April 10th, 2010

CMP Issues 2010 Service Rifle and Service Pistol Rules

CMP Service Rifle Rules 2010 UpdateThe 2010 14th Edition of the CMP Competition Rules for Service Rifle, Service Pistol and As-Issued Military Rifle shooting has just been released. These new rules go into effect immediately. The new rulebook can be downloaded from the CMP website. Printed copies of the new rules, which can be purchased from the CMP for $3.00 each, will be furnished to each match sponsor and National Matches competitor.

CLICK HERE to download 2010 CMP Competition Rules (14th Ed.)

There are fewer changes this year than there have been in any of the past 10 years — a sign that military rifle and pistol rules have stabilized. Most competitors in CMP-sanctioned Service Rifle, Service Pistol, and As-Issued Military Rifle Matches will NOT have to adapt to any significant changes this year. But there are a few changes to rules regarding AR15 stocks, rapid-fire time limits in Garand matches, and coaching during Military Rifle Matches. To learn more, read the CMP website’s point-by-point Summary of 2010 Rule Changes

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