Eliseo at (714) 630-5734, M-F 9am to 4pm, Pacific Time.

Eliseo AN1 Smallbore Rifle

Gary also fabricates his own custom, adjustable sight bases for space guns, tube guns, and Tubb 2000s. This allows you to use the front sight of your choice.

Eliseo AN1 Smallbore Rifle

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