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August 7th, 2013

How to FIND and SHARE Daily Bulletin Articles

Accurateshooter daily bulletin search find storyDaily Bulletin readers often tell us: “I saw a story in the Bulletin a while back, but I can’t find it now. How do I locate it?” In addition, some folks say: “There’s a Bulletin article that I want to share on my Facebook page. How do I do that?”

How to Use Search Features
Take heart, readers. There are quick and easy ways to locate (and share) Daily Bulletin Posts. First, on the right side of the Bulletin you can select stories by topic (e.g. Reloading) or by date. You can also use our SEARCH TOOL. Go to the top right-hand corner of the page, type your search term then click the RED SEARCH BUTTON. This will instantly search over 5,000 Daily Bulletin stories. Matching articles will appear in chronological order, with the newest articles at the top. For best results, try to be pretty specific in your search, and avoid common terms such as “bullet”, “rifle”, “barrel” etc. that may appear in hundreds of articles.

How to Share Daily Bulletin Articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Other Sites
Let’s say you’ve found an interesting article or gear review in the Daily Bulletin that you would like to share on your Facebook page or other social media sites. Or maybe you’d like to email the article URL (web address) to a shooting buddy so he could read the story too. It’s easy to share a story. Simply click on the small RED-ORANGE BOX at the end of the article marked “Share”. This will open up a small window with multiple choices. With your mouse, select “Facebook” to share on your Facebook page. Or, click the “email” or “gmail” icons to email the article’s web URL to your friends.

Accurateshooter daily bulletin search find share facebook twitter social media story

If you merely want to save the article URL (i.e. its web location), right click on the “Permalink” button at the bottom left of the article frame (