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October 14th, 2017

Modern Precision Rifle — New from Christensen Arms

Chistensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor .308 Winchester Win Tactical Folding stock PRS gun

Christensen Arms just unveiled a new rifle for PRS competitions and tactical applications. Christensen’s innovative Modern Precision Rifle features an all-new, proprietary chassis system and weighs less than seven pounds (for the 16″-bbl .308 Win version). The Modern Precision Rifle sports high-tech features, such as carbon fiber handguards/fore-end and cheek-piece, and black nitride-coated bolt, receiver, and muzzle brake. The rifle comes complete with a +20 MOA scope rail and a true folding stock with magnetic closure. The Christensen MPR carries a $2295.00 MSRP. That’s a grand more than a Ruger Precision Rifle, but the Christensen MPR’s action runs smoother and the gun is much, much lighter. The fore-end also feel better in the hand and the Christensen Arms rifle balances better than the Ruger.

Chistensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor .308 Winchester Win Tactical Folding stock PRS gun

The Christensen MPR is made from top-quality materials throughout. The chassis is machined from 7075 billet aluminum and features V-block bedding to promote superior accuracy. Other features include an adjustable folding stock with a locking hinge mechanism, and oversized, fluted bolt knob. The Modern Precision Rifle is built with a carbon fiber-wrapped barrel, free-floating handguard, and adjustable comb. The rifle is guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA.

Chistensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor .308 Winchester Win Tactical Folding stock PRS gun

Initial chamberings include 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester in a variety of barrel lengths. Additional calibers, including long-action offerings, are expected in 2018. The Modern Precision Rifle will hit dealers’ shelves within the next 6-8 weeks with an MSRP of $2295.00.

Carbon Components Keep Weight Down
Chistensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor .308 Winchester Win Tactical Folding stock PRS gun

Visit the Christensen Arms website for full specifications, technical drawings, and more photos.

Chistensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor .308 Winchester Win Tactical Folding stock PRS gun

Chistensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor .308 Winchester Win Tactical Folding stock PRS gun

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January 12th, 2015

Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis — The New Hotness

Here’s an item for the tactical operators out there. On the new SnipersHide Forum you’ll find a thread titled AX AICS: The New Hotness. This is a very thorough Owner’s Review of the Accuracy International AX Chassis by “TriggerMonkey”. With eight large, detailed photos, this “show-all, tell-all” thread does a great job of describing and illustrating the AX chassis system. Here’s a short sample:

2014 AX AICS Chassis
A couple of years ago I took a chance and purchased my first Accuracy International chassis, specifically the AX AICS, for my Remington 700. I say I took a chance because there was the possibility that I wouldn’t like it, I’ve never really considered myself a chassis system type of guy beforehand but it had features that appealed to me. I had nothing to worry about as it turns out because I got great accuracy out of the rifle without having to bed it and the adjustability of the stock made it very comfortable to shoot. When I saw that Accuracy International was rolling a new version of the AX AICS last year I knew that I had to have one for an upcoming build. Well now that I have one in hand I can see that the differences go far beyond just the addition of a right-hand folding stock. Nearly every part has been revised from the previous generation so let’s go through some of them.

The 2014 AX AICS comes in a pretty non-descript cardboard box in two pieces, neatly packaged in closed cell foam to protect of dings and such in transit. I would say this is a step up from my first AX AICS where the packaging was sufficient but not nearly as nice.

With the 2014 AX AICS you get the following:

2014 AX AICS “Main Body”
KeySlot Forend
2 Short Picatinny Rails w/ QD Sockets
1 Long Picatinny Rail w/ QD Socket
1 Short Picatinny Rail
1 Harris Bipod Adapter
Assembly Instructions

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December 30th, 2012

Compact Model 11 Stealth Chassis from Eberlestock

Eberle 2011 ChassisIn the 1980s, Glen Eberle was an Olympic Biathlete with Team USA. Recognizing the benefits of a lighter, more durable rifle stock, Glen invented a radical new biathlon stock that literally “changed the game”. Glen’s lighter stock allowed biathletes to ski faster. His stock was also more rugged than conventional designs, so it could better survive the inevitable tumbles that occur in competition.

Since retiring from Biathlon competition, Eberle has built a successful Idaho-based company that supplies tough field packs and accessories for hunters and the military. But Glen never lost interest in stock design, and over the past few years he has developed an innovative new tactical chassis that is quite different than anything on the market today.

Eberle 2011 Chassis

Eberlestock Model 11 Stealth Rifle Chassis system Fits Rem 700s
The Eberlestock Model 11 Stealth Rifle Chassis system is compact, light-weight and strong. Designed to fit Remington 700 actions, the Eberlestock model 11 chassis offers a drop-in, no-gunsmithing solution for tactical shooters. For the Rem 700 and Rem-clone actions, the Model 11 Chassis employs Accuracy Int’l Classic detachable box magazines (DBMs). The folding-stock version of the new Eberle chassis is very compact. Eberle claims it is “the shortest [folding-stock] sniper system in the world”.

