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October 24th, 2022

Trudeau Tyranny — Canada Freezes Handgun Sales and Transfers

Canada Canadian Trudeau handgun ban freeze transfer illegal

Canada’s nationwide handgun freeze went into effect last week. Under this repressive rule from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, nearly all handgun sales and transfers are banned (except to certain “exempted individuals”). Likewise handgun imports are banned. Essentially it is an authoritarian attack on freedom approved by Trudeau’s ruling Liberal Party. This freeze on handgun sales and transfer was initially announced in May 2022, and went into effect last week.

Canada Canadian Trudeau handgun ban freeze transfer illegalOn Friday, October 21, 2022, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in a public speech:

“Today, our national freeze on handguns is coming into force. From today forward, it is no longer legal to buy, sell, or transfer a handgun in Canada.”

In a social media post Trudeau added: “People can no longer buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada — and they cannot bring newly-acquired handguns into the country.”

This handgun freeze comes after Trudeau imposed radical restrictions on long rifle sales. Trudeau bragged about his previous authoritarian actions restricting long guns: “We’ve already banned more that 1,500 types of assault-style firearms. And we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to keep guns out of our communities.”

Canadian Firearms Rights Groups Oppose Handgun Freeze

Groups which support gun rights in Canada oppose Trudeau’s handgun freeze. Opponents of the freeze argue that it won’t achieve its stated goals, even while the policy violates the rights of law-abiding Canadian citizens. And by making it impossible to sell legally-acquired handguns, the freeze effectively ruins the commercial value of those guns, essentially stealing money from handgun owners.

As quoted by the website, Tracey Wilson of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) said the firearms freeze was approved as a “distraction to a scandal-ridden government” and it will not really reduce crime. Wilson added: “The CCFR condemns the actions of the Liberal government today. This perfectly timed move by Trudeau, to implement the handgun ‘freeze’ on 650,000 licensed, RCMP-vetted gun owners, serves no purpose other than to energize [the Liberal] base.” SEE article.

The CCFR argues that the freeze is not needed because there are already significant handgun rules and regulations in effect. Under current Canadian laws, handguns are classified as “restricted” firearms, which can only be used at RCMP-approved shooting ranges. Only licensed owners who have passed a course that covers the safe handling, transportation and storage of restricted firearms can legally possess a handgun.

Given the existing restrictions on handgun use in Canada, there is no need for a freeze on all handgun sales and transfers. That freeze is nothing but an authoritarian move by a power-hungry prime minister supported by compliant Liberal Party members in Parliament.

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May 2nd, 2020

Canada’s Trudeau Bans 1500 Types of Semi-Automatic Rifles

Justin Trudeau assault rifle weapon ban dictator Canada Nova Scotia

In an unprecedented move, the central government of Canada, without parliamentary vote or debate, has banned a vast number of rifles, including most modern mag-fed, semi-auto rifles currently for sale. This action banning the firearms was done by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau via “Order-in-Council”, with no political debate and no vote of elected representatives. It was essentially an Executive action, rule by fiat, like a decree issued by a dictator.

Starting now, around 1,500 models of long-arms have become illegal to sell, transport, import or use in the Canada, according to CBC News.

Justin Trudeau assault rifle weapon ban dictator Canada Nova Scotia

“The government implemented the ban immediately, and without the need for legislation in Parliament, by reclassifying about 1,500 firearm models as prohibited. In the meantime, a two-year amnesty is now in effect for Canadians who own the banned firearms and government officials said gun owners will also have the option to be ‘grandfathered’ in with weapons they currently own, although no details were available for that program yet”. Source:

Nova Scotia Killer Posed as Police Officer
This action came in response to the Nova Scotia killings by a madman, Gabriel Wortman, who dressed in a police uniform and used vehicles with law enforcement markings and lightbars. Wortman was NOT licensed to possess his weapons and had obtained his firearms illegally. According to Global News: “During the shooting, the gunman was traveling in a replica police vehicle and wearing an authentic police uniform.”

Justin Trudeau assault rifle weapon ban dictator Canada Nova Scotia

Canadian Investigators said Gabriel Wortman had several semi-automatic handguns and at least two semi-auto rifles, which may have been AR-type rifles, but we are not certain about the exact configurations of Wortman’s long guns. Notably, most if not all of Wortman’s guns were already ILLEGAL for Wortman to own under existing Canadian laws. The crazed shooter had violated multiple firearms laws already on the books, and did NOT possess his weapons legally (it is believed he sourced them from outside Canada). AR-type rifles required a special permit in Canada. And of course he violated multiple laws in impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Trudeau Exploits Nova Scotia Shooting to Ban Guns without Normal Legislation
Prime Minister Trudeau used the Nova Scotia mass killing as the impetus to fulfill his campaign promises to ban so-called “assault-type” weapons. Seven months ago, Trudeau pledged to ban modern semi-auto rifles, which he called “assault rifles”. Trudeau opportunistically leveraged the mass shooting to execute his plan with no public debate and no vote by elected officials.

Trudeau’s actions were criticized by many in Canada. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer declared: “Taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens does nothing to stop dangerous criminals who obtain their guns illegally”. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stated: “Today’s order does little to target criminals … instead, Ottawa is singling out law-abiding gun Canadians who purchased their property legally”. And Alison de Groot, Director of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, said Trudeau’s gun ban “will strand somewhere between $200 to $300 million worth of pre-paid merchandise in stores”. READ MORE.

Q: Would a Ban on Semi-Auto Rifles Have Prevented the Nova Scotia Tragedy?
A: No. The killer Gabriel Wortman also used pistols, and could have been just as deadly with a pump shotgun. And nine of the 22 killed “died in house fires” set by Wortman. (Source: RCMP per Reuters.) Remember that fact — 40% of the victims were burned to death: “Of the 22 people killed, 13 were shot and nine died in house fires.” Source:

The real reason for the high kill count was that Gabriel Wortman was an insane maniac wearing a police uniform and driving a police car. The important questions to ask are how did he get the uniform and why were vehicles sold complete with police markings?

Terms of Canada’s Broad New Gun Ban
Under the Canadian gun ban, owners of prohibited firearms now have two years to turn in their rifles. According to CTV News: “Owners will also have the ability to be compensated through a buyback program, though the details of these options have yet to be outlined. Gun owners must be in compliance with the law by April 2022. Those who have not disposed of any banned firearms by that time may face sanctions under the Criminal Code.”

Was Trudeau’s massive gun ban necessary? Consider this comment from a Canadian gun owner: “Handguns and AR15s in Canada [were] highly regulated already. To get the license you go through a 2-day course. There was a 3- to 6-month wait for your application. Spouse must sign. No history of metal disorders. [Authorities conduct] phone interviews with credible people who know you. When you get your licence you must join a shooting club[.] Now you have your restricted license … and a government issued travel licence.”

Here is a list of all the firearms that have been banned (without Parliamentary vote) by Trudeau’s government. This includes AR15-platform rifle, AR10 rifles, Ruger Mini-14s, Semi-Auto M14-type rifles, and many other varients. Some big bolt-action guns will banned as well. ELR Researcher notes: “Read down to section 96: ‘Any firearm capable of discharging a projectile with a muzzle energy greater than 10,000 joules[.]’. Well 10,000 joules is 7375 foot-pounds, meaning [this would ban] ALL firearms chambered for most commercially-available .408 CheyTac, .416 Barrett, and .50 BMG ammo.”

Use the scoll bar (on right) to move through the list of prohibited firearms.

Canada Federal Government New Firearms Restrictions:

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