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May 10th, 2021

BargainFinder 294: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Graf & Sons — Lapua Brass in Stock

lapua brass
Best brass for centerfire disciplines; get it before it sells out

More quantities of quality cartridge brass are becoming available. now has a large supply of Lapua brass in stock. With many of the top cartridge types available this is a great time to stock up on Lapua brass. For those who haven’t tried Lapua brass yet, it may cost a bit more, but Lapua brass can deliver multiples of useful life compared to lesser brands. With reasonable loads (and some annealing), Lapua brass can deliver 20+ load cycles for most popular cartridge types.

2. Sportsman’s WHSE — Tikka T3x Lite/Superlite Rifles on Sale

tikka rifles
Save big on excellent hunting rifle, smooth action, nice trigger

Looking for a great hunting rifle that is reliable, accurate, and relatively lightweight? If so, check out the Tikka T3x Lite and Superlite rifles. These rifles combines high performance with light weight. They feature synthetic stocks and new modular features. Tikkas boast smooth-running actions and very good factory triggers. The T3x series features weather-resistant stocks with good grip feel even in wet conditions. The metallic bolt shroud covers and shields the firing pin and rear of the bolt body. This is a good price.

3. Amazon — Walker’s Razor Slim Earmuffs, $18.38-$21.99

walker ear muffs
Outstanding deal on quality muffs — many color options

Every shooter should have quality ear muffs, both for yourself and any friends/family members you bring to the range. For those on a tight budget, we recommend the Walker’s Razor Slim Passive Earmuffs. These are comfortable and have a good 28dB Noise Reduction rating — very high for slim muffs. These Walker’s Razor Slims are available in a wide variety of colors, starting at just $18.38 on Amazon — a great deal. These muffs fold compactly, making them easy to stow.

4. Bruno’s Shooters Supply — BAT Actions, $100 OFF

bat actions
Get a great BAT action without the wait at good price

Why wait months or years for a custom action when Bruno’s has BAT Actions in stock at attractive, $100 Off prices. Available in several finish types and multiple configurations, these ready-to-ship actions will meet the needs of any serious or casual shooter.

5. Palmetto SA — Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm, $449.99

Excellent CCW pistol with handy grip safety at good price

Given the high demand, it has been tough to find quality handguns for sale at a fair price. If you’re looking for a 9mm carry gun, Palmetto SA has the excellent Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9MM for just $449.99, including two 8-rd magazines. This gun is easy to rack. We like the integral grip safety. The trigger is crisp, and the pistol features an 18-degree grip angle for a natural point of aim. The Shield EZ is fitted with white-dot front and adjustable white-dot rear sights.

6. Creedmoor Sports — American Practice Bullets on SALE

Amazing deal on factory second bullets, save 50% or more

Here’s a truly great deal on quality .22 cal and .30 cal bullets. These American Practice Bullets are made by major manufacturer, but may have slight cosmetic defects — mostly visual, such as minor scratch marks on the jackets. If you can live with the slight visual defects or very slight weight variances, you can enjoy huge savings. Get 500 bullets for what you might pay for just 250 first-run projectiles. For example, 500 69gr HPBT .22-caliber bullets are only $104.95. That’s just $20.99 per hundred! And for you .308 Win/.30-06 shooters — get 500 175gr HPBT bullets for just $165.96, just $33.95 per hundred.

7. Natchez — Bushnell Nitro 5-20x44mm $229.49 (Save $270+)

Bushnell Nitro 5-20x44mm SFP scope varmint
Excellent choice for varmint rifle at super-low price

Need a scope for your varmint rifle? Here’s a killer deal on a 5-20x44mm Bushnell Nitro. This second focal plane (SFP) scope boasts a nice reticle with MOA-based hashmarks. With this deal you can save 54% off the regular $499.99 price. For varmint hunting we think the 5-20X magnification range is just about ideal, and we prefer SFP as the reticle thickness doesn’t change as you zoom in and out, something you’ll do often on a prairie dog hunt. If you are looking for a lower-magnification scope, consider the 2.5-10x44mm Nitro for just $174.49 a $175 savings.

8. Amazon — Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base, $32.99

Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base
Smart product with adjustable widths

The steel Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base provides a stable base for your target frame. The base has three steel receivers for standard 1×2 wood stakes (actual size .75″x 1.5″). Base span quickly adjusts from 8″ to 24″ and width markers are stamped on the cross-beam. No tools are required to change width. With this base you can set up your own target anywhere. The entire base is powder-coated to stand up to the elements. Bonus — the 13″ X 16″ cardboard shipping box is printed with Silhouette Targets.

