May 8th, 2022

Sunday GunDay: New Anschutz 1710 for NRL22 and PRS Rimfire

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

If you are looking to compete in NRL22 or PRS rimfire tactical matches, there is a new, turnkey solution that combines the legendary Anschutz 54 rimfire action with the excellent MDT ACC chassis. Called the Anschutz Model 1710, this new competition-ready rifle is capable of winning matches right out of the box. Creedmoor Sports recently received the first set of model 1710s in the USA. At our request, Creedmoor’s Brent Books and Wayne Dayberry field-tested a new model 1710. After confirming the elevation click values for various yardages, Brent put the Anschutz through its paces, showing its superb accuracy. FYI, this 1710 came with an impressive factory test target — 10 shots at 50 meters, all in a dime-sized circle.

Shooting at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship range, Brent ran a sequence of shots, hitting steel at 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 yards without a miss. You can see this 5-shot sequence, all in one continuous take (no edits), in the video below. As Brent observed, “it definitely shoots”. Then, later, Brent cranked in more elevation (21.1 MILs) and hit steel at 435 yards. Watch this all in the video — it’s impressive!

Anschutz 1710 at Talladega, Drilling Steel from 100 to 435 Yards

Watch Hits at 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 435 Yards

With RWS 100 .22 LR ammo, Brent drills hit after hit with no misses out to 300 yards.

“This video shows a run after we confirmed our dope. Brent Books and I are shooting an NRL22 match in two weeks. Although he has extensive smallbore and airgun experience, this will be his first match of this type. I thought it would be a good/fun exercise for him to run the plates fairly quickly and also showcase the performance of this rifle system at the same time on the video.” — Wayne Dayberry

Anschutz Model 1710 — Great Accuracy Right from the Start

Report by Wayne Dayberry
The Anschutz 1710 MDT ACC rifle system is purpose-built for smallbore tactical precision rifle competition. With its capabilities we went from from bore-sight to 300 yards in just 12 shots. We started with a factory-fresh .22 LR Anschutz 1710 in an MDT ACC Ghost Gray chassis. This rifle incorporates a 20-inch heavy profile threaded stainless barrel and the 5119 two-stage trigger. After a clean, lube, and inspection, we mounted up an Element 5-25x56mm First Focal Plane optic we already had in a set of rings and headed out to the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. In addition to traditional target ranges, the CMP range has an unknown distance steel range with targets out to 600 yards. Due to a compressed schedule, we did not have time to follow the traditional zeroing and velocity-gathering processes, so we headed straight to the unknown distance steel range. This range has steel from 75 yards to 600 yards much like you would see in PRS and NRL type competitions.

Given the compressed timeframe, we didn’t follow the traditional steps one would normally take to do a break-in process, zero, collect data, and build out rifle dope. We were essentially doing all of that on a steel target range as we were putting the first rounds down the barrel while shooting this piece. At the same time, with a quality rifle system, and following a process, it worked out well as we were able to stretch out the capability of this rifle to 435 yards very quickly.

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

Anschutz 1710 Components and Specifications:
The new Anschutz model 1710 is built with premium components top to bottom. It features an Anschutz Match 54 repeater action with blued receiver, Anschutz 5119 two-stage trigger, 20″ stainless steel barrel, and MDT ACC alloy chassis with built-in rails. The chassis is adjustable for LOP and cheek height.

Receiver: Scope mount attachment with 11mm rail and drilled and tapped
Barrel Length: 20″ stainless steel heavy barrel, no iron sights
Chamber: Optimized Match Chamber
Crown: Recessed Target Crown
Muzzle Diameter: 0.90″
Trigger: New 5119 Two-Stage Trigger
Trigger Weight Range: 4 oz. to 7.5 oz. (110 to 215g)
Trigger Weight: Adjusted to 6.35 oz. (180g)
Magazine Capacity: 10
Magazine Release: Extended
Rifle Weight without scope: 10 lbs., 10 oz.

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis
This photo shows the Anschutz 1710 fitted with bipod and suppressor. The tripod clamps via the integral forearm ARCA rail.

Testing the Anschutz 1710 on Steel — Expedited Procedure

The closest steel on the Talladega range that day was 75 yards so we started from scratch at that distance. Brent was on the rifle, so I spotted and ran ballistics. After bore-sighting at 75 yards, and confirming zero on steel with a few rounds, we went to the ballistic solver to start a profile. For the RWS R100 ammunition we were running, I entered a G1 BC of .14 and a guess at the muzzle velocity of 1080 FPS. The call of 1.1 MILs for the 100-yard steel resulted in Brent’s shot landing .2 MILs high of center on the first round; we “confirmed” 0.9 MILs. We noted the impact and moved on to 150 yards.

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

As I mentioned we were very short on time so the “confirmations” of our dope for our first pass were with a single shot and measuring in the reticle. That’s obviously not the normal process, but for us, it was good enough for this exercise, given the time we had. We were shooting on freshly-painted targets and getting excellent feedback to see POA / POI deviations and could easily measure this in the reticle, which helped. And we were shooting a top-of-the-line Anschutz which came with a confirmation test target showing a 10-shot group at 50 meters with all shots touching and within a circle the size of a dime. With a former NCAA All-American smallbore shooter running the gun, and this test target in hand, confidence was high.

