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May 15th, 2016

NRA Competition Rule Changes for 2016

2016 NRA Competition Rules

The NRA has released new, updated versions of Competition Rules, with changes that have been adopted for 2016. There are quite a few minor changes affecting rifle competitors in High Power, Service Rifle, Prone AR Platform Rifle, F-Class, and Smallbore Disciplines. There are also new rules for matches with Electronic Targets.

You can read a detailed Summary of the Rule Changes on the Shooting Sports USA Website. Discipline by discipline, this SSUSA article lists the text of the new/modified rules.

You can download the updated rules, discipline by discipline, on the NRA Rulebook Page: Bound copies of NRA Rule Books may be ordered online from the NRA Store:

NRA Official Rule Books

Discipline PDF Rule Book With Updates
Action Pistol Download the NRA Action Pistol Rule Book
Action Pistol Rule Changes
BB Gun Download the NRA BB Gun Rule Book
BB Gun Rule Changes
Black Powder Target Rifle Download the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Rule Book
Black Powder Target Rifle Rule Changes
Precision Pistol Download the NRA Precision Pistol Rule Book
Precision Pistol Rule Changes
High Power Rifle Download the NRA High Power Rifle Rule Book
High Power Rifle Rule Changes
High Power Sporting Rifle Download the NRA High Power Sporting Rifle Rule Book
High Power Sporting Rifle Rule Changes
International Fullbore Rifle Prone Download the NRA International Fullbore Rifle Prone Rule Book
International Fullbore Rifle Prone Rule Changes
Int’l Pistol (Includes Air Pistol) Download the NRA International Pistol Rule Book
International Pistol Rule Changes
Muzzle Loading Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Download the NRA Muzzle Loading Rule Book
Muzzle Loading Rule Changes
Police Pistol Combat Download the NRA Police Pistol Combat Rule Book
Police Pistol Combat Rule Changes
Precision Air Rifle Position Download the NRA Precision Air Rifle Rule Book
Precision Air Rifle Rule Changes
Silhouette Pistol Download the NRA Silhouette Pistol Rule Book
Silhouette Pistol Rule Changes
Silhouette Rifle Download the NRA Silhouette Rifle Rule Book
Silhouette Rifle Rule Changes
Smallbore Rifle Download the NRA Smallbore Rifle Rule Book
Smallbore Rifle Rule Changes
Sporter Air Rifle Position Download the NRA Sporter Air Rifle Rule Book
Sporter Air Rifle Rule Changes
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January 9th, 2016

CMP Releases New 2016 Rulebooks

CMP Rules 2016 Rulebook service Rifle Changes
The most important 2016 CMP rule change allows 4.5X (max) optical sights for Service Rifle shooting.

The new 2016 rulebooks for CMP-governed Service Rifle, Pistol and CMP Games shooting events have just been released. There are some very important changes for 2016, including the authorization of scopes for Service Rifle competition. You can download the new Rulebooks for free with the links below. NOTE: The most important 2016 Rules changes are indicated with underlined text in the new Rulebooks.

Download: 2016 CMP Competition Rules for Service Rifle and Pistol (20th Edition).
Download: 2016 Competition Rules for CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Matches (4th Edition).

CMP Rules 2016 Rulebook service Rifle ChangesThe big rule changes in the 2016 CMP competition rules concern the modernization of CMP Service Rifle standards. Starting in 2016, Service Rifle competitors will be able to choose between service rifles with traditional metallic sights or rifles with telescopes with a maximum of 4.5X magnification. These scopes may be fixed-power or variable, with max 4.5 power zoom. This rule change was coordinated with a similar rule change adopted by the NRA.

The CMP states: “The decision to legalize optical sights on service rifles was taken after several years of discussion and a recognition that U.S. military personnel no longer use anything but optical sights on their military rifles. CMP Service Rifle rules have traditionally tried to keep abreast of military rifle and training developments so opening Service Rifle shooting to optical sights became an inevitable change. To quote one comment received by the CMP, “It is very difficult now to say that as-issued ‘AR-15 or M16′ does not include telescopes.”

