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January 24th, 2016

FREE 2016 SHOT Show Digital Magazines

Shot show daily magazine ezine

Digital editions of all four issues of SHOT Daily, the magazine printed each day of the SHOT Show, are available free in convenient Web eZine formats. You’ll find many product features plus articles that can benefit shooting club directors and range managers. Definitely check out the Day One Issue’s extensive coverage of new-for-2016 rifles. SHOT Daily is produced for NSSF by Bonnier Corp., publishers of Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and many other magazines.

Highlights Day 1: New Rifles Lead Story, New Shotguns, New Handguns, Footwear, Winchester 150th Anniversary.
Highlights Day 2: New Optics Lead Story, New Ammunition, Hunting Clothing, Suppressors, Savage, Hornady ELD Bullets.

Highlights Day 3: New Knives Lead Story, Lady Shooters, Shooting Accessories, Big Bore Airguns, Rimfire Challenge.
Highlights Day 4 eZine: Timney Triggers, Synthetic Composite Bullets, Airguns, Millenial Hunters, Nikon, Beretta.

SHOT Daily 2016 Digital Editions (Click to View)

Shot show daily magazine ezine
Read Day 1 Digital Edition
Shot show daily magazine ezine
Read Day 2 Digital Edition
Shot show daily magazine ezine
Read Day3 Digital Edition
Shot show daily magazine ezine
Read Day 4 Digital Edition
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December 4th, 2013

FREE Classic Shooting Books for Christmas

Classic Gun BooksIn the spirit of the season, German Salazar offers this gift to our readers: free books. In his Rifleman’s Journal blog, German notes: “I can think of no better gift than knowledge, in this case knowledge of the early days of ballistic science, organized competitive shooting, the NRA and much more.”

Google, a company we all know for its internet search service, has undertaken a massive project known as Google Books under which they are scanning and making available millions of out-of-print books with uncertain copyright ownership.

Below you will find a list of books, each with a clickable title link and brief description. The title link will take you to the Google Books page for each book. You can read the entire book online, or you can download it to your computer as a PDF file and save it (or print it). You can also create your own Google Library and save the books there for access from any computer. Most of these books are hundreds of pages long, so consider your paper and toner supply before printing!

The Bullet’s Flight From Powder to Target, Franklin W. Mann, 1909, 384 pages.
This is the original and still widely read and highly regarded book on internal and external ballistics. Dr. Mann was a tireless experimenter and had the resources to pursue his interest with the best equipment available. A close friend of Harry Pope as well as other notable experimenters in the early days of smokeless powder, Mann’s work is thorough and well documented. If you’re interested in ballistics, this is the foundation that you must know in order to understand the ensuing century of work in that field.

Irish Riflemen in America, Sir Arthur Blennerhassett Leech, 1875, 216 pages.
This book chronicles the Irish rifle team’s trip to America in 1874 to compete against the best of America’s riflemen as organized by the Amateur Rifle Club of New York when the fledgling NRA ignored the Irish challenge. The book also includes a great deal of history of Irish target shooting and an account of a hunting trip in the American West by members of the party. Well worth reading.

The American Rifle, Townsend Whelen, 1918, 637 Pages.
Townsend Whelen was — and remains for many of us — the dean of American firearms writers. Here is a man who truly did it all and wrote about it with the authority of experience and the modesty of a true gentleman. Despite his roots in Philadelphia society, Whelen sought outdoor adventure and hard living and he found it; we are all richer for his ability to document it so well. This book, written immediately after (and during) the Great War gives a great insight into the period from a rifleman’s perspective: equipment, reloading, shooting — it’s all here. A long book and worth every page.

Whelen Military Riflemen

Suggestions to Military Riflemen, Townsend Whelen, 1909, 243 pages.
Townsend Whelen’s pre-war book on marksmanship which brought him to national prominence in the military establishment. Whelen, who coached the national championship winning Army rifle team at Sea Girt in 1906, covers all aspects of shooting the Model 1903 rifle, including long-range shooting. There is also an appendix covering the Krag-Jorgensen as it was still used by various state guard units at the time. Positions, sights, zeroing, windage, score books, slow-fire, rapid-fire, long-range, ammunition, vision; it’s all here. Every topic you see covered in a modern book on marksmanship was covered by Whelen in this book. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been — this is a “must read” for the serious marksman and student of history.

Modern Rifle Shooting From the American Standpoint, W. G. Hudson, 1903, 155 pp.
Dr. Hudson was one of the leading lights of the early smokeless era (as well as the Schuetzen era), a contemporary and friend of Mann and Pope, Hudson was a tireless investigator of all things related to accuracy. This very hard to find book is an introduction to target shooting with a detailed overview of equipment and practices and is well illustrated with many plates of top level equipment of the day; a real gem.