9. Creedmoor Sports — Cleaning Rod Guide, $24.95 – $29.95

bore guide sale
Always use a rod guide — these are caliber-specific for best fit

Without a good bore guide, you can damage your rifle during cleaning. Bore guides keep solvents and fouling out of your action and trigger group. They also center up your rod and jags, protecting your chamber. Creedmoor Sports Cleaning Rod Guides have earned high marks. These are available in a variety of calibers/sizes to fit various actions. Use the drop-down menu on Creedmoor Sports product page to select the right size for your gun. NOTE: These Cleaning Rod Guides may be black or red, depending on current inventory.

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February 18th, 2020

Tikka T3 and T3x — Value, Performance, Upgradability

Tikka T3 rifle Competition Machine Pre-Fit barrel Criterion

In a recent Forum thread, one member asked for recommendations for a factory rifle with a good action and trigger, under $600.00. Many respondents recommended a Tikka T3 (or newer T3X), and we concur. These won’t run with a $2500 custom, but for a hunting or varminting rig, they offer good bang for the buck with a very nice action. The last Tikka T3 we tried, a .308 Win with 24″ barrel, easily shot sub-MOA groups with factory ammo.

The original Tikka T3 and newer T3x actions are rigid, robust, and well-crafted. They cycle smoothly and have a short 75° bolt lift. The bolt features a Sako-style extractor, with angled-leading-edge bolt lugs for smooth lock-up. These T3/T3x rifles offer smooth-running actions, easy sub-MOA accuracy with good ammo, crisp triggers, and ultra-reliable detachable box magazines. The Tupperware stocks aren’t super-rigid, but they are comfortable and easy to handle.

If you are looking for a hunting rifle, the Tikka T3/T3x is a smart choice, offering good performance for the price (which starts at $569.00 for the T3X Lite version). The current T3x series is offered in a wide selection of chamberings, from .204 Ruger up to the large magnums.

Tikka T3X UPR SHOT Show

We were impressed with the new Tikka T3x UPR rifle we saw at SHOT Show 2020 We liked the stock very much, and thought this was a very versatile gun that could be used for target shooting off bipod, hunting, even PRS, given its detachable magazine. The stock is very ergonomic and feels good. Tikka states the UPR’s stock “features an extra layer of carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass for increased rigidity and accuracy.”

Video Owner’s Review of standard model T3X with polymer stock:

Tikka T3 Upgrades — Barrels, Stocks, and Chassis Systems

Once you acquire a Tikka T3 there are many interesting upgrades available. First, you can improve accuracy and consistency with a pre-fit barrel from Criterion. There are also many chassis systems that fit Tikkas. In fact you can even get an Eliseo Chassis so you can shoot Palma matches F-TR competitions, or tactical/practical matches.

Criterion Pre-Fit Barrels for Tikka T3/T3x

Tikka T3 T-2 prefit chambered barrel 6.5 Creedmoor Solid Accuracy Criterion Barrels

We have always liked Tikka actions, and now there is a great re-barreling option for Tikka T3/T3x owners. Criterion Barrels Inc. (CBI), makers of “pre-fit” barrels for Savage, Remington, and Rem-clone actions, also crafts Tikka pre-fits. These pre-chambered barrels for Tikka T3 actions will be headspaced with a barrel nut, just like a Savage.

Tikka T3 T-2 prefit chambered barrel 6.5 Creedmoor Solid Accuracy Criterion Barrels
Click image for full-screen version

Tikka T3/T3x pre-fit barrels are sold through Solid Accuracy, a respected Texas-based outfit that sells high-end scopes, stocks, barrels and other rifle components. Price is $461-$485 with various contours and lengths available. Order HERE.

Competition Machine Chassis for Tikka T3

Eliseo Competition Tubegun T3

At SHOT Show, we saw some tactical shooters admiring the smooth Tikka T3 action and crisp trigger. They liked the action but they told us they wished they could get the T3 action in a configuration similar to the Ruger Precision Rifle. Well folks, there is a way to build a Tikka T3-based tactical/practical rig.

Eliseo Competition Tubegun T3

Gary Eliseo of Competition Machine offers a tubegun chassis for Tikka T3 actions in both Target and Tactical versions. The T3 kit is set up for AICS short action magazines. This is a “no gunsmithing” installation — no modifications to the action are required and the chassis kit works with the factory T3 trigger and safety. Along with the new Target and Tactical versions, a lower-cost Light-Weight Hunter T3 Chassis is also offered which accepts most AR-type buttstock assemblies.