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

Moving to the 150-yard target, a call of 3.7 MILs hit 0.6 high on our first round so we measured and confirmed 3.1. We trued the muzzle velocity in the solver as we went. At 200 yards I called 6.0 MILs and the first round hit was .3 high. We measured and confirmed 5.7 MILs. 9.0 mils was the call at 250 yards and we hit just a bit high. After measuring, we confirmed 8.6 MILs. At 300 yards, Brent was holding about 1 mil wind as a storm started rolling in. I called 12.5 MILs elevation and the first round impact was near the top of the plate, and after measuring we confirmed a come up of 11.7 MILs.

The net result was this — we went from mounting the optic and bore-sighting, to making solid first-round impacts from 100 yards out to 300 yards, at each 50-yard increment, in just 12 rounds! That’s efficiency!

Stretching it out to 435 Yards on Steel
Later, we went on to make solid hits at 350 yards and 435 yards. I got on the gun and put two on top of each other at 350 yards — pretty cool. This just proved this gun is an absolute hammer. The 435-yard target was a bear target, which was quite a bit larger than the 12″ steel we were shooting in the video. Not a small target by any means, but we were shooting 435 yards with a rimfire rifle as a storm rolled in. I think between us, Brent and I hit 5 of 6 (at 435 yards) which was pretty good given the sporty conditions. Next stop… the 600-yard plates at the end of this range. That’s a come-up of about 36 Mils.

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

Rimfire Maintenance — Tips from a Top Competitor
An NCAA All-American smallbore shooter, Brent Books knows a thing or two about rimfire rifles, and how to maintain optimal accuracy. Brent told us: “I shot on the rifle team at Jacksonville State University so 500 rounds a week was common through my Anschutz 2013. I’d clean my rifle at the end of each week before we travelled to a competition with a wet patch through the barrel, a few passes of the nylon brush (unscrewing the brush before pulling it back through), one more wet patch, and then dry patches until they came out clean. A bore guide was always used to protect my action from debris and to align the cleaning rod. After cleaning the barrel, I’d completely disassemble the bolt to clean and lube it, making sure the bolt would glide effortlessly in the action. After cleaning, I’d shoot a minimum of 50 rounds to foul the barrel with ammo I was using to compete.”

Anschutz Model 54 Action with 5119 Trigger

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

The Anschutz 1710 features the competition-proven Model 54 action, running a 10-round magazine. In the 1710, the safety-equipped action is fitted with an outstanding 5119 two-stage trigger that adjusts from 4 to 7.5 ounces. First released in 1954, Anschutz Match 54 action still represents a benchmark for smallbore rifles. Match rifles fitted with Model 54 actions have captured numerous World Championships and Olympic medals. These actions are smooth, consistent, and ultra-reliable, making them a great choice for multiple smallbore rifle disciplines. Anschutz boasts that this action has: “solid, extremely reliable construction [with] a functional safety that does not fail even under the most adverse conditions.”

MDT Adjustable Core Competition (ACC) Chassis

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

What’s so cool about the MDT ACC Chassis? MDT’s ACC chassis is optimized for NRL and PRS shooting formats, although it can be used in other disciplines. The ACC chassis design has been optimized with input from top PRS and NRL shooters. Key features include: full 17″ ARCA/RRS fore-end, flared magazine well, extended barricade stop, widened thumb shelf, adjustable cheek riser, adjustable length-of-pull, and adjustable MDT Vertical Grip Elite.

Anschutz 1710 .22 LR rimfire precision rifle creedmoor sports MDT chassis

The ACC boasts an integrated weight management system, allowing shooters to fine tune chassis weight and balance. Weights can be added to the buttstock, the fore-end interior or fore-end exterior. This allows the shooter to increase the chassis-only weight from 4.5 lbs up to 12.3 lbs. Complete with barreled action, scope, rings, bipod, and accessories, shooters can run 20+ lbs for the full rig.

The weight can be tuned without taking the barreled action out of the chassis. Internal fore-end weights can be inserted from the front of the fore-end and screwed in place, while external M-LOK-compatible weights can be easily attached on either side of the fore-end. This ACC weight-management system allows shooters to rapidly adjust the feel and recoil characteristics of their system.

Recommended Accessories

Creedmoor Sports stocks a large variety of products that can be used with the Anschutz 1710. Below you’ll find the Element Titan 5-25x56mm FFP MRAD scope, Soup Can Sandbag, and RWS R100 Ammunition used for the Anschutz 1710 testing featured here. Click each item below for more product information:

Element Titan 5-25x56mm Scope

titan ffp 5-25x56 scope PRS NRL

Creedmoor Soup Can Sandbag

titan soup can sandbag NRL

RWS .22 LR R100 Ammo

rws R100 .22 lr rimfire ammo

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