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March 3rd, 2021

Marksmanship Training — PRO Tips from the USAMU

USAMU Shooting USA Pro tips

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), in cooperation with Shooting USA TV, has created a series of instructional Pro Tip pages covering a wide range of shooting disciplines. All totaled, there are more than 50 USAMU Pro Tips. Most relate to rifle marksmanship but there are also numerous tips for shotgunners and pistol shooters. Each Pro Tip entry includes multiple photos and 6-15 paragraphs, in an easy-to-follow format. Many Pro Tips also include an instructional video produced by Shooting USA. Here are three Pro Tip videos, and links to seven more Pro Tip web pages.


1. Reading the Wind with SGT Sherri Gallagher.
Apart from gravity, wind has the most pull on the bullet as it travels down range. Being able to accurately read the wind and mirage will greatly enhance your performance on the rifle range. National Champion, SGT Gallagher gives you some of her tips.

2. Angle Shooting with SFC (Ret.) Emil Praslick.
SFC Praslick shows you how to determine the angle to your target, and then how to include that to change your data necessary to hit your target on the first shot.

3. Rifle Grip, Stance and Body Position for 3-Gun with SFC Daniel Horner.
Professional 3-gun marksman SFC Daniel Horner, U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), give tips on how to properly handle a semi-automatic rifle, including grip, stance and body position.

4. Service Rifle Positions (with SFC Brandon Green)

5. Rifling and Twist Rate (with SFC Ret. Emil Praslick)

6. Setting the Right Zero (with SPC Ty Cooper)

7. Practice Drills (with SFC Lance Dement)

8. Using the Sling

9. Getting Your AR Zeroed

10. 3-Gun Rifles By Division (with SFC Daniel Horner)

USAMU Pro Tips Sherri Gallagher Emil Praslick Daniel Horner

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September 5th, 2016

SSG Sherri Gallagher — How to Read the Wind Video

Reading Wind Sherri Gallagher

Sgt Sherri GallagherThe ability to read the wind is what separates good shooters from great shooters. If you want to learn wind-doping from one of the best, watch this video with 2010 National High Power Champion (and U.S. Army 2010 Soldier of the Year) Sherri Gallagher. Part of the USAMU’s Pro Tips Video Series, this video covers the basics of wind reading including: Determining wind direction and speed, Bracketing Wind, Reading Mirage, and Adjusting to cross-winds using both sight/scope adjustments and hold-off methods. Correctly determining wind angle is vital, Sheri explains, because a wind at a 90-degree angle has much more of an effect on bullet lateral movement than a headwind or tailwind. Wind speed, of course, is just as important as wind angle. To calculate wind speed, Sherri recommends “Wind Bracketing”: [This] is where you take the estimate of the highest possible condition and the lowest possible condition and [then] take the average of the two.”

It is also important to understand mirage. Sheri explains that “Mirage is the reflection of light through layers of air, based off the temperature of the ground. These layers … are blown by the wind, and can be monitored through a spotting scope to detect direction and speed. You can see what appears to be waves running across the range — this is mirage.” To best evaluate mirage, you need to set your spotting scope correctly. First get the target in sharp focus, then (on most scopes), Sheri advises that you turn your adjustment knob “a quarter-turn counter-clockwise. That will make the mirage your primary focus.”

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June 1st, 2015

Buell’s Beast: Heavy Artillery for ELR and 2-Mile Match

Darrell Buell ELR Rifle .376 Cheytac BAT Action 35
Click above image to view full-screen photo.

Our friend Darrell Buell has a new Beast — a monster 64-inch-long .375 CheyTac that weighs more than 70 pounds! Designed for ultra-long-range shooting (two miles and beyond), this beast represents the state-of-the-art in extreme long-range rifles.

