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March 20th, 2011

Demo Optics Specials and Premier Scopes at

As with many optics vendors, offers a selection of demo scopes. These were used at trade shows, or were manufacturers’ sample items. Currently has many premium European optics in its demo inventory, along with Leupolds and Trijicons. These demo riflescopes (and spotting scopes) are available for hundreds less than the normal price. Here are examples:

Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-12×50 with Illum Gen 2 Mildot – Like New Demo.: $2500.00

Swarovski PV 3-12×50 with Heavy Duplex Reticle – Xlnt condition with very light ringmarks.: $950.00

Zeiss Victory 3-12×56 T* with Rapid Z 800 reticle – Xlnt condition with very faint ringmarks: $1500.00

Zeiss Victory Diavari FL 6-24×72, Illlum. #75 RapZ Varmint Reticle. Like New, faint ringmarks: $2850.00

Zeiss Diascope 85mm Angled spotting scope with 20-60 power eyepiece – Xlnt condition: $1800.00

Leupold Mark 4 M3 LRT10x40 with TMR Reticle – Xlnt condition with extremely faint ring marks: $975.00

Leupold Vari X 3 Tactical 3.5-10×40, Mildot reticle – Xlnt condition, faint ringmarks: $500.00

Premier Gen II XR Now Sells Premier Scopes recently added the Premier line of riflescopes to its inventory. All Premier models feature a one-piece, 34mm main tube with more than 100 MOA of internal adjustment. On all the latest Premier scopes, there is a unique dual-purpose turret on the left side — the outer knob adjusts for parallax, while the smaller inner knob pulls out to adjust reticle illumination. This configuration allows for increased spacing between mounting rings, providing more room for accessories.

The standard reticle in Premier’s First Focal Plane scopes, is Premier’s Gen II FFP mildot. This allows ranging at any magnification. In addition Premier offers the Gen II XR reticle. We prefer this design for varmint hunting and tactical comps. It features a finer crosshair and additional hold-over points in the lower half of the sight picture. For Premier scopes with 1/4-MOA clicks there is also an excellent hold-over reticle with MOA-based stadia (hashmarks.) Horus H37 reticles are also offered with some Premier scopes. Last but not least, Premier Heritage scopes come with articulating lens covers, a nice extra we wish came with more scopes.
Premier scope

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September 10th, 2009

New 5-25x56mm Tactical Scope from Premier Reticles

Premier Reticles has introduced a new 5-25x56mm “Premier Heritage” Tactical scope. This is a proper First Focal Plane (FFP) tactical scope, offering 1 cm/0.1 milrad turret click values matched with an illuminated reticle with cm/milrad hash marks. (27 milrad Double-Turn knobs are standard; 1/4-MOA clicks are optional.) Total elevation is a whopping 31 milrads (107 MOA). This is not a single-rev turret design, but one revolution covers 15 mils or about 51 MOA. For practical purposes, most shooters can get out to 1000 within one revolution if you have an angled scope base. The scope is 16.34″ overall with a beefy 34mm-diameter main tube. The 5-25x56mm Premier weighs 1.1 kg (39 ounces) and lists for $2899.00. Expect the “street price” to be about $2750.00.

Premier Reticles 5-25x56mm

Premier Reticles 5-25x56mmThe new scope has some nice features. First, the new 5-25x56mm Premier has tons of elevation. Total elevation is 31 milrads (equivalent to 107 MOA). As noted there are 15 mils (51 MOA) per revolution. Second, using a patent-pending Lever-Lock™ system, the scope can be zero-locked without tools. Third, the illumination control nests inside the left-hand parallax/focus turret, leaving the 34mm main tube unencumbered by a brightness knob. Finally the scope has a truly useful 5.5-range diopter. That’s enough diopter range to enable many eye-glass wearers to dispense with correction. A lot of smart thinking went into this scope.

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• First Focal Plane Illuminated Reticle Gen 2 XR
• Integrated Illumination and Parallax Adjustment
• 31 Milrad (107 MOA) Total Elevation Adjustment*
• 34mm one-piece maintube constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
• Quick-focus eyepiece with Locking Mechanism
• Integrated Articulating Lens Covers
• Temperature rated from -40° to +60°C.
• Lifetime warranty

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Premier Reticles 5-25x56mmBig brother to the Premier Heritage 3-15x50mm introduced last year, the 5-25×56 offers excellent brightness, resolution, sharpness and contrast, along with superior color fidelity and light transmission (93% average across all wavelengths). The tactical windage and elevation adjustments on both Heritage scopes feature the patent-pending Lever-Lock™ dial retention for re-zeroing without special tools. Standard turrets have 0.1 milrad (1cm) click values, while “user-swappable” dials are available to change click values to ¼ MOA.

FFP Reticle Features
Currently, all Heritage scopes come standard with First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle placement for consistent subtension regardless of magnification setting. The Heritage 5-25x56mm comes with Premier Reticles’ own patented illuminated Gen II Gen II XR (extended Range) reticle. The illumination control has 11 brightness settings, a locking illumination dial for “off” storage, and a 6-hour time-out function to preserve batteries.

Strong Demand for New Scope
The first run of the new 5-25x56mm Premier Tactical scope sold out, with high demand by both military and civilian customers. However, Chris Thomas, Premier’s President, tells us that “more 5-25s are on their way. Units should be available in about 6-7 weeks, if you order now”. The Premier Heritage scope comes with a lifetime warranty. Premier Reticles is a 63-year-old optics company with headquarters and manufacturing in Winchester, Virginia and an additional design branch in Germany.

Premier Reticles 5-25x56mm

*NOTE: On Premier’s spec sheet, elevation is listed as 30 milrad/103 MOA. That was for the prototype. Production models have more.

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