September 9th, 2010

New 575-page History of the National Matches (Fall Release)

Camp Perry 100 Years National Matches bookThis fall, the NRA is releasing a definitive, 575-page history of the National Matches. The $59.95 book, entitled The National Matches: 1903-2003 The First 100 Years covers all the National Match venues, starting with New Jersey’s Sea Girt, followed by Creedmoor in New York, and finally the present-day home at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Richly illustrated with hundreds of photos, this special Collectors’ Edition includes National Match facts, complete National Match results, and notable shooter histories. The book also covers the evolution of match rifles and pistols over the past century.

Any shooter who has competed at the National Matches, or who has an interest in National Match history, should consider adding this book to his personal collection. The National Matches: 1903-2003 The First 100 Years will soon be available for purchase from the NRA Program Materials Center, item number CC19740.