Darrell Buell ELR Rifle .376 Cheytac BAT Action 35

Darrell reports: “This rifle is pretty much purpose-built to shoot 2+ miles extremely accurately. It is a .375 CheyTac (lengthened) built on a BAT 2.5″ action. The custom 35″, 1:10″-twist Brux barrel is a fat, 2″-diameter ‘straight taper’ with fluting. A custom 5″-long muzzle brake is fitted at the end. All barreled action work was done by R.W. Snyder Custom Rifles. The stock was created to fit the build by PDC Custom, and the massive muzzle brake as well.” The “bridge” at the end may look like a barrel block, but it’s not — the barrel completely free-floats. (The Picatinny rail on top of the bridge allows use of an overhanging bipod as an alternative to the JoyPod).

Darrell Buell ELR Rifle .376 Cheytac BAT Action 35
Darrell has lots of elevation on tap: “With 150 MOA in the Ivey rings, another 20 MOA in the scope rail, 55 MOA in the Nightforce Competition scope, and 10 MOA in the FCR-1 reticle, there’s an impressive +235 MOA available.”


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May 11th, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Nancy Thomkins Sherri Jo GallagherToday we want to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms around the world. All of us must remember that we literally owe our lives and our well-being to our mothers, who brought us into the world. Without the love, support, caring, and nuturing of our mothers, none of us would be here. So to mothers everywhere, we say:

“Thank you. Bless you. May your lives be filled with happiness today and everyday.”

Here is a photo of the one of the greatest moms in the shooting community, Nancy Tompkins, along with two of her little girls (who both turned into pretty good shooters themselves). On Nancy’s right is Michelle Gallagher, a top long-range shooter. On the left is Sherri Jo Gallagher, who was the second woman in history to capture the NRA National High Power Championship at Camp Perry. Who was the first woman ever to accomplish that feat? You guessed it — Nancy Tompkins, Sherri’s mom, was the first-ever female High Power Champion.

Nancy Thomkins Sherri Jo Gallagher

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February 27th, 2014

‘Chute Shooter Sherri Jo

SGT Sherri GallagherWe had to share this inspiring photograph (below) of SGT Sherri Jo Gallagher. As well as being a highly-trained Army parachutist, Sherri is one of America’s top shooters. In 2010 Sherri Jo won the NRA National High Power Championship. She was only the second lady in history to become the National High Power Champion (the first was Sherri’s mother, Nancy Tompkins).

Also in 2010, Sherri was named the U.S. Army Soldier of the Year, the first female soldier to be so honored. This award is given to the top soldier at the U.S. Army’s Annual Best Warrior competition.

SGT Gallagher is currently a proud member of the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. In that role, she gets to do fun stuff like this…

SGT Sherri Jo Gallagher
sherri jo gallagher national high power championship golden knights

In 2010, SGT Sherri Jo Gallagher became the first U.S. military shooter since 1987 to win the Nat’l High Power Rifle Championship. She was only the second woman ever to win — the first being her mother, Nancy Tompkins.

Sherri’s family is legendary in U.S. shooting competition. She spent her childhood summers touring shooting competitions with her parents, Mid and Nancy, both competitive shooters. Sherri’s sister Michelle Gallagher is also a top-level long-range shooter, with many titles to her credit. “My family is always there for me — we are really close,” Gallagher said. “I am who I am today because of my family. We have so much fun and live life that way.”

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September 8th, 2012

Award Winners at 2012 NRA National High Power Championships

Story based on report by Kyle Jillson in NRAblog.
Carl Bernosky wasn’t the only shooter to win an award at the 2012 High Power Rifle Championships. The ten-time champ* was joined at the Award Ceremonies by plenty of other talented competitors who received awards for High Woman, High Junior, High Senior and many other classifications.

