April 2nd, 2010

LaserLyte Offers Laser Integrated into Pistol Rear Sight

An integrated laser sight can be very useful on a defensive handgun. When properly adjusted, the laser displays a small red circle where your shot will impact. When shooting at night, or in a crisis situation where you don’t have time to carefully align font and rear iron sights, a laser sight can be a life-saver. Some people also believe that laser sights can have a deterrent effect — if the bad guy sees the red dot shining on his body, he may withdraw, if you’re lucky.

The problem with most handgun laser installations is that they are bulky or the laser can be obscured by your fingers/hands when holding the gun. Crimson Trace has developed a series of grips with integrated lasers. These work pretty well but we’ve found that you can still obscure the beam with your hands with the smaller pistols. You can mount a laser in front, under the barrel, but then you’ll have trouble finding a holster to fit.

LaserLyte, a small company in Arizona, offers an impressive new system that may be the most practical laser mount yet devised for “carry” pistols used for personal defense. The compact laser and battery are integrated into the rear sight. This mounts the laser up away from the hands. So, you never have to worry about blocking the beam with your fingers, and you can use any “normal” holster.

Introduced in 2009, the LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser (RSL) has proven very popular. It is priced at $199.95, and there are models to fit Glock, Springfield XP, Smith & Wesson M&P, Ruger SR, and other popular handguns. LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser modules come with a one-year limited warranty.

Rear Sight Laser handgun