August 27th, 2010

New Hand Priming Tool Offers Adjustable Primer Seating Depth

Adjustable Hand Priming ToolJohn Perkins of 21st Century Shooting has created new, benchrest-grade hand priming tool that offers the ability to adjust primer seating depth. John is a skilled tool-maker and machinist who has designed reloading tools for major companies including Davidsons and Sinclair International. Guaranteed for life and beautifully constructed from anodized aluminum, the unit costs just $79.99 with five (5) precision brass shell-holders (Lee shellholders can be used as well). The current tool design employs Lee plastic primer trays, though billet aluminum trays will be offered in the future.

Adjustable Seating Depth and Great ‘Feel’
Brad told us: “With this new priming tool you can control, set, and adjust the seating depth of your primers. It was made adjustable because each person has a different idea about the [ideal primer seating depth]. Not only are you able to control the depth, but once you find the depth you are looking for, you lock down the adjustment and thereafter each primer is set at the same depth. So it’s a consistency thing as much or more than the seating depth. With a standard hand priming tool you are relying on feel each time, with no way to know exactly how deep you are seating them from round to round.”

Brad added: “One of the greatest things about this new tool is the quality feel of the tool while you are seating primers. I have handled almost every priming tool on the market and I have never found anything even close to this tool.”

The tool will come with five popular shell holders, including #2, #4, #5, M and PPC. Shellholders are made of brass and “fit much nicer” than the Lee shellholders, according to the tool’s designer. You can also use normal Lee shellholders.

Adjustable Hand Priming Tool

You can order the priming tool directly from 21st Century Shooting, 260-273-9909. Price is $79.99 plus shipping. The tool comes complete with five shell-holders (#2, 4, 5, M, PPC) and allen wrench, but you will need to supply your own Lee plastic primer tray. 21st Century Shooting provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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March 18th, 2010

Sinclair Releases New 2010-A Catalog

Sinclair 2010 CatalogSinclair International has released its latest print catalog, the 2010-A edition. The new catalog has grown to 204 pages with more than 11,000 products. The new catalog features hundreds of new products from Sinclair, Redding, Hornady, Barnes, Redfield, Leupold, Nosler, Lyman, Lapua and more.

Trained Tech Staffers Provide Reloading Help
Sinclair Int’l President Bill Gravatt revealed that: “Our tech staff are all certified, NRA Metallic Reloading Instructors who can help answer questions regarding reloading and shooting accuracy”. In addition to live assistance (via telephone), Sinclair offers many useful reloading tips via its Reloading Press Blog.

With the product shortages and rising prices of ammo following the 2008 elections, more gun owners than ever are reloading their ammo. Sinclair Int’l has expanded its inventory to better serve both first-time reloaders as well as “expert” hand-loaders. Serious shooters know that Sinclair Int’l is one of the best sources for high-end precision reloading gear. Gravatt agrees that “[Sinclair] has … the more specialized tools for more advanced reloading tasks.”

To order Sinclair’s new catalog, you can call 800-717-8211 or submit a catalog request online. CLICK HERE to request a catalog. NOTE: You can also download a digital version of the latest catalog for FREE.

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD Sinclair International 2010-A Catalog (204 page PDF file)

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March 8th, 2010

Sinclair Product Review Contest

Sinclair Int’l is offering a chance to win $100.00. Here’s the deal. If you write and submit a user product review, you will be entered into a contest with a chance to win a $100 gift certificate. For every approved review you write, you’ll get one chance at the monthly drawing. For example, if you write 10 product reviews that are approved, you will get 10 entries. It’s pretty simple. Just remember, there is only one winner per month. The January winner was Ross Livingston.

Sinclair Gift Certificate

Each month all reviewers will be entered into a random drawing to win a $100 Sinclair International Gift Certificate. Sinclair says: “You do not need to have recently purchased the item to write a review for it. It could be a product that you previously purchased from Sinclair International. If we still sell it, you can review it!” After the monthly drawing is held the winning reviewer will be sent electronically a $100 Sinclair International Gift Certificate.

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March 7th, 2010

Sinclair Offers New Tactical Bipod and Hornady AutoCharge

Sinclair Int’l has added many new products to its catalog, including recently-introduced reloading products from Hornady: AutoCharge electronic powder measure ($249.95), Lock-N-Load Concentricity Gauge ($99.95), and the Lock-N-Load UltraSonic Cleaning machine ($99.95). In addition, Sinclair has rolled out some impressive new products of its own, such as the new fully-adjustable, quick-attach Tactical/Varmint Bipod.

Sinclair Int’l Tactical/Varmint Bipod
With a hefty $229.95 MSRP, the new Sinclair Tactical/Varmint Bipod (item 04-8500) is nearly three times the price of a Harris bipod. Is it worth the extra money? For a typical varmint hunter, the answer might be no. But for the tactical competitor, the enhanced performance (and extra features) of the Sinclair tactical/varmint bipod may well be worth the extra coin.