NRA High Power Championships 2012 winners

National Championship
First Place: Carl R. Bernosky, Ashland, PA, 2391-141x
Second Place: SGT Sherri J. Gallagher, Englewood, CO, 2390-131x
Third Place: Staff Sergeant Brandon K. Green, Fort Benning, GA, 2388-135x

Winners of Other Trophies and Awards
Here is a gallery showing many of the award winners at the 2012 National High Power Championships. These photos were taken backstage at the awards ceremony. Below the gallery, winners in both Service and Match Division are listed, along with their awards and relevant scores.

NRA High Power Championships 2012 winners

*Carl Bernosky won the Match Rifle Trophy in 1981, putting him at eleven all-time, but D. I. Boyd outshot him with the service rifle by one point, bringing about one of the rare occasions the Service Rifle Champion is also the overall winner.
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August 11th, 2012

Bernosky Wins 2012 High Power Championship by Single Point

Carl Bernosky

Breaking News — Carl Bernosky hung on to win his 10th National High Power Championship, with a 2391-141X final Aggregate. Just one point behind, after four days of competition, was 2010 Champ SGT Sherri Gallagher. Sherri shot a 200-12X in the final event (Crowell Trophy Match) to close the gap, but it was too little, too late. Bernosky had a lead going into the last event, so even though he dropped a point (scoring 199-13X in the Crowell), he was able to prevail by a single point. Had Carl dropped two points, he still would have won the Championship because Carl had a higher X-Count than Sherri, who finished with a 2390-131X Agg. All in all, it was a well-deserved win for a great shooter, one of the best ever, that’s for sure.

Carl Bernosky SGT Sherri Jo Gallagher

This was one of the most exciting championships in recent memory. Two shooting marvels, both past High Power National champions, were neck and neck all the way ’til the end. And either could have lost the title with one errant shot or crossfire. SSG Brandon Green of the USAMU shot a superb match to finish third with 2388-135X. Multi-time High Power Champion David Tubb racked up the fourth-highest Aggregate: 2387-145X. That means David had the highest X Count of the top 5. However, we’re told by Emil Praslick that: “David Tubb shot his Match Rifle fitted with a scope this year, placing him in the Any Sight/Tactical Class.” Accordingly, Tubb was not in the running for the overall championship.

Carl Bernosky
All photos courtesy NRAblog.

We congratulate Carl Bernosky on his hard-fought victory in 2012. This title brings Carl’s total to 10 High Power Championships, really an amazing accomplishment. We also congratulate runner-up SGT Sherri Gallagher, and all the shooters who competed at Camp Perry in the High Power Championship events.

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August 10th, 2012

Individual High Power Championship — It’s Down to X-Count

Story based on report by Kyle Jillson in the NRA Blog
Today, Friday August 10th, is the last day of the NRA Individual High Power Championships. Heading into the last day, Carl Bernosky (2011 Champ) and SGT Sherri Gallager (2010 Champ) are tied on points at 1795, while Carl has five more Xs. This is a tight battle. There are three matches left to shoot: Crescent Cup (slow fire, standing, 200 yards); Cavalry Cup (rapid fire, prone, 300 yards); and Crowell Trophy (slow fire, prone, 600 yards).

This Championship should go down to the wire. Carl is one of the best standing shooters in history, so he should do well in the Crescent Cup, while Sherri is a long-range wizard so we can expect her to do well in the 600-yard Crowell Trophy match. What’s more, Sherri is shooting a .260 Remington which may offer better ballistics at 600 than Bernosky’s 6mm Hagar. FYI, on Thursday, Gallagher shot superbly in the 600-yard Air Force Cup match — her 200-17X score was just one X shy of the National Record (which was set by Sherri’s mother, Nancy Tompkins).

Gallagher’s showing in the Air Force Cup helped close the gap between her and leader Carl Bernosky. The two shooters are slowly pulling away from the rest of the pack, although there is the possibility of another winner if one of the leaders has a real disaster. SSG Brandon Green and Rodrigo Rosa are both just three points back from the leaders (Green has more Xs than Rosa though). The high Service Rifle shooter is still SSG Tyrel Cooper, who has a 1787-71X score. Ty’s score is remarkable considering his AR-platform rifle has relatively crude military sights and non-adjustable buttstock.