The Model 11 Stealth Chassis is in Production Now
The basic Model 11 Stealth Rifle Chassis weighs 4 pounds and costs $1895.00. First availability will be for the Remington Model 700 short action. Next offerings will be for Rem Model 700 long actions, followed by stocks to fit models from other manufacturers. A variety of configuration options are offered, including folding butt-stock and a fore-stock with mounting rails. For more info, visit, or call Eberlestock USA in Idaho at 877-866-3047 or 208-424-5081.

Model 11 Chassis

Eberle 2011 Chassis

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January 2nd, 2012

New Folding Tactical Stocks from Manners Composite Stocks

Manners Composite Stocks has released a new series of folding tactical stocks, the MCS-TF (Tactical Folder) series. There are four TF versions: TF1 through TF4. These offer different fore-end and buttstock options, but share the same folding mechanism and hardware.

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Tom Manners explains the new folding design: “The goal of this project was to create a lightweight, super strong folder stock, with a rock-solid hinge lock-up. We feel that we have got pretty close to that. The weights of the completed stocks are running from 4.5 to 4.8 pounds. If you run a mini chassis this will bring them up to about 4.9 to 5.3 pounds.”

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Much work went in to the hinge design, which has been in development for more than a year: “We have created a simpler, lighter weight hinge, with … rock solid lock-up. The hinge is a combination of high strength chrome-moly steel and aluminum, which has been parkerized or hardcoated. It is manufactured by Badger Ordnance exclusively for us. The hinge itself is molded and cast into the stock shell. This means the shell wraps around the hinge, with no screws or attachment systems to become loose. The hinge design itself is very simple and basic; once closed, the back portion of the hinge wraps around and locks-up the front portion of the hinge to create a very solid system. To open [the hinge] all that is needed is a push on the checkered button on the left side of the stock.”

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Manners Stocks TF Folder

The Manners TF Series also locks back in the folded position, using a positive-locking steel pin. Tom explains: “In the butt, there is a push button on the right side behind the cheek, when it is depressed; it extends the locking mechanism out the left side of the stock. It is just a simple push of the button to close the system. Once closed, the button sits about .250” below the surface of the stock so that it can not be accidentally depressed. To open all you need to do is give it another push.”

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Stock Specs and Options
All Manners TF-Series stocks will come standard with an adjustable cheek, full inlet, 1” Pachmayer Decelerator pad, and action pillars. These stocks will be offered with molded-in camo finishes or molded-in solid colors, with a textured surface in key areas. Available inlets include: All Rem-based actions, Winchester Model 70, Savage (and a few others — check website for details). These new TF series stocks will be on display at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas. For more info, visit or call Tom Manners at (816) 283-3334.

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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January 19th, 2010

NEW Steyr SSG 08 Showcases Sophisticated Design Features

At the Media Day rifle venues, “Tactical” rifles were definitely the featured attraction. There were, of course, many AR-based black rifle offerings, but the purpose-built, precision bolt guns really were the stars of Media Day this year. Savage has a new .338 Lapua Magnum, its first ever. SAKO unveiled an impressive new .338 TRG with front rails and a very sophisticated folding stock (more on that later). Barrett had some thundering big boomers on display. You could feel the compression from the muzzle blast on the new .416 Barrett a dozen feet away. JP Enterprises had its handsome new MOR-07 on display. This features an aluminum chassis with either tubular or square 2×4-style fore-arm, plus a buttstock that looks like the Magpul AR stock. JP’s new MOR (Manually Operated Rifle) is offered either as a chassis to fit Rem footprint receivers, or as a $4499.00 complete rifle.

Though there were many impressive domestic tactical bolt guns, one of the nicest overall designs, in this Editor’s opinion, came from Austria’s Steyr Arms. The new Steyr SSG 08, shown below, features an advanced folding stock that is solid in the locked position while offering full adjustability of comb height and length of pull. The pistol grip was one of the most comfortable I’ve tried. The SSG 08 features a unique, 3-position triggersafety. In the “full safe” position, a positive pop-up selector locks the safety in place and actually blocks the firing pin. The detachable box magazine can be secured in two positions. In the first, the magazine is fully retained in the gun but you can cycle the bolt without picking up or extracting a round.

While the SSG 08 had all the tactical bells and whistles (such as forearm rails and 10-round magazine), it was the overall execution and competence of the weapon that impressed me. The design was well thought out — there were no “rough edges”, and everything, from the buttstock hinge to the mag release, functioned smoothly (and quietly). What separated the SSG 08 from most of the competition was the quality of the trigger. Many of the tactical rifles had very, very heavy trigger pulls with lots of over-travel. The Steyr SSG 08’s trigger was crisp and light. Shooting this gun was a pleasure. One noticed the attention to detail in every element of the rifle. We are told that Steyr received input from Austria’s Special Forces on this rifle. We aren’t surprised. With the SSG 08, one can see that real marksmen were involved in the design.

YouTube Preview Image
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