The new Sinclair Tactical/Varmint Bipod is a strong, rugged design with billet aluminum and stainless steel construction throughout. There are many enhanced features compared to a Harris. First, the Sinclair Bipod’s individually adjustable legs can spread much wider (and lower) than on a Harris. The legs adjust from 6 1/2 inches to 12 1/2 inches in length, and there is a positive stop on each leg. The Sinclair Bipod also comes with a built-in “Pod-Loc” style cant adjuster, a really important feature that must be retrofitted (for about $27) on a Harris. In addition to the cant adjustment lever, the Sinclair bipod has a secure quick-release attachment system — the same system used on Sinclair’s popular F-Class Bipod. This lets you install or remove the bipod in seconds without any tools. Showing attention to detail, Sinclair also included an extra swivel stud on the bipod upper section, so you can attach a sling. Overall, the new 1 lb., 12 oz. Sinclair Tactical Bipod looks like a very good product that offers real advantages over a Harris for the tactical shooter. We just wish the price was lower.

Hornady AutoCharge Electronic Powder Scale & Dispenser
Here’s the first look at Hornady’s brand new Lock-N-Load AutoCharge electronic powder scale/dispenser. This unit can measure up to 1000 grains of powder. According to Hornady, the unit will calculate weight precisely to within ± 0.1 grains. That would put it on a par with the RCBS Chargemaster, though the Hornady unit sells for $60-$80 less than the “green machine”. The Hornady has many nice features, such as an easily readable, back-lit display, trickle function, calibration weights suitable to both low and high powder charges, and plenty of memory for your favorite loads. The Hornady, priced at $249.95 (item 050068) at Sinclair, also features three, user-selectable dispensing speeds — something you won’t find on the RCBS ChargeMaster. Those three speed settings let you optimize dispensing flow for the type of powder you’re using.

Hornady AutoCharge Lock-N-Load

We hope to get one of these Hornady AutoCharge units soon and run a head-to-head comparison with our RCBS Chargemaster. Below is a video from SHOT Show 2010 of an early production Hornady AutoCharge.

YouTube Preview Image
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December 7th, 2009

High School F-Classer Sets National Junior Records

Mason Parker, a high school senior from Huntsville, Alabama, is the 2009 Junior F-Class National Champion. He also won the 2009 Alabama State Junior Service Rifle Champion. Sponsored by Lapua, and Sinclair International, Mason now holds multiple national junior records, and multiple junior titles. We expect him to win more matches and set more records in the years ahead.

Last month Mason set two new National Junior records. Mason reports: “On November 7-8, 2009, shooting off the Sinclair F-Class Bipod with my .308, I was able to finish as the Alabama Junior Mid-Range (300, 500, 600 yard) Champion. During this match, I was also fortunate enough to set two National records; a new 300-yard, 20-shot Junior F-T/R record, and a new 600-yard, 20-shot Junior F-T/R record.”

Mason Paker

Congratulations to Mason. That’s great shooting. Here’s a list of Mason’s notable 2009 accomplishments in the shooting sports. It’s quite an impressive collection of honors. We predict Mason will soon be giving the elite adult shooters a run for their money.

-2009 National Junior Champion F-Class – F-T/R
-National Record Holder Junior F-TR (1000 yard) – 2 National Records (including a 191-6X, beating the former record by 8 points).
-National Record Holder Junior F-TR National Match Aggregate – 1 National Record
-National Record Holder Junior F-TR (mid range) – 6 National Records
-National Record Holder Junior F-Open (mid range) – 3 National Records
-2009 Alabama 1000 yd F-Class (F-FTR) Junior Champion
-2009 Alabama Mid-Range Junior Champion
-2009 Regional Mid-Range F-Class (F-TR) Junior Champion
-2009 Regional Mid-Range F-Class (Open) Junior Champion
-2009 Alabama State Junior Service Rifle Champion

Pete Petros, Sales Supervisor with Sinclair Int’l, had a chance to meet Mason at the F-Class Nationals held at Camp Butner, NC in October. Pete reports: “Mason is a fine example of the future of competitive shooting. More young men like Mason or young women will help continue the long heritage of shooting as a sport in the United States and around the world”.

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November 12th, 2009

Remote Windage Adjustment System for F-Class Rests

We saw an interesting gizmo on Peter White’s front rest at the recent California Long-Range Championship. Peter, who won the F-Class division, has fitted a remote drive system that allows him to adjust his Sinclair windage top without moving from his shooting position.

Remote Windage Adjustment drive

The windage control cable (actually a McMaster-Carr flexible drive shaft) attaches to the right side of the windage top in place of the regular adjustment knob. It then circles back to the shooter, and is clamped at the end of the pedestal leg (near the vertical adjustment speed screw). A large, knurled knob is attached to the end of the flexible drive.

Remote Windage Adjustment drive

Remote Windage Adjustment driveWith this set-up, Peter can adjust windage easily with his left hand, while keeping his right (trigger) hand in place on the rifle. In addition, he can fine-tune his vertical using the rotary knob (speed screw) on the threaded shaft for the rear-most rest “foot”. The flex-drive adjustment system places his windage control right next to his elevation fine-tune control, so both windage and elevation controls can be manipulated with the “free hand” from the shooting position.

