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June 6th, 2016

Olympic Preview: Matt Emmons Demonstrates Three Position

Rio Brazil Olympic Shooting Center Deodoro Park

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are coming up soon. The Rio Olympic Games will include rifle, pistol, and shotgun competitions. Shooting events will be held in Brazil’s ultra-modern Olympic Shooting Center, originally created for the 2007 Pan-American Games at a cost of $53.5 million. Perhaps the most challenging Olympic rifle discipline is the 50m three-position (3P) smallbore match. In this article, American Olympian Matt Emmons provides expert tips on three-position shooting.

Here Matt Shows the Kneeling Position. The other two positions are Standing and Prone.

Matt Emmons Anschutz 3P three position shooting tipsMatt Emmons will compete in the Three-Position Event at the Rio Olympics, seeking his fourth Olympic medal. Rio marks Matt’s fourth Olympic appearance — he has competed on the U.S. National Team since 1997, medaling in three Olympic games: Gold in 2004 in Men’s 50m Prone; Silver in 2008 in Men’s 50m Prone; and Bronze in 2012 in Men’s 50m 3X40. Although his specialty is Men’s 3-Position rifle, Emmons’ World Championship and Olympic Gold are in Men’s 50m Prone. He usually shoots an Anschütz or Bleiker .22LR rifle, with Eley Tenex ammo.

Here are shooting tips from Matt, courtesy Anschütz. Click image below to launch a large PDF file. Right-click the image and “save as” to download the poster-sized PDF.

CLICK Photo to Load Large PDF File
Matt Emmons Anschutz 3P three position shooting tips

Three Sets of Hardware for Three Positions
You may be surprised to find that Matt often totes three complete sets of rifle parts to important matches — three buttplates, three cheekpieces, and three Centra sights with adjustable irises. Matt told Shooting Sports USA that he travels with “three sets for three positions. Our final is so fast that I need three sets of everything to allow a fast change-over between positions.” Matt carries his gear in an an Anschütz sport bag: “It’s similar to the big Ogio duffels with wheels, but lighter. I’ve worked with AHG/Anschütz for many years and I like their bag because all of my junk fits in it.”

Emmons, who will be competing in Rio this upcoming August, also carries something for good luck: “My wife Katy gave me a little figurine of a Czech fairytale character a long time ago for good luck and I always have it with me when I shoot.”

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April 16th, 2016

Rio’s Remarkable Olympic Shooting Center

Shooting Competition Rio Brazil 2016 Shooting Center

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marksmanship will be an important part of the Rio Olympics. Nearly 400 top shooters from around the world will compete in rifle, pistol, and shotgun events. The shooting competitions will take place in a large, modern sports complex originally created for the 2007 Pan-American Games at a cost of $53.5 million. This complex, located within the Deodoro Olympic Park in Rio, offers roughly 30,000 square meters of improved areas on the 125,000 square meter site. Brazil’s Olympic Shooting Center (also known as the National Shooting Center) is an impressive facility. In size, scale, cost, and capabilities, Rio’s Shooting Center is without rival in the Southern Hemisphere.

Video Showcases Brazil’s Modern Olympic Shooting Center:

Visit RIO 2016 Olympics Shooting Webpage

ISSF World Cup Underway at Shooting Center Now
If you want to learn more about the Olympic Shooting Center in Rio, there is an good article on the Shooting Sports USA website. This covers the history of Brazil’s Olympic shooting teams, and explains what competitors can expect this summer. Right now the Olympic Shooting Center is being used for the ISSF World Cup.

2016 Olympic Dress Rehearsal
“The 2016 Olympic Games this August will be one of the largest sporting events ever held. There will be another contest this year in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro that will function as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the big show. On April 14-25, the Olympic Shooting Center will host the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup. During the 11-day competition, 700 athletes from dozens of countries will showcase their skills at the biggest shooting sport event in Brazil before the Olympics.” — Read more at Shooting Sports USA

Shooting Competition Rio Brazil 2016 Shooting Center

Shooting Competition Rio Brazil 2016 Shooting Center

Shooting Center Photos from video by BCMF Arquitetos.

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December 11th, 2008

To Rio (from North America) with Love

Robertson Composites F-Class RifleLong-time Forum member Luis (aka LRCampos) from Brazil has spent many months putting together his “ultimate” F-Class rifle. It hasn’t been easy, as there were many legal hurdles to overcome in sourcing key components from the USA and Canada. But Luis could celebrate this week, as his “Green Dream” finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Luis has waited more than a year for the components to be built and the slow process of import approvals to be completed. But the rifle has finally arrived, giving Luis an early Christmas in Brazil. He was kind enough to supply a couple photos of his new toy, a switch-barrel 6mmBR and .308 for F-Class. With these two calibers he can shoot either F-TR or F-Open class.

Robertson Composites F-Class Rifle

The gun is built around a Stiller Predator action with custom bolt knob. The 6BR barrel is a 28″ Krieger, 1:8″ twist, HV contour chambered with a .272 no-turn neck. The second barrel is a 1:12″ twist chambered in .308 Winchester. The barrels have been ceramic bead-blasted for a low-gloss finish.

Robertson Composites F-Class Rifle

The beautiful green/black stock is a Robertson GBF model with adjustable buttplate and removable cheekpiece. This is a design developed for F-Class with input from the Great Britain F-Class team. It boasts a “front rails” design with a very low profile. Luis tells us: “The fore-end is similar to Richard Franklin’s Low Rider stock, and I asked Ian Robertson to install an Anschutz front rail, so I can shoot with a bipod in F-TR competition.”

All work was done by Karl Feldkamp of Kampfeld Custom in Clinton, Michigan. With over 20 years of machining experience, Karl does outstanding work on both target and hunting rifles. Some of his other creations have been featured as Guns of the Week on this website.

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