September 5th, 2009

Brownell's Offers Financial Services Package for Small Gun Businesses

Brownell’s offers a financial and insurance services package designed expressly for gunsmiths, gunshops, and small-to-medium-sized firearms businesses. The program, “Brownells Business Advantage” (BBA), offers reduced-rate credit card processing, property/liability insurance, and discounted UPS shipping. With card processing rates as low as 1.38%, the BBA program could save a gunsmith hundreds of dollars a year. For example, we’ve found that most other credit card processsing services charge 2.2-2.5% per transaction. A 1% card processing fee reduction will save you $10 on every $1000.00 of customer spending.

Brownell’s business partner for credit card processing and Visa business cards is the First National Bank of Omaha. The Joseph Chiarello Company and AIG will provide property & liability insurance created specifically for companies in firearms-related businesses.

Initial membership in the Brownells Business Advantage is $50 with a $25 annual renewal fee.

CLICK HERE for VIDEO Explaining BBA Benefits