May 29th, 2012

Gottfredson Articles in FREE Digital Edition of GUNS Magazine

600-yard Card Fun Shoot Jacob GottfredsonThe June Digital Edition of GUNS Magazine is now available for free online. Just click this link to view the June Edition. NOTE: When the log-in screen appears, simply click the “CONTINUE” button. You do NOT have to fill in your name or email address. You can also read previous monthly editions by clicking on the Archive Tab. The last three (3) years of GUNS Magazine can be accessed for FREE online.

Articles by Jake Gottfredson in June Edition
The June Edition of GUNS Magazine contains two interesting articles by our friend (and AccurateShooter contributing writer) Jacob (“Jake”) Gottfredson. In the first article, Some Basic Riflescope Theory, Gottfredson identifies key principles of optics and shows how they apply to riflescope design and construction. He explains the term “Modulation Transfer Function” (MTF), and how this can be used to quantify both contrast and resolution. The author also explores the topics of color correction, chromatic aberration, and color fringing. Jake notes how color correction and focus precision are directly related. Jake also explains the difference between “clarity” and “resolution”. You can have a scope with good clarity but poor resolution or vice-versa. If a scope shows cloudiness it lacks clarity. If the scope can’t show a test grid in sharp focus, it lacks resolution. There are many other important insights Jake provides in this well-written article. We recommend you read the article and perhaps event print it out for future reference. If you are shopping for an expensive scope, Jake provides specific criteria by which you can judge a scope’s quality and repeatability.

Riflescope Optics Gottfredson

600-Yard Playing Card Shoot — Tiny Target, Far Away
The second offering by Gottfredson in the June issue of GUNS Magazine, is an entertaining report about a 600-yard fun shoot using playing cards. Regular-sized 2.5″ x 3.5″ playing cards with a 3/4″ red dot are placed in the center of an 8.5″ x 11″ target sheet. To help aiming, the target sheets have a black ring about 5″ in diameter. After a sighter session, shooters are allowed 10 shots in 7 minutes from 600 yards. That’s a pretty tough challenge, but with a very accurate rifle, multiple card hits are possible. Jake reports that, at his “card shoot”, the two top competitors, Gary Chaney and Andrew Smith, each hit the card six (6) times, with Gary breaking the tie by hitting the 3/4″ red dot. If this sounds like fun, read the full story, and perhaps you can set up a similar match at your shooting club. Gottfredson even includes “10 Tips for Success” such as: “7. Shoot fast, trying to get all rounds downrange in the same wind. Stop when it changes and wait for it to return or hold off if it does not….”

600-yard Card Fun Shoot Jacob Gottfredson

In addition to two Gottfredson articles, the June Edition of GUNS Magazine has a helpful feature on the .243 Winchester by John Barsness. This provides a short history of the cartridge and Barsness discusses 6mm bullet options for hunters using the .243 to harvest game.