February 23rd, 2009

Lou Alessi, Respected Holster-Maker, Succombs to Cancer

Lou Alessi, one of America’s leading holster-makers for four decades, passed away this weekend in New York after a struggle with cancer. Lou was a great designer, and a master craftsman. He invented many holster designs that were copied by other holster-makers. Alessi’s classic ankle holster design was “the standard against which others are measured”, and the Alessi Talon, in this Editor’s opinion, is simply the best IWB (Inside Waist-Band) design ever. The Talon IWB is thin, comfortable, durable, easy-to-deploy, and affordable. This editor once asked Lou why he maintained affordable pricing on the Talon while other holster-makers were selling copy-cat designs for twice the price. Lou replied: “I’m not in this to get rich. I want to sell at a fair price so law enforcement officers can afford good equipment.”

Lou Alessi Leather Holster

D.M. Clark, moderator of the 911 Jobs Forum, noted: “Lou was well known to all those in law enforcement, who found his gear to be beautifully made and durable beyond belief. Almost all custom holster craftsman today credit their designs and skills to the generous advice and support of Lou Alessi. [He was] truly a real gentlemen. RIP Lou.”

Jim Shepherd of the Shooting Wire adds: “[Alessi’s] reputation among his fellow holster-makers was a man who led by example…. That’s the same kind of reputation Alessi had among fellow holster makers coming up in the past two decades; if there was a question about how to do something, Alessi was always willing to share his insights. Insights many others considered their trade secrets.”

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February 21st, 2009

Sinclair Int'l Releases New 2009 Catalog

Sinclair Int'l 2009 CatalogSinclair Int’l has released its latest catalog of products for precision shooters. As always, the Sinclair Catalog is packed with interesting gear, and this 2009-A catalog has a bunch of new products. Most notably, the catalog features a wide selection of Nightforce scopes, including the Benchrest models. Sinclair Int’l is now a stocking Nightforce dealer. The 12-42×56 BR model is Sinclair Product 72-1045, priced at $1359.00.

Among the many new items in Sinclair’s catalog are two new products from Edgewood, makers of sandbags and high-quality leather shooting products. The first Edgewood addition will make old-fashioned bag-squeezers rejoice. Edgewood’s new “Softy” is an extra-soft squeezable rear bag is made of heavy Elk Hide. The Softy’s base is extra thick, but still soft (not a hard donut like Edgewood’s otherbags). This bag is approximately 3-1/2” tall with medium height ears and a 3/16” ear spread. Sinclair comments: “If you prefer to squeeze the rear bag for minor sight adjustments instead of turning knobs on your front rest, this is the perfect rear bag for the job. The Softy’s taller, soft ears will accommodate just about any stock style.” The Softy, Item 04-7575, retails for $135.50.

Edgewood Softy Rear Bag Sinclair Int'l

The second Edgewood item we noticed was the new leather Stock Protector, item 04-7580. Yes, we know, a cheap, old towel can do the same job, but the $32.95 Edgewood product will stay in place better than a towel and it provides a better barrier against solvents that might harm your stock’s finish. This is a beautifully-made item, a shooting accessory for the “man who has everything”. Two 1/4” steel rods are sewn into the side edges of the stock protector to keep it in place on the stock. Made of a single piece of quality leather, the Edgewood Stock Protector is 9-1/2” wide and 12” long.

Edgewood Stock Protector Sinclair Int'l

Sinclair Int’l Catalog Requests
Sinclair’s 2009-A catalog is free for the asking. CLICK HERE for a catalog request form. Fill it out and Sinclair will mail its latest catalog to you.

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October 18th, 2008

Sinclair Features Edgewood's New Grab-Handle Rear Bags

Here’s an cool new product from Jack Snyder, maker of Edgewood Shooting Bags. The new Grab-Handle Rear Bag (available in both “original” and Mini-Gator sizes from Sinclair Int’l), is unique — the super-thick leather base of the sandbag is extended, forming a grab handle. This has two big benefits. First, of course, the bag is easier to carry. Second the extended leather bottom also helps the bag stay in place. Edgewood first made a few of these grab-handle bags at the request of F-Class shooters. The smart design works well — the handle makes the bag easier to carry to the firing line, and the larger footprint makes the bag more stable when shooting off the ground. These would be excellent bags for varmint hunters who move to new firing points frequently. Sinclair Int’l prices Grab-Handle Bags at $119.95 for standard, and $145.00 for the larger, Mini-Gator size.

Edgewood Leather Benchrest Bag

Elbow Pad and Brick Bag
In addition to the Grab Handle rear bags, Sinclair has added two useful, leather bench accessories from Edgewood: an Elbow Pad and a 7.5″x5″ Hand rest. The $49.70 Edgewood Elbow Pad (item 04-7550) features a sand-filled, U-shaped outer leather collar, non-skid bottom, and stitched nylon center insert. These pads not only cushion your elbow on rough concrete benches, but they help you maintain the same exact body position for each shot. That, in turn, helps you shoot more accurately.

Edgewood Leather Benchrest BagEdgewood Leather Benchrest Bag

Edgewood’s hand rest (also called a brick bag) is excellent for resting your hand or wrist. It can also work as an elbow bag. The hand rest ($46.95, item 04-7590) is made from high-quality grained leather with a stiff, double-layer bottom so it sits flat. It has the new bottom-pocket tabbed fill tube. This bag is 7.5″ long, 5” wide, and 2.75” tall — but you can adjust height by the amount of sand fill. If you use it as an elbow pad, you may want to try it about 70% full so it “form-fits” to your elbow.

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