High Power Rifle Championship — Match 400
Scores As of Thursday 8/9/2012

1. Carl Bernosky, 1795-106X
2. SGT Sherri Gallagher, 1795-101X
3. SSG Brandon Green, 1792-104X
4. Rodrigo Rosa, 1792-101X
5. David Tubb, 1790-107X

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August 9th, 2012

Tight Battle for Lead at NRA High Power Championships

Story by Kyle Jillson for the NRA Blog.
After a day of steady shooting while those ahead of him faltered, Carl Bernosky regained the lead in the 2012 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship. Sporting a 1195-66X at the halfway point in the competition for the Mumma Trophy, Bernosky is ahead of the pack, but that lead could change with a single shot out of the 10-Ring. And bad weather is expected, increasing the chances of a missed shot. Thunderstorms are predicted today — that means rain, gusty winds, and range delays. Blustery winds will prove particularly challenging during today’s Air Force Cup match, shot at 600 yards.

High Power 2012 Bernosky

Gallagher and Bernosky Are Neck and Neck
SGT Sherri Gallagher, who started the morning one point ahead of Bernosky, increased her lead to two following the Navy Cup. Following a practically clean round of 199 (Bernosky fired a 198), Bernosky made up a point each in the Coast Guard match and the afternoon’s Army Cup. Their point totals tied, it came down to an X-count. That’s where Bernosky holds the lead … by seven. Behind only a handful of Xs, Gallagher sits in second, for now.

Close behind the two leaders is SSG Brandon Green of the USAMU. Green’s 1194-67X score places him in third place, down just one point of the current leader. And Forum Member Rodrigo Rosa, currently in fourth Place with 1193-70X, is just two points off the lead. Note that Rosa has the highest X-count among the top five — this could come into play in the days ahead. Yesterday’s leader, SSG Tyrel Cooper, slipped a couple points, but is still in the running at fifth. And as the highest Service Rifle shooter, Cooper holds the lead in the Service Rifle Championship. It’s remarkable that Ty Cooper is right up with the leaders, shooting a AR-platform rifle with standard buttstock and military sights.

High Power 2012 Bernosky

High Power Rifle Championship — Match 400

1. Carl Bernosky, 1195-66X
2. SGT Sherri Gallagher, 1195-59X
3. SSG Brandon Keith Green, 1194-67X
4. Rodrigo Rosa, 1193-70X
5. SSG Tyrel Cooper, 1193-63X

There are still two full days of shooting in the High Power Rifle Championships. A lot can happen to shift the standings on the leaderboard. Here are the specific matches scheduled today, August 9th:

Appreciation Cup — Rapid fire match shot in the sitting/kneeling position at 200 yards.

Marine Corps Cup — Rapid fire prone match shot at 300 yards.

Air Force Cup — Slow fire prone match shot from 600 yards.

Carl Bernosky
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August 7th, 2012

NRA High Power Championship Events Commence Today

Report by By Kyle Jillson for the NRA Blog
Four days of NRA individual High Power shooting began this morning as shooters started their long race for the prestigious Mumma Trophy. Weather is slated to be another perfect day with clear skies and temperatures not getting too hot. In 2011, Carl Bernosky won his ninth High Power title after shooting a 2393-160X. Will Carl make it an even ten this year? Maybe a new shooter will take top spot on the podium in 2012?

Carl Bernosky High Power Camp Perry

Today’s matches are the NRA Member’s Trophy, Scott Trophy, and Coast Artillery Trophy. The Scott Trophy Match is shot rapid fire from 200 yards in the sitting/kneeling position while the Coast Artillery Match is a 300-yard rapid-fire event shot prone. The Member’s Trophy match is shot slow fire from 200 yards in the standing position.