Another major change in the CMP Service Rifle rules will allow the use of a much wider variety of M16/AR15-type rifles. Legal service rifles will no longer be restricted to rifles that rigidly comply with the M16 service rifle profile. Starting in 2016, Service Rifles can be any “M16 U. S. Service Rifle or a similar AR15 type commercial rifle that is derived from the M16 service rifle design” and that complies with these restrictions:

  • Chambered for the 5.56 x 45 mm (.223) NATO cartridge.
  • Designed or modified for semi-automatic fire only.
  • Have either a gas-impingement system or a piston-operated gas system.
  • Have a barrel that is no longer than 20 inches, or 21 5/8 inches if the barrel has a flash suppressor.
  • Must use the same upper receiver and barrel for the entire match.
  • Have a trigger pull of at least 4.5 pounds.
  • Quad rails or similar hand guards are permitted, but the front sling swivel location must be fixed at 13 ¼ inches (+/- ½ in.) ahead of the forward edge of the magazine well (8.0 inches on M4 configured rifles).
  • Use standard service magazines or commercial equivalents.
  • Have a fixed or collapsible butt-stock that may vary in length and even be adjusted between firing stages. Butt-plates or cheek-pieces may not, however, be adjustable.
  • Have a standard A1 or A2 pistol grip.
  • Extended bolt releases and mirror-image left-hand receivers will be permitted.

No Weight Limit For Service Rifles
Before issuing its new rules, the CMP solicited comments. A substantial majority of competitors’ comments supported allowing optical sights and the broadening of the Service Rifle rule. The one rule change that most shooters opposed was a proposed weight limit for Service Rifles with optical sights. After considering these comments, the CMP Rules Committee rejected the the Service Rifle weight limit proposal. Accordingly, in 2016, there will be no weight limits for Service Rifles, whether they have optical or metallic sights.

Iron Sights and Optics Will Compete in the Same Class
The CMP considered having optics-equipped Service Rifles in a separate classification. That idea was rejected. So, for 2016 there will be ONE CLASS for all Service Rifles (both iron-sighted and scoped). The CMP observed that “the arguments for having one unified competitor category competing together for EIC points and Distinguished Badges prevailed. Having separate categories and one Distinguished Badge would have created nightmare administrative challenges. Having two categories and separate Distinguished Rifleman Badges for optical and metallic sighted rifles would have become a formula for diminishing the prestige of the traditional Distinguished Rifleman Badge. The final CMP decision was to keep one strong, unified Service Rifle event instead of two smaller categories[.]”

Rule Change Concerning Malfunctions (No more Alibis)
Another major Service Rifle rule change will abolish allowing extra time or refires for malfunctions. This change will save time because malfunction refires effectively double the length of time needed for rapid-fire relays in big matches. The main reason for this change is to place more responsibility on competitors for having rifles and ammunition that function with complete reliability. Comments received by the CMP concerning this change showed that it is controversial, but a majority of shooters supported the change. One shooter wrote: “The elimination of “alibis” is long overdue. It was always most frustrating to me when it takes longer to shoot rapid fire than slow fire.”

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February 23rd, 2013

NRA Tournament Operations Guide Now Available Online

NRA Tournament Guide FreeA digital version of the NRA Tournament Operations Guide is now available FREE online. While supplies last, there are still some copies of the previous version available through the NRA Program Materials Center. However, the newer, free online version will replace it.

The 56-page NRA Tournament Operations Guide is loaded with information that will help your club or organization run efficient events. Featured topics include tournament planning, range operations, statistics, awards, and much more. A great resource for all match directors, the new guide covers eight different shooting disciplines.

The NRA Collegiate Shooting Program brochure is also available online. More Competitive Shooting Division  literature will be online soon. Check the NRA Blog for updates.

Read the Complete Tournament Guide Right Here
A full version of the Tournament Guide is embedded below. Use the white arrows to move from page to page within the document. The down arrow advances one page at a time. Or, you can simply use the scroll bar on the right. NOTE: The “+” control zooms the page to 100% (or larger) for easier reading:

This story by Kerrin Brinkman courtesy the NRA Blog.
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December 10th, 2012

NBRSA Announcements to Members for 2013

NBRSA logoAfter concluding its 2012 Board Meeting, the NBRSA has issued some announcements for its membership. The Fee structure has changed, and Match Directors are requested to submit info on upcoming 2013 Matches. In addition, the NBRSA noted that Long Range Rule Books are now on sale for $5.00. Call (307) 655-7415 to order these Rule Books.

NBRSA Fee Schedule for 2013
Dues and match fees will change beginning January 1, 2013. The new fee structure is designed “to be equitable to everyone”, with adjustments reflecting shipping costs. Normal match fees change to $3 per shooter per day. Annual Fees will be:

  • USA Domestic Annual Members & Clubs: $60
  • CANADIAN Annual Members: $60 + $25 shipping — Total US $85
  • INTERNATIONAL Annual Members: $60 + $60 shipping — Total US $120

2013 Match Schedules and Forms
The NBRSA requests that match directors send in their 2013 match schedules to Regional Directors as soon as possible. This will allow the NBRSA to post schedules online and in Precision Rifleman magazine. Match Directors who require Forms should click the links below.

Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) | Match Vouchers Forms

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February 6th, 2011

IBS Rules Changes for 2011 — Brakes, Flags, Record-Breakers

At its January 15, 2011 Annual Meeting, the International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) adopted some new rules affecting both long-range and short-range competition. First, by a significant margin, IBS long-range shooters voted to allow muzzle brakes in Heavy Gun class. This will allow the Light Guns (which often have muzzle brakes) to compete in both classes. The purpose of the change is to draw more competitors, and allow those shooters, who can only afford one rifle, to shoot in both classes.

Muzzle Brake
Muzzle brakes are now allowed in both Light and Heavy Gun Class in IBS Long Range events.

This change, which applies to both 600- and 1000-yard matches, was supported by the Long Range Committee and endorsed by the Executive Board. Comments in the recent IBS Survey also showed broad support for this rule change. A few folks grumbled that allowing muzzle brakes in HG events will make Heavy Gun relays more noisy, but since Light Guns already employ brakes, most shooters have learned to live with the nuisance.

Temporary Rule Changes Adopted
Both temporary 2010 rule changes were soundly passed with about 90% of the mail ballots in favor. All shooters will be effected by a change that allows recognition of all record-breaking efforts, regardless of match or relay. Short-range shooters must now comply with tighter restrictions on placement of wind flags — once an Agg begins, the flags must stay put.

Wind Flag Location Regulations
Flags will be essentially restricted to the lane in front of shooters. After an aggregate commences, wind flags cannot be moved except by range personnel, and never for the shooters’ convenience or advantage.

Multiple Record-Breakers on Same Day
If multiple competitors break a record on a given day, regardless of the match they attended or the relay on which they shot, each one is given full credit for breaking the record. The best score shot on that day is recognized record going forward. This Rule, as adopted, is NOT retroactive

IBS 1/15/2011 Annual Meeting Summary (with Rule Changes)

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April 10th, 2010

CMP Issues 2010 Service Rifle and Service Pistol Rules

CMP Service Rifle Rules 2010 UpdateThe 2010 14th Edition of the CMP Competition Rules for Service Rifle, Service Pistol and As-Issued Military Rifle shooting has just been released. These new rules go into effect immediately. The new rulebook can be downloaded from the CMP website. Printed copies of the new rules, which can be purchased from the CMP for $3.00 each, will be furnished to each match sponsor and National Matches competitor.

CLICK HERE to download 2010 CMP Competition Rules (14th Ed.)

There are fewer changes this year than there have been in any of the past 10 years — a sign that military rifle and pistol rules have stabilized. Most competitors in CMP-sanctioned Service Rifle, Service Pistol, and As-Issued Military Rifle Matches will NOT have to adapt to any significant changes this year. But there are a few changes to rules regarding AR15 stocks, rapid-fire time limits in Garand matches, and coaching during Military Rifle Matches. To learn more, read the CMP website’s point-by-point Summary of 2010 Rule Changes

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March 19th, 2010

2010 NRA High Power Competition Rule Changes

NRA High Power RulesThe NRA Competitive Shooting Division has issued its updated Rules for 2010, complete with a quite a few notable changes. Download updated Rules by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE to Download 2010 High Power Rule Changes (8 page PDF file; changes only).

Competitors should download and read the changes. There are some interesting changes. For example, the eligibility rules have been changed so that foreigners can win NRA matches: “2.1.1 Non-US Citizens — Non-US citizens may compete and are eligible to win any NRA Sanctioned tournament, unless further restrictions are imposed by conditions stated in the program.”

There are also a series of small changes to the Service Rifle (3.1), Any Rifle (3.2), and NRA Match Rifle (3.3) Rules. For Service Rifles, rifle descriptions have changed from separate numbers to Rule 3.1 alpha-subsections, (i.e. 3.1 (a), (b), (c), (d)). Notably, the new 7.62mm M-110 Service Rifle, first approved in 2009 under (then) Rule 3.1.6, is now incorporated under the general service rifle definition as new section 3.1 (d). For Palma competitors, the 2010 Rules have further codified the rifle eligibility standards: “3.3.1 U.S. Palma Rifle — (a) A rifle with metallic sights chambered for the unmodified .308/7.62 or .223/5.56 NATO cartridge case; (b) Any service rifle with metallic sights chambered for the unmodified .308/7.62 NATO or .223/5.56 NATO cartridge case.” There are no 2010 changes for the “Any Sight Match Rifle/Tactical Rifle”, adopted in 2009 under Rule 3.3.4.

If you have questions about any of the rule changes, contact Jan Raab at CLICK HERE to sign up for the FREE monthly Competitive Shooting E-Newsletter. The hard-copy High Power Rule book (without 2010 revisions) can be purchased on the NRA Website.