Full Tactical Upgrade for Tikka T3

Osprey Rifles Tikka T3 Tactical Third Eye Chassis Stock Cerakote Camo

Tikkas are boring, nondescript hunting rifles right? Wrong. Check out this Tikka T3 tactical with “attitude”. For the British Shooting Show a while back, the folks at Osprey Rifles placed a Tikka T3 action into a modern modular chassis: “A standard factory Tikka T3 was fully Cerakoted and dropped into a Third Eye Tactical chassis stock which also had the Cerakote treatment.”

Click Photos to see full-screen version.
Osprey Rifles Tikka T3 Tactical Third Eye Chassis Stock Cerakote Camo

This T3 Chassis can be ordered through Osprey Rifles in the UK. The latest chassis stock system from Third Eye Tactical is currently available for both the Rem 700 short action and the Tikka T3.

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January 23rd, 2020

SHOT Show Day Two — Cool Products on Display

shot show 2020 rifles pistols specials

There are tens of thousands of products on display at SHOT Show, the world’s largest firearms industry trade show. On Day Two of the event, we visited many manufacturers to see their featured items, and new products for 2020. The vendors included McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Forster Products, ELEY, G.A. Precision, Tikka/Sako, Gunwerks, Sierra Bullets, and more. Here are some interesting products as well as some eye-catching product displays.

Ballistic-X App Guru at SHOT Show

Cutting Edge .22 LR Ammo

At the McMillan Fiberglass Stocks booth we met Jonathan Roberts, the talented computer wiz who created Ballistic-X software. This iOS/Android smartphone App quickly and easily calculates group sizes. Take a photo of your target, set some values (such as bullet diameter and distance to target), then use the touchscreen to place circles around each hole. The App will calculate group size (in MOA or Mils), distance to point of aim, and provide all the info in an overlay. Then click “save” to record your group for posterity!

ballistic-x software app

Bright Red Record-Setting Rimfire Rifle

eley killough dan benchrest .22 LR red rifle

At the ELEY booth, we saw a stunning red rimfire rifle that belonged to our friend Dan Killough of Killough Shooting Sports. Dan used this rimfire benchrest rifle to win many matches and set a range record or two over the years. That is Dan in the upper left in the photo below.

eley killough dan benchrest .22 LR red rifle

David Tubb’s 33XC and 37XC — Big Cartridges for Big Guns

Tubb 33XC 37XC ELR rifle Ammo

David Tubb, 11-time NRA Nat’l High Power Champion and 6-time NRA Nat’l Long Range Champion, had his ELR rifle on display. Using this rifle, David won the 2019 NRA ELR Heavy Gun Championship. David was at SHOT promoting some long-range cartridges — the 33XC and 37XC. In the video below, David Tubb, shooting his 33XC Tubb rifle, makes three consecutive hits at 2200 yards on a 36″x36″ steel plate at Valdina Ranch on 12/2/2018. In March 2019, the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association (FCSA) recognized this as an ELR (Extreme Long Range) World Record.

.22 LR Ammo for Extreme Long Range (ELR)

Cutting Edge .22 LR Ammo

ELR Rimfire? That may seem like an oxymoron, but actually there are guys now shooting the little .22 LR cartridge at 300 yards and well beyond. You have to cope with some serious drop and drift at that distance, which makes this a good challenge, and great training for centerfire shooting at true Extreme Long Range. Cutting Edge Bullets will be producing .22 LR ammo with higher-BC projectiles optimized for the .22 LR rimfire long-range shooting disciplines.

Very Versatile Tikka T3x UPR

Sako Tikka UPR T3X

At the Beretta/Sako/Tikka booth, we liked the Tikka T3x UPR Stainless in 6.5 Creedmoor ($1500 MSRP). We liked the stock very much, and thought this was a very versatile gun that could be used for target shooting off bipod, hunting, even PRS, given its detachable magazine. The stock is very ergonomic and feels good. Tikka states the UPR’s stock “features an extra layer of carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass for increased rigidity and accuracy. The stock is coated with a rough surface for the best grip in any condition… choose between single stage or set trigger.”

Stunning Engraved Pistols from Baron Engraving

Cutting Edge .22 LR Ammo

We stopped in our tracks at the Baron Engraving booth. There, in a glass showcase we saw an amazing selection of engraved pistols — 1911s and Browning High Powers. It’s great to see that the Art of Engraving is still alive and well. Baron engraving also does great work on revolvers and long guns.

Day Two Parting SHOT Photo

Chuck Norris The Hulk Lou Ferrigno

TV and film legends Chuck Norris and Lou (“The Incredible Hulk”) Ferrigno teamed up at SHOT Show. Norris drew a huge crowd of fans at the Glock booth.

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