Early Match Results
The preliminary results for the Member Trophy and Scott Trophy matches are in. The first and second relays for the three matches are all wrapped up. Previous High Power National Champions Sherri Gallagher (2010), Carl Bernosky (2011) and David Tubb (most recent 2003) all took part in relay one. The results posted below are preliminary. The scores for relays three and four are still be recorded and tabulated at this time. With all matches expected to end around 3:00 pm, the NRA Blog will provide updates from the NRA High Power Championships in Camp Perry as they become available.

Members Trophy Match
1. Sherri Gallagher 199-5X
2. Carl Bernosky 198-9X
3. Tyrel Cooper 198-5X
4. Gus Dunfey 198-5X
5. Brandon Green 197-10X
Scott Trophy Match
1. Carl Bernosky 200-18X
2. David Tubb 200-18X
3. Sara Rozanski 200-16X
4. Tyrel Cooper 200-15X
5. Rodrigo Rosa 200-14X
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May 25th, 2012

Match Report: 2012 Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup

The 2012 CMP Eastern Games and Creedmoor Cup took place May 5-13, 2012 at Camp Butner, NC. CMP events ran May 5 through May 8, followed by the Creedmoor Cup matches May 9-12. In the Creedmoor Cup segment, SGT Sherri Gallagher won the overall individual Championship (and Match Rifle Division), shooting 2386-138X out of a possible 2400. Just one point behind was fellow USAMU shooter SSG Brandon Green, with 2385-123X. Sherri also won the Creedmoor EIC match. Sherri proved, once again, that she’s hard to beat when she’s “on her game”. Top Service Rifle shooter was Army Reservist CPT Samuel Freeman (2375-106X), followed by SSG Tyrell Cooper (2370-94X). USAMU Team Praslick won the 4-person Team Match Rifle Championship, while USAMU Team Peters won the 4-person Team Service Rifle Championship. CLICK HERE for complete 2012 Eastern Creedmoor Cup Match Results.

Dennis DeMille CMP Eastern GamesCreedmoor Sports’ General Manager Dennis DeMille was “Top Shot” at the CMP Games. Dennis won the Garand Match by six points, and Dennis also took the coveted Three-Gun Aggregate Trophy. Glendale Rutherford won the Springfield Match, while Sean Leighton won the Vintage Military Match. The M1 Carbine Match had a high turn-out, with 99 shooters. William Bowling (360-4X) took top honors by one point over William Aten (359-2X). In the popular Rimfire Sporter Match, Jacob Guay (594-41X) edged Ron Villanueva (594-39X) on X-Count to win the title.

In another tightly contested match, the team of Douglas Armstrong and Kenneth Clowdis (390-13X) won the Vintage Sniper Team Match by one point over Paul Patel and Howard Burrill (389-16X) of team ‘Hardleg 1′. However, Paul Patel topped a huge field of 122 shooters to win the Individual Vintage Sniper Rifle Match, with a two-point margin over runner-up Doug Armstrong.

CLICK HERE for complete CMP Rifle Match Results. You can see a large collection of Eastern Games photos at the CMP online photo archive.

Eastern CMP Games

Eastern CMP Games

Eastern CMP Games

Eastern CMP Games

Eastern CMP Games

Photos Courtesy Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).
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May 1st, 2012

Coming in June — Second Edition of Nancy Tompkins Rifle Book

Nancy Tompkins Rifle Shooting BookNancy Tompkins will be bringing out a new Second Edition of her popular book: Prone and Long-Range Rifle Shooting. Nancy hopes to have Second Edition books available by mid-June, 2012. The enhanced Second Edition will feature updates to the current chapters, more photos, plus an entirely new chapter on F-Class Shooting. The Second Edition will be issued as a hardback only, for increased durability. Price isn’t set yet, but Nancy hopes to keep the price “under $40.00″. The book will be available from Sinclair Int’l and direct from Nancy who plans to have a new website for the book running by the end of May.