Manual for Rifle Practice: Including Suggestions for Practice at Long Range, George Wood Wingate, 1879, 303 pages.
Wingate was the central figure in the founding of the National Rifle Association of America. Like Whelen’s manual 30 years later, Wingate’s book was adopted as the training manual by many military organizations. An authoritative view of marksmanship instruction in the day of the Trapdoor Springfield, Sharps, Remington Rolling Block, and Peabody military rifles. Includes diagrams and instructions for their care.

How I Became a Crack Shot — With Hints to Beginners, W. Milton Farrow, 1882, 204 pp.
Milton Farrow was one of the top shots of his time. Well-bred and highly educated, modesty was not among Farrow’s virtues. This makes for entertaining reading as he describes his travels and his many shooting accomplishments. The Hints for Beginners section has advice that remains sound even these many years later.

The Gun and its Development, William Wellington Greener, 1907 (8th Ed.) 786 pages.
Originally published in 1881, Greener’s book covers all aspects of the firearms world at that time and this 8th edition has many updates. While much of the text focuses on shotguns, there is a great deal of other material in this massive tome, including coverage of gunpowder and explosived, pistols, rifles, target shooting, rifle clubs and much more of interest to the modern rifleman. Many great period advertisements at the end will make you wish for a time machine!

Description and Rules for the Management of the United States Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1903, United States Army Ordnance Dept., 1904 (5th rev. 1914), 72 pages.
Here is the original US Army manual for the new Springfield Model 1903. A must-have for the Springfield 1903 buff or student of history.

Cartridge Manufacture, Douglas Thomas Hamilton, 1916, 167 pages.
This book is a well-written, technical presentation of small arms cartridge manufacturing during the Great War. An inside look at all processes at the Frankford Arsenal including case manufacture, bullet manufacture, loading and packaging. A useful historical treatise on the topic.

CLICK HERE for more FREE, downloadable Classic Shooting Titles.

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July 18th, 2012

U.S. Firearms Production Rises 17.2% From 2010 to 2011

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has released its 2011 interim Annual Firearms Manufacturers and Export Report (AFMER). The report shows U.S. firearms production in 2011 totaled 6,398,854 units, a 17.2% increase over 2010.

Rifle production showed a big gain, with 2,293,247 rifles produced in 2011 vs. 1,830,556 in 2010, a 25.3% increase. We think the large increase in rifle production is a good sign for the shooting sports, as the buyers of many of these long guns may join the ranks of competitive shooters.

Compared to the previous year, in 2011 large increases were seen in the production of 9mm pistols (up 33.3%) and large-caliber (.40 to .50 Cal) pistols (up 32.9%). On the other hand, production of most classes of centerfire revolvers declined. Overall production of centerfire revolvers (.23 to .50 caliber) dropped 1.9%, with the biggest decline in the small (.32 cal and under) revolvers. Production of these smaller wheelguns dropped 39.8%, probably due to the stagnation of the Cowboy Action market. But production of big-bore (.45 to .50 cal) revolvers did rise 29.2%. Americans like big wheelguns, and the manufacturers ramped up 2011 production to fill the demand.

This chart prepared by the NSSF. Click here for PDF version.

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February 15th, 2012

SHOT Show Special on Shooting USA Tonight

SHOT ShowFire up your VCRs boys, this is the episode of Shooting USA you don’t want to miss — the 2012 SHOT Show Special. Shooting USA’s hour-long 2012 SHOT Show Edition airs on the Outdoor Channel Wednesday February 15 at 3:00 PM, 8:00 PM, and 12:00 Midnight (Thurs) Eastern Time. (Check local listings for other time zones.) In this 60-minute special, the Shooting USA team checks out the latest and greatest guns and gear. Host Jim Scoutten and assistants John Scoutten, Mike Irvine and Jay Gilmore trek through the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas reporting on new products for 2012.

Here’s a 4-minute-long Preview of the SHOT Show Special:

While you’re tuned in to the Outdoor Channel to view the SHOT Show Special, you may want to catch this week’s Impossible Shots show as well. This week the trick shooters run Col. Jeff Cooper’s speed challenge, the El Presidente, using single-action six guns. In addition, the legendary Jerry Miculek engages multiple targets using both rifle and revolver. Impossible Shots airs Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and 11:00 pm Eastern Time.

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October 18th, 2010

Quality Used Benchrest Rifles at Shooter's Corner

Want a great deal on a pre-owned precision rifle? Then visit Bob White’s Shooter’s Corner website and check out “The List”. Bob maintains a wide selection of used benchrest, varmint, and precision rifles. In fact, Bob offers the largest inventory of used benchrest rifles and equipment in the USA. Along with complete rifles, you’ll find accessories, rests, scopes, and reloading tools.