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January 29th, 2010

IBS Approves Trial AR-Platform Benchrest Class

Defying its reputation as a stodgy, conservative organization, the IBS will allow AR-style rifles to compete in their own class at IBS benchrest matches next year. Both AR15-platform and AR10-platform rifles can compete in this new, provisional class.

This will NOT displace any of the current classes (e.g. Sporter, LV, HV, Unlimited), nor change any rules for current classes. The “AR Experiment” will last for one year and then the IBS will determine whether to make the class permanent. IBS President Jeff Stover stressed three points:

1. This is an experiment for a one-year trial.
2. Clubs MAY have an AR class, but they are not required to do so.
3. The IBS Nationals are NOT affected — there will be no ARs at any Nationals

The IBS has distributed proposed draft rules, and the IBS plans to adopt final rules on March 1, 2010. Here are some of the key proposed rules:

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April 24th, 2009

2009 CMP Rules Update Available Now

The 2009 update of the CMP Competition Rules for Service Pistol, Service Rifle, and As-Issued Military Rifle is now available online. The 13th edition (2009) CMP Competition Rules can be downloaded (for free) from the CMP website. Printed copies of the rulebook may also be purchased for $3.00 each from CMP Competitions, P. O. Box 576, Port Clinton, OH 43452.

CLICK HERE to download 2009 CMP Updated Rules.

In the downloadable file, all 2009 rule changes are underlined so they can be identified. The CMP has also posted an article summarizing the key 2009 rule changes.

Important CMP Rule Changes for Garands
One significant 2009 rule change stems from the CMP’s continued commitment to start rapid-fire stages from standing. Until this year, NRA range procedures could be used in CMP matches, but now that the NRA has eliminated the requirement to start rapid-fire stages from standing, NRA range procedures can no longer be used. As a result, the CMP had to develop its own rules, range procedures and commands. Thus, a foundation requirement in the CMP rifle rules (Rules 8.1.5 and 9.1.10) is that competitors must start all rapid-fire stages from standing.

There is also a new required procedure for Garand shooters in the rapid fire stage. Shooters may still load while standing. However, competitors are required to push down the rounds in the clip and CLOSE their BOLT over an empty chamber before dropping from standing to prone. When targets rise from the pits (or the command TARGETS is given), shooters must drop down into position, then cycle the bolts on their rifles to chamber their first round and begin the rapid-fire stage. The goal here is to “to completely eliminate any possibility of a shooter moving from standing to the firing position with a round in the chamber.”

NEW GARAND Rapid-Fire LOADING PROCEDURE. Competitors with M1 Garands must “close bolts on an empty chamber” by: 1) inserting the clip and 2 rounds in the magazine; 2) pressing the clip and 2 rounds all the way down to release the operating rod; and 3) allowing the bolt to over-ride the top round, so the bolt closes on an empty chamber. The bolt may not be cycled to load the first round in the chamber until after the competitor is down in position.

The 2009 updated Rules also provide new guidelines for the Garand Unlimited class. CMP Games rifle categories (Rule 6.4.1) now include an Unlimited Garand category for shooters with National Match, .308, commercial and glass-bedded Garands. NOTE: The National John C. Garand Match at Camp Perry will have both As-Issued and Unlimited Garand categories.

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February 27th, 2009

NRA Shooting Sports Magazine Now Offered FREE Online

NRA Shooting Sports USAdigital magazineFor years the NRA has published Shooting Sports USA, an informative print magazine for competitive shooters. While sample articles and a match calendar could be found on the web, the complete magazine contents were available only via a conventional print magazine subscription.

Now that’s changed. You can read ALL the contents of Shooting Sports USA now for FREE, in a monthly “Digital Edition”. Using “digital paper” technology from Olive Software, the entire magazine loads as a file in your internet browser. You can size the pages larger or smaller. You can even turn the pages as with a conventional magazine. To get your FREE subscription to Shooting Sports USA in digital form, just go to the Shooting Sports USA website, and enter your email address and zip code. That’s it — no fees, no credit card info required.

NRA Shooting Sports USAdigital magazine

CLICK HERE to read a sample Digital Edition of Shooting Sports USA
(Note: This will load a flash player that may not be compatible with all browsers.)

Get New Rules, Match Results, Gear Reviews, and More…
The current issue of Shooting Sports USA includes the 2009 NRA Competitive Rule Changes. You can access those rule changes by viewing the March, 2009 sample digital edition (may take some time to load). Other features in the March edition include Shooters News, a Score Sheet (recent match results), Brief Product Reviews, and a Calendar of Coming Events.

NRA Shooting Sports USAdigital magazine

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