While visiting the new Lapua Rimfire Test Center in Mesa, Arizona, we had a chance to chat with Nancy, and learn about the Second Edition of Prone and Long-Range Rifle Shooting. Watch the video to hear Nancy talk about her plans for the updated version of her book.

Nancy Tompkins rifle shooting bookTompkins Book a Must-Read for Long-Range Shooters
Nancy’s updated treatise is a must-read for serious Palma, F-Class, and High Power shooters. The sections covering Mental & Physical training and Reading Wind & Mirage will benefit all precision shooters, regardless of discipline. Other topics include Shooting Fundamentals, International Competition, and Loading for Long Range. Nancy Tompkins has won the National Long Range Championships four times, and is the first woman ever to win the National High Power Championship. (The second was Nancy’s daughter SGT Sherri Gallagher.) Nancy has also won the prestigious Wimbledon Cup, and is a 5-time Leech Cup winner. Nancy has been on six Palma Teams (as both a shooter and a coach). (Note: photo shows First Edition of book.)

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October 20th, 2011

Britain’s Richard Jeens Wins World Long Range Rifle Title

Great Britain’s Richard Jeens won the Individual World Long Range Full-Bore Rifle Championship in Brisbane, Australia with a final score of 725-49V. (A “V” is a center-ring hit, equivalent to an “X” in American matches). Ceremonially hoisted in the air by his fellow competitors at the awards ceremony, Jeens was all smiles, having earned a title he’ll retain until the next World Championships in 2015. Jeens topped a field of 374 shooters from seven countries. Andre Du Toit of South Africa took the Silver Medal after a shoot-off for 2nd/3rd position against bronze-medal winner David Luckman of Great Britain. CLICK HERE for complete results.

World Rifle Championship Australia

Finishing 5th overall in the Three-Day Aggregate, Jeens had to rely on his shooting skills (plus a little bit of luck) to win the shoot-off (the top ten competitors after three days of competition advance to a final shoot-off.) The little bit of luck came by way of the winds during the 1,000-yard phase of the competition. Long Range shooters usually deal with all sorts of conditions, but the day’s wind was enough to knock a few of the favorites (such as SGT Sherri Gallagher) out of the Top Ten. Nonetheless, it was a well-deserved win, and we congratulate Richard on his achievement. Looking at Richard’s winning rifle, we surmise his victory settles the question whether a thumb-hole stock will work for long-range prone shooting — it seemed to suit Jeens just fine.

Jeens wasn’t the only hot-shooting marksman from Great Britain in the competition. Fellow Brit David Luckman shot a 723-68V, matching South African Andre Du Toit for the second highest score (Du Toit then prevailed in a shoot-off for second place). Only 4 Vs behind her team-mate Luckman, Great Britain’s Jane Messer finished fourth with 723-62V. Notably, three women finished in the Top 10, led by Messer, with Americans Trudie Fay and Nancy Tompkins in sixth and tenth, respectively. Heading into the final day of the Individual Championships, Nancy’s daughter SGT Sherri Gallagher was in the lead, but she dropped points in the very windy conditions on the last day.

With the individual side of the competition complete, all that remains is the Palma Match. Here are the final individual scores:

World Rifle Championship Australia

Photo Credit: US Palma Team member Dave Cloft. Report by Lars Dalseide for The NRA Blog.
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August 13th, 2011

Carl Bernosky Wins 2011 High Power National Championship

Ninth High Power Title for Bernosky
Carl Bernosky has won the 2011 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship with a final Aggregate score of 2393-160X. Rodrigo Rosa finished second, just three points behind, but Carl had a huge edge in X-Count, 160X for Carl vs. 132X for Rosa. Over the course of the past week, while amassing his winning Aggregate, Carl won a number of trophy matches without dropping a point, including the Scott Trophy Match (200-15X), Appreciation Cup Match (200-18X), Crescent Cup Match (200-15X), and the Crowell Trophy Match (200-17X).

