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April 19th, 2010

Second Amendment March Draws National Attention

second amendment marchToday, April 19th, is “Patriot’s Day”, the anniversary of the “Shot heard ’round the world.” Earlier today, in Washington, DC, supporters of Second Amendment gun rights rallied near the Washington Monument. Those dedicated rally attendees came from all parts of the country to demonstrate their support for the individual right to keep and bear arms. The DC rally, along with companion demonstrations in state capitols nationwide, drew the attention of the national print and television media. The reporters recorded plenty of stirring speeches on the subject of gun control and individual rights. Perhaps the TV cameras were seeking greater drama — but there were no fights, no violence, no guns fired into the air.

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Those who attended the main DC rally were estimated at a “few hundred” to “as many as 2,000″ (Washington Post). Perhaps the rally could have drawn more attendees, but the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case of Heller v. D.C., which recognized an individual right to “keep and bear” arms, may have created a sense of complacency among firearms owners. Indeed, the Washington Post News Blog observed: “The March comes at a time when the trend appears to be toward normalizing carrying of firearms in public. Even before the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2008 decision in [Heller] recognized an individual’s constitutional right to possess firearms, an increasing number of states have allowed citizens to carry guns openly or conceal them on their person. Last year, 24 states loosened restrictions in firearms laws, and Iowa and Arizona passed laws this year easing restrictions on gun possession.”

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April 19th, 2010

Darrell Jones Offers Annealing and Ultrasonic Cleaning Service

We talked recently with our friend Darrell Jones, a talented benchrest shooter from Tennessee, who operates a brass processing business, DJ’s Brass Restoration Service. Darrell ultrasonically cleans old cartridge brass then carefully anneals each case, using temp-sensitive lacquers to ensure the brass is neither over-annealed or under-annealed. As far as we know, DJ’s Brass Restoration Service is the ONLY business in the country offering combined ultrasonic cleaning and annealing. And now Darrell can process your brass with even great efficiency.

Darrell told us he has just received his new, automated dual-torch, carousel annealing machine from Bench-Source. This microprocessor-controlled unit may be the most advanced bench-top annealing machine ever created. Two torches are used to provide intersecting flames for uniform heating. The micro-processor precisely controls the heating time, and a special motor spins each case around its axis while in the heating position. This ensures that the neck and shoulder are annealed evenly.

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Combined Ultrasonic Cleaning and Case Annealing
If you have “tired” brass with inconsistent neck tension from case to case, give Darrell a call. His cleaning/annealing process will extend the useful life of your brass, and his service is quite affordable. Darrell’s Basic Service starts at $20.00 per hundred cases — and that includes ultrasonic cleaning AND annealing. (Flat rate USPS shipping is extra.) Note: very large cases (such as the .338 Lapua) or damaged, dented cases may cost more.

DJ's Brass Restoration

In addition to the Basic Service, Darrell offers a 4-Step Full Service starting at $25.00 per hundred cases (plus shipping). Darrell’s Full Service brass restoration includes: Uniforming primer pockets; Chamfering Case Mouths; Ultra Cleaning and polishing; Annealing case necks.

Ultrasonic Muzzle Brake Cleaning
In addition to cleaning and annealing cartridge brass, Darrell offers Ultrasonic Cleaning for muzzle brakes. This removes carbon buildup to restore critical bullet clearance requirements. The price is $15.00 per brake (plus shipping).

For more information, visit, or call Darrell at (901) 826-1503. IMPORTANT: Contact Darrell for shipping instructions BEFORE sending any brass for processing. ALL BRASS MUST BE DE-PRIMED before you send it.

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