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October 22nd, 2014

Storage Sacks for Firearms in Your Safe

Bore-Store Gun SacksOur take on Bore-Store Gun sleeves is simple: They work great, so buy them and use them — for ALL your valuable firearms.

These thick, synthetic-fleece sacks cushion your guns, preventing nicks and scratches. The breathable fabric wicks away moisture, and the fibers are coating with corrosion inhibitors. I personally use Bore-Stores for in-safe storage with all my guns, and I have never had one of my guns rust inside a Bore-Store, even when I lived a stone’s throw from the ocean.

Bore-Stores are offered in a wide range of sizes, so you can find something to fit everything from a Snub-nosed revolver to a 32″-barrelled 50 BMG. Rifle-size Bore Stores can be purchased for $12.00 – $21.00 from Brownells. For long F-Class or tactical rifles, we recommend the 10″x52″ Scoped Shotgun Bag, Brownells item 132-000-003. You can also order direct from the Bore-Store manufacturer, Big Spring Enterprises, Big Spring will also craft custom sizes on request.

Consider Military-Style, Triple-Layer Bags for Long-Term Storage
While we prefer Bore-Stores for regularly-used guns, if you have heirloom firearms that will be kept in storage for very long periods without seeing any use, you may want to grease them up and place them in the thin, but rugged three-layer storage bags sold by Brownells. The bags are made from a three-layer laminate of polyester, aluminum, and polyethylene film, with a shiny silver exterior. Though the laminate is thin, the Brownells storage bags are puncture-resistant, and have a 0% moisture transmission rating so moisture can’t get inside. These bags are also resistant to petroleum-based chemicals and they won’t break down even in contact with soil or moisture.

3-layer Brownells storage bagHere’s one VITAL bit of advice for using these bags. Be absolutely sure, before you seal up the bags, that your guns are DRY and that all metal surfaces have been coated with an effective anti-corrosive, such as BoeShield T9 or Eezox. Brownells’ storage bags are inexpensive. A three-pak of 12″x 60″ rifle sacks (item 083-055-003WB) costs just $22.99 — under eight bucks a gun. That’s cheap insurance for rifles and shotguns that may cost thousands of dollars.

Get Your Guns Out of Foam-lined Cases — They Are Rust Magnets
Just about the worst thing you can do in the winter (short of leaving your rifle outside in the rain) is to store firearms in tight, foam-padded cases. The foam in these cases actually collects and retains moisture from the air, acting as the perfect breeding ground for rust.

Foam-lined hard caseRemember, those plastic-shelled cases with foam interiors are for transport, not for long-term storage. Don’t repeat the mistake of a wealthy gun collector I know. He stored four valuable Colt Single Action Army (SAA) revolvers in individual foam-padded cases, and locked these away in his gun safe. A year later, every one of his precious SAAs had rusted, some badly.

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February 20th, 2009

Hot Deals from Cabela's Bargain Cave

Among the many good deals in Cabela’s Bargain Cave, we found a couple outstanding bargains this week. How about a quality hydration pack for $14.88, or a fleece neck gaitor for just $2.88? Note, also currently offers free shipping on orders of $150.00 or more. Use Promo Code ’29SHIP’.

Bargain 70-oz. Hydration Pack
Cabela’s is offering a good, solid basic hydration pack for just $14.88, marked down from $24.99 (item OG-517656). While a benchrester may never need a water pack, this is a great accessory for a varmint hunter, F-Class shooter, High Power competitor, or any one who has to spend long hours in the hot sun. The pack (offered in blue or green) features a 70-oz. H20 reservoir, comfortable shoulder straps, and a handy mesh pocket for keys or cell phone. Similar hydration packs from other manufacturers can cost $40 or more. A recent purchaser praised the Cabela’s design: “Great item — I have been very impressed with the Cabela’s Diamond Peak Hydration Packs I ordered. The bite valve is very easy to use and never leaks a drip. The pack construction seems very solid. No need to pay more.”

Cabela's Hydration Pack

Polartec Fleece Neck Gator — $2.88
The last time this Editor went to the range at the crack of dawn, it was about 30 degrees. I sure could have used this warm, thick fleece neck gaiter. This Polartec “WAMUgaiter™” (item OG-942580) has an angled zipper so you can adjust ventilation. I’ve used these when skiing and riding a motorcycle as well. You can easily slide them up and down to adjust the warmth factor, and unlike a full-head-coverage Balaclava, they won’t make you look like a Ninja assassin. Note, the only color available is BLAZE ORANGE, though the photo below shows camo. That may disappoint some, but for under three bucks, how can you complain. This is a very versatile cold-weather item, on sale now for just $2.88.

Cabela's Neck Gaiter

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