March 9th, 2022

Keep Shooting Despite Shortage of Primers, Powder, and Bullets

Dennis Santiago component shortage reloading shooting sports usa ssusa

The last 18 months has been a frustrating time for hand-loaders, and particular competitive rifle shooters who want the very best components for their match loads. Some of the most popular powders, such as Varget and H4350, are very difficult to find. And the price of primers has skyrocketed, with vendors changing as much as $150-$200 per thousand of popular types such as CCI BR2s. And even brass for popular cartridges, such as 6.5 Creedmoor and 6mmBR has been in short supply. And there are dozens of scam websites now that claim to have primers and powder for sale. Be wary of ANY site that will not take major credit cards, but insist on CashApp, Zelle, Venmo Bitcoin etc. for payment.

Thankfully, there ARE some strategies that can help competitors keep shooting despite the component shortages. First, you can use different types of bullets for practice. Creedmoor Sports offers big-name factory seconds Practice Bullets in multiple calibers. Second, you can look for alternate powder sources if you can’t find the Hodgdon or Alliant powders you prefer. You’ll find a wide selection of Vihtavuori and Accurate powders in stock at many vendors and also look for Shooters World powders. Also if you check local gunstores you may get lucky and find the H4350 or Alliant Reloder 16 you need.

To help fellow shooters overcome the problems of component shortages, our friend Dennis Santiago recently wrote a good article for Shooting Sports USA. This article talks about strategies that can help you keep up your monthly round count. One is to use more available powder and bullets for off-hand practice, where the nth degree of load accuracy is less critical. Dennis also recommends connecting with fellow shooters in your area. You may find that you may trade one hard-to-find component you’ve got for the powder or primers you need. This Editor recently traded some CCI 450 primers for H4350 powder.

Dennis Santiago component shortage reloading shooting sports usa ssusa

We recommend you read the article by Dennis. There are many good suggestions that can help you maintain your live-fire shooting skills, and still attend matches regularly during this time of shortages.