Peter fabricated this system himself from less than $60 worth of parts. All you need is a McMaster Carr flexible drive shaft ($50-$60), an adjustment knob at the shooter’s end, and a small bracket to hold the adjustment knob securely.

Many F-Class shooters have fabricated a similar remote windage control system. If you have basic mechanical skills, you can build your own system in a couple hours (with the correct parts). Or, Leroy Johnson of Johnson’s Precision Gunsmithing, jpgrifles [at], can build you a working system, if you send in your windage top. Leroy explains that “the various windage tops all have slightly different configurations, so the price depends on how much special work is required.”

Peter’s Parts List and Tips
Peter White offers some advice on building a remote windage control: “The parts were obtained from McMaster-Carr, The flexible drive shafts come in various lengths and diameters. When using the smallest diameters in this application the bend radius is critical as the cable wants to kink in one direction of operation. The tape you see on my rig covers a couple of stiffener rods. I have seen others using a longer cable with a larger bend radius with no need of a stiffener. Others have employed jacketed cables that have a much higher torque rating (but also much higher cost).”

Products Needed (Total = $49.31)

Part Number Description Price
3127K22 Panel-Mount Flexible Drive Shaft, 18″ Overall Length, 0.130″ Shaft OD $42.31
2577K18 Stainless Steel Knurled-Rim Knob W/Set Screw, 1/4″ Unthreaded Through Hole, 1″ Diameter $7.00
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October 2nd, 2009

F-Class Nat'ls Update: Sierra Spindle Shooters and Team Sinclair Win

Congrats to Team Sierra Spindle Shooters and Team Sinclair. The Sierra-sponsored Spindle Shooters won both the 600- and 1000-yard team events for F-Open and the F-Open Team Aggregate. Likewise, Team Sinclair won both 600- and 1000-yard events and the Team Aggregate for F-TR. In the process of winning the F-TR Team Championship, Team Sinclair set new records. Brad Sauve, Team Sinclair shooter, posted: “I am proud to announce that Team Sinclair, sponsored by Sinclair International and Sierra, set new national records at the 2009 F-Class National Championship at Camp Butner. The new 600-yard team record is now 784-40x and the new 1000-yard team record is now 774-20x. Paul Phillips did a fine job coaching the team (and also shooting) along with Jeff Rorer and Derek Rodgers.” Finishing second in F-TR Team competition was the USA Veterans Team, while Charles Ballard’s Precision Rifle & Tool Team was runner-up to the Spindle Shooters in F-Open class.

Sierra Spindle Shooters: Shawn Ahrens, Jeff Cochran, Brett Solomon, Jeff Traylor.

Team Sinclair: Paul Phillips, Derek Rodgers, Jeff Rorer, Brad Sauve.

Click Here to View All TEAM Results (PDF File)

Individual Results through Friday
There’s one more day left in individual Competition. Currently, after two days of shooting, Charles Ballard (893-48X) leads F-Open, followed by Jim Murphy (888-43X), and Larry Bartholome (885-29X). In F-TR Class, Danny Biggs (866-31X) is in first place, with Jeff Rorer (864-28X) two points behind, and Darrell Buell (859-18X) in third. There are 87 competitors in F-Open Class, and 56 in F-TR.

CLICK HERE for All Individual Standings Through Friday (Excel file)

John WhiddenWhidden’s Report from Butner
John Whidden writes: “Today’s conditions have been very tough and most shooters have been humbled! Clearly the leaders figured something out but most of us struggled. Danny Biggs has a 2-point lead lead in F-TR while Ballard is up by 5 in the F-Open class.

Winds started out fairly mild for the first string but all of that changed shortly afterward. Winds were from behind the firing line and fishtailing. Wind velocity climbed through the middle of the day and any slight angle change could easily have shooters crying the blues. Mirage offered little help mostly looking like a boil. As the time for team match arrived things were starting to calm a bit. The last shooters to shoot the team match all had realtively easy conditions.

Again the day at the range was long. Firing was completed near 6:00 PM. Tomorrow’s schedule holds three, 15-shot strings of individual fire and no team match. Weather is forecast to be milder with highs of about 82° F.”

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April 5th, 2009

Sinclair Int'l Blog Offers Valuable Tech Tips

Sinclair International recently launched its enhanced and upgraded website. The revamped site is faster to navigate, and you’ll find it much easier to find new products and bargain specials. Congrats to Bill Gravatt and the folks at Sinclair Int’l for a job well done.

sorting cartridge cases

One great feature newly integrated into Sinclair’s website is The Reloading Press, a regularly-updated Blog with product info and authoritative technical articles on reloading and precision shooting. Here are some of the valuable “how-to” articles you’ll find on Sinclair’s Blog:

Determining Bullet Seating Depth

Setting Up a Full-Length Sizing Die

Shooting Non-Benchrest Rifles from the Bench

Basics of Reloading for the AR15

Methods and Benefits of Sorting Cases by Weight

sorting cartridge cases

The Reloading Press is a valuable addition to the online resources available to precision shooters. We commend Sinclair for investing the time and effort to provide this material at no cost to Sinclair’s customers. Click one of the links above and check it out yourself.

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