Bob White Shooter's Corner

“The List” was last updated in June, but there are still plenty of great deals on hand. Contact Bob White directly for the latest offerings or ask for his personal “hand picks” from his vast inventory: (973) 663-5159; email: shootcnr [@]

You can find exceptional deals on “The List”, with complete, custom-action BR rifles for as little as $1300.00, and varmint rifles starting at $500.00. Here are four examples:

Rifle B15: 30BR Heavy Varmint, BAT Model SV R/L action w/rt eject; Bartlein bbl w/.330 neck, 700 rnds; McMillan/Bruno fiberglass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trigger; Includes Kelbly type scope bases & buttstock weight system; Gunsmith: H. Vranian; Exc. cond. Superbly accurate score rig — has fired 250-23X. $2297.

Rifle B48: 6PPC Hvy Varmint, Viper drop port R/L action; 2 Hart bbls w.262 nk, less than 900 & 2800 rnds; McMillan Edge Mod fiberglass glue-in stock; Jewell 2 oz. trigger; Gunsmith: B. LaChapelle; Exc. cond. Best group .072 has finished in top 5 in 2006-50 shooters. $1775.

Rifle B84: 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Hall mod B R/R action, Hart bbl w/.262 nk with 1400 rnds, McMillan fiberglass glue-in stock, custom 2 oz. trigger, includes B&L scope mount, Gunsmith: Spencer, VG cond, paint shows some nicks. I’ve seen this gun shoot .1 range groups. (a $1700-!1800 value), $1275.

Varmint Rifle V1: 22-250 Cooper Western Classic, Mod 22 w/color casehardened receiver finish; Blued factory round to hex bbl with less than 100 rounds. AAA French walnut w/beautiful wrap-around checkering & skeleton grip cap & buttplate; Factory crisp 1.5 lb trigger. Includes 1″ Tally scope mnts w/color case hardened finish; About 99% cond. Has all upgrades including checkered bolt knob & inlaid sling swivels. $1995. (a cool $4000 to buy now.)

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August 23rd, 2010 To Sell Guns as Well as Ammo and Supplies is a rapidly-growing ammo and shooting supplies vendor with a unique business model. guarantees that all products displayed on its website are in stock. Using an advanced “real-time” inventory system, promises that “what you see is what we’ve got.” You can count on receiving your order within a few days, and not be caught in the uncertainty and delays of back-ordering. to Sell Firearms Soon recently obtained its Federal Firearms License (FFL) and plans to begin offering firearms for sale on its website in the coming weeks. Luckygunner is expanding to sell firearms (through local FFLs) in response to customer requests. The same In Stock-Shipping policy applies to all inventory — including firearms. promises: “If you see it on our website, it will be in stock and ready to ship. Every time. No exceptions.” When you order before 3pm EST on a business day, your order will ship the very same day.

NOTE: Purchasers do not receive firearms directly. The buyer provides contact info for a licensed firearms dealer (FFL) in the buyer’s vicinity. The firearms are shipped to the FFL, and the buyer must then comply with all Federal, state, and local laws before taking possession of the gun(s).
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January 15th, 2009

SHOT Show Daily E-Zine Available

SHOT Show DailyEach day during SHOT Show, the NSSF publishes a magazine-style E-Zine, the SHOT DAILY. The SHOT DAILY is a “must-read” if you want to keep up with the latest SHOT news and product unveilings. You’ll find lots of product photos plus short gear reviews. All this is FREE in a downloadable .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file.

CLICK HERE to Download SHOT DAILY 2009, Part One

In today’s edition of the SHOT DAILY is a 20-page Guide to the New Rifles of 2009. It is organized alphabetically, covering manufacturers from Anschütz to Winchester. According to the 2009 Rifle Guide, “New lever-actions and bolt-actions dominate the scene this year, but tactical rifles remain strong sellers. In the bolt-action arena, every major maker is offering new models in both light and heavy versions, as well as updates and caliber introductions to existing models”

One of the featured rifles is the handsome new Anschütz Model 1770 Hunter in .223 Remington. A mag-fed, centerfire repeater, the model 1770 features a new six-locking-lug action — the company’s first completely new action in three decades. This new design boasts a short 60-degree bolt lift for fast cycling. The receiver has a dovetailed rail on top, but is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

Anschutz model 1770 centerfire

This issue of the SHOT DAILY also includes lengthy sections dedicated to new shotguns and new handguns, plus discussion of gun buying trends and new developments in gun range management.

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