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February 6th, 2020

Reading the Wind — Good Guidebook from M.Sgt. Jim Owens

Reading the Wind Jim Owens book CD DVD Creedmoor Sports

Readers often ask for a good, authoritative resource on doping the wind and reading mirage. Many of our Forum members recommended M.Sgt. Jim Owens’ Wind-Reading Book. With 22 sets of wind charts, this 166-page resource is offered for $14.95 in print format or $12.95 in CD format.

Owens’ Reading the Wind and Coaching Techniques clearly explains how to gauge wind speeds and angles. Owens, a well-known High Power coach and creator of, offers a simple system for ascertaining wind value based on speed and angle. The CD also explains how to read mirage — a vital skill for long-range shooters. In many situations, reading the mirage may be just as important as watching the wind flags. Owens’ $12.95 CD provides wind-reading strategies that can be applied by coaches as well as individual shooters.

As a separate product, Owens offers a Reading the Wind DVD for $29.95.

NOTE: The Wind DVD product is completely different than Owens’ $12.95 CD. The DVD is like an interactive class, while the CD is basically an eBook.

Played straight through, the DVD offers about 75 minutes of instruction. M.Sgt. Owens says “You will learn more in an hour and fifteen minutes than the host learned in fifteen years in the Marine Corps shooting program. This is a wind class you can attend again and again. [It provides] a simple system for judging the speed, direction and value of the wind.” The DVD also covers mirage reading, wind strategies, bullet BC and more.

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April 25th, 2010

Sneak Preview of NEW 2010 Creedmoor Sports Catalog

Creedmoor Sports 2010The Creedmoor Sports 2010 catalog will be mailed out to Creedmoor’s customer list next week. Want a sneak peek? The complete, 88-page 2010 catalog, in digital format, is available online. CLICK THIS LINK to browse through the pages, search for products and zoom in for details.

There are many new products in the 2010 Creedmoor Catalog, such as a new fullbore prone coat, with special features for belly shooters. Creedmoor worked with Dennis Flaherty, U.S. Palma Team Captain, to develop this product. $50.00 from the sale of each coat goes to support the U.S. Palma Team. Also new this year is a “No-Pulse” sling, item NPS-01, $81.95. The 2″-wide sling is made of synthetic material so it won’t stretch or shrink, no matter what the weather. Special “grippy” backing stabilizes the sling on your arm, while a unique dual-strap connection on the cuff dramatically reduces pulse effects. In addition, Creedmoor has a new, deluxe spotting scope mounting head (“Polecat” series) which comes in three versions, so it can fit 5/8″, 3/4″, or 1″ stands.

Creedmoor Sports 2010

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