July 18th, 2013

Portable Gun Rack Holds Long Guns in Vehicle Trunks

Creedmoor Sports is selling a new product that may be useful for folks who haul multiple rifles to the range. The new ScopeSaver Trunk Rack is a freestanding gun rack designed to hold one to four rifles or shotguns during transport. The rack can also be used to display guns and/or hold them during cleaning operations. The product is called a “ScopeSaver” because it allows scoped rifles to be transported upside-down, which provides more clearance for the scopes.

Each firearm rests in a pair of 3″-high, felt-covered U-shaped brackets (aka scounces). One sconce of each pair holds guns with thick stocks, and the other holds stocks that are thinner. Firearms can also be placed in the rack either right-side-up or upside-down depending on their shape. Depending on their size, some guns can also be placed in the rack while inside soft cases.

Creedmoor scopesaver trunk rackThe ScopeSaver Trunk rack holds four guns, is 23.5” deep, 23 7/8” wide, 13” high and is made of 10% fiberglass-filled polypropylene. It holds two large and two small oil/cleaning solution containers and multiple cleaning rods of different sizes. A special tapered-slot binding system allows several rods to be stored.

Reinforced carrying handles are built into the rack. The four corners of the rack are flat on the bottom, so adhesive-backed Velcro strips can be attached (which should grip on carpeted trunks). Additionally, you can insert tie-downs through slots in each of the four lower corner braces.

Creedmoor scopesaver trunk rack

Product tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.