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June 27th, 2020

Krieger Barrel Shines in .22 LR Rimfire Ammo Testing

Krieger barrel .22 LR center-X rimfire ammo ammunition testing Sniper's Hide padom
All photos hosted on Imgur as posted by Padom.

Serious riflemen know that Krieger makes outstanding centerfire barrels that hold world records and have won many National Championships. But did you know that Krieger makes great rimfire barrels too? Well, Krieger does make outstanding .22 LR rimfire match barrels that can deliver impressive accuracy.

Sniper’s Hide moderator “Padom” recently tested a variety of rimfire ammo types, employing five different barrels: Krieger, Bartlein, Benchmark, Lilja, and Green Mountain. He tested at both 50 yards and 100 yards. FULL Rimfire TEST REPORT HERE.

Krieger barrel .22 LR center-X rimfire ammo ammunition testing Sniper's Hide padom

Reporting on the 50-yard test, Padom posted: “Had a virtually dead calm day today for 50-yard RimX testing (Keystone Accuracy RimX barreled action with 1:16″ Krieger 20″ barrel). A few infrequent 3 mph gusts but pretty dead [calm] and the target showed. This Krieger just barely edged out the Bartlein by 0.003″ with a 0.177″ 6×5 with SK Rifle Match. The 10×5 was 0.198″. The best lots of Center-X weren’t far behind either. This is the first Krieger rimfire [barrel] I’ve shot and it didn’t disappoint.”

Krieger barrel .22 LR center-X rimfire ammo ammunition testing Sniper's Hide padom

Krieger barrel .22 LR center-X rimfire ammo ammunition testing Sniper's Hide padom
Padom noted: “Winds were much calmer tonight than this morning so the 100-yard Krieger test was a success. Winds were pretty consistent [at] 3-5 mph.”

Krieger barrel .22 LR center-X rimfire ammo ammunition testing Sniper's Hide padomTest Results at 100 Yards
Padom then tested ammo at 100 yards, again using his Krieger rimfire barrel: “To recap, the Krieger shot the best 50-yard results of the barrels tested so far, just barely beating the Bartlein but it was so close you can call the 50-yard results equal (.005). Well the Krieger beat all the barrels tested to date at 100 yards by a pretty good margin with Center-X. The 10×5 was incredible as well at just barely over 0.6″ showing the results were very consistent. A second lot of Center-X was right there with the previous 100-yard 6×5 best results just barely over 0.6. The third lot of Center-X shot a respectable 0.75″ 6×5. This Krieger sure is shooting very nicely. I’m really looking forward to shooting it at 300 and 400 yards[.]”

Krieger barrel .22 LR center-X rimfire ammo ammunition testing Sniper's Hide padom

Components Tested: 20″ Krieger M24 barrel, .22 LR Match Eachus chamber 0.046 headspace, Zermatt RimX Action, Bix’N Andy TacSport Pro 2-Stage Trigger, RimX 10rd magazine, XLR Envy Pro Folding Chassis, Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56mm MIL scope.

Shooting Set-up: 100 Yards Prone with Bipod and Rear Bag.

Krieger barrel .22 LR center-X rimfire ammo ammunition testing Sniper's Hide padom

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June 10th, 2020

Lapua Rimfire Test Center Manager Featured on Podcast

Luke Johnson Rimfire ammunition Lapua SK testing facility ohio

Video Podcast about Rimfire Testing June 10, 2020
Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Center East (Ohio) Manager Luke Johnson talks about rimfire ammunition testing on “The Shooter’s Mindset” Podcast this week. During this hour-long episode, Luke explains how rimfire ammo is tested in Lapua’s test tunnel facilities.

During this June 2020 podcast (see video below), The Shooter’s Mindset (TSM) hosts covered all aspects of rimfire performance testing with Johnson. Johnson explained the testing process, the importance of ammo testing, how to best identify good groups, and the benefit of having multiple lots of ammunition while shooting competitively.

“Many shooters are familiar with Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Centers, but have yet to take advantage of the service. Both of our facilities offer shooters the opportunity to test various styles and lots of Lapua ammunition under tightly controlled conditions”, stated Johnson. “Our goal is to help shooters match the perfect lot of ammunition with their rifle so they may hit the range with confidence knowing their ammunition will perform.”

About Luke Johnson — Smallbore Silhouette Champion
Luke Johnson is the manager of the Lapua Rimfire Performance Center housed at the Cardinal Shooting Range near Columbus, Ohio. Luke, a native of Marysville, PA, has a long background of competitive shooting and hunting.

Luke Johnson Rimfire ammunition Lapua SK testing facility ohio

Johnson was a four year letterman for the Univ. of Alaska-Fairbanks D1 Rifle Team. In addition to his 3P/Prone shooting pedigree, Luke is a High Master rifle silhouette competitor and past National Smallbore Silhouette champion.

NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Champion
USA Junior National Champion (50 meter rifle)
NCAA – CRCA All-American
Patriot Conference – All-Conference

About Lapua
Lapua produces the highest-quality small caliber cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. Lapua is a part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

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December 16th, 2012

Eley Opens New Rimfire Test Facility in Texas

Rimfire-ammo maker ELEY Ltd. recently opened a new test facility in Winters, Texas. On hand for the opening ceremony were triple Olympic Medal Winner Matt Emmons and 2012 Gold medal Winner Jamie Gray. Other notable shooters at the opening included legendary Olympian Lones Wigger and husband and wife team Sandra and Eric Uptagrafft. Media and industry were represented by NRABlog editor Chip Lohman, Corrie West of USA Shooting, and staff from Shilen Barrels and Stiller’s Precision Firearms.

Eric Uptagrafft praised Eley’s new facility: “To see this come to fruition is very exciting. It shows the level of support and dedication that Eley has as a partner of USA Shooting. I expect this will create a huge advantage for our team and our abilities to diligently do the testing that is required being an elite-level shooter.” Jamie Gray concurred: “It’s good to have a test range of this caliber in the United States because it makes it easier for [American shooters] to get out and test-fire more often. It’s easier for us to bring our guns to Texas than take them overseas, especially in England.”

Eley has invested heavily in the new two-lane test facility which allows pistol, rifle, and benchrest rimfire shooters to test their firearms with ELEY rimfire ammunition. Eley’s new Texas facility allows lot-by-lot batch testing to be done in the USA for the first time. Batch testing used to be limited to the UK, at ELEY’s Head Office. Earlier this year ELEY opened their second range in Stuttgart, Germany and now the third Winters, Texas. The facility will have the ability to test both .22 Rifles and Pistols with electronic target systems and advanced group-measuring software. All three Eley Test Centers have two 50-meter lanes for testing .22 Rifles and Free Pistols. The USA and Germany ranges also allow testing of Free Pistols and Rapid Fire Pistols at 25m.

Meanwhile, Out in Arizona….
We’re pleased that Eley has opened a two-lane facility in the USA. That’s great for shooters. But the new Eley facility is limited to 50m (fifty meters) maximum. By contrast, the new state-of-the-art Lapua Rimfire Service Center in Mesa, Arizona has the ability to record results at 50m AND 100m simultaneously. As your shots pass through special sensor grids positioned at both 50m and 100m, Lapua plots your group size at both distances during on the same string of fire. We think that’s a huge advantage for Lapua’s Arizona Test Center compared to Eley’s Texas facility. Another difference is that at Eley you can only test Tenex ammunition while at Mesa, you can test all types of Lapua rimfire ammo from the top of the line to the more economical products. That’s another significant advantage for the Lapua operation. But it’s great that American shooters now have a choice of two rimfire testing facilities within our national borders.

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