One of his most impressive accomplishments this year was tying a National Record for slow fire standing from 200 yards. The record, a 200-15X, was originally set by Gary Anderson in 1971 in the Navy Cup. “When I shot that 200 with 15X standing, that was discipline. I didn’t shoot a bad shot,” Bernosky said. “That was the best target I’ve ever shot, including practice.”

Shooting for Team SOG in 2011, this win marks Bernosky’s Ninth National High Power Championship*. This was a sweet victory for Carl, as last year he finished just one point behind 2010 Champion SGT Sherri Gallagher. As far as we can tell, Carl’s 2393-160X was the second highest National High Power Championship Winning Agg in history, exceeded only by Gallagher’s 2396-161X record set last year. Congratulations to Carl for his impressive victory! Now a nine-time champion, Bernosky has won the High Power Championship in 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1992, 2000, 2007, 2008, and 2011. *In 1981 Carl won the Match Rifle division, but D.I. Boyd, a Service Rifle shooter, had the highest overall Aggregate.

The top five finishers in the 2011 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship were:

  • 1. Carl Bernosky, 2393-160X
  • 2. Rodrigo Rosa, 2390-132X
  • 3. Brandon Green, 2385-126X
  • 4. Sherri Gallagher, 2383-146X
  • 5. Norman Houle, 2381-114X

Watch Bernosky in Action in Video
In this video from the 2011 Crowell Trophy Match segment of the National High Power Championships, Carl Bernosky (in maroon shooting coat) shoots prone with his AR spacegun. Note the minimal recoil after shots.

Bernosky Explains How to Read the Wind
Below is a video interview with Carl Bernosky recorded at the 2010 Shot Show. Carl explains when you need to shoot fast, and when you need to be patient and wait for the conditions.

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May 16th, 2011

Match Report: Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup

The 2011 CMP Eastern Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches took place the first week of May at Camp Butner, NC. The overall winner (no surprise) was current NRA National High Power Champion SGT Sherri Gallagher, who tallied a spectacular 797-50X. Finishing second was fellow USAMU shooter SSG Tyrell Cooper, with 794-41X. Sherri also had the highest individual score, 499-29X, in the 4-person Team Event. Sherri showed, once again, that she leads the field in High Power Match Rifle shooting. When Sherri is “on her game”, she’s hard to beat. You can see a large collection of Eastern Games photos from the Garand and Springfield matches (on Day 1) at the CMP online photo archive.

Sean Leighton won the Garand Match (289-3X) AND the Springfield Match (290-9X), and had the highest Three-Gun Aggregate with an 870-15X combined score. Great shooting Sean! In other specialty matches, Ken Lygren won the Carbine Match (356-1X), Doug Armstrong won the individual Vintage Sniper match (194-6X), and William Flagg Jr. won the Rimfire Sporter match. In 4-person team competition, USAMU teams took both Service Rifle (Craig Team, 1967-74X) and Match Rifle Divisions (Praslick Team, 1991-103X).

Complete results are found on the CMP Competition Tracker webpage. This includes Rifle Match Scores and Pistol Match Scores.

Creedmoor Cup Results

Match Rifle
1. SGT Sherri Gallagher, High Master, Agg 797 – 50X
2. SSG Tyrell Cooper, High Master, Agg 794 – 41X
3. SSG Armando Ayala, High Master, Agg 793 – 41X
4. Nat Guernsey, High Master, Agg 792 – 39X
5. John Friguglietti, High Master, Agg 783 – 32X

Service Rifle
1. SPC Kevin Trickett, High Master, Agg 793 – 34X
2. SSG Scott Grant, High Master, Agg 793 – 24X
3. SPC Augustus Dunfey, High Master, Agg 790 – 33X
4. SPC Amanda Elsenboss, High Master, Agg 789 – 25X
5. SFC Grant Singley, High Master, Agg 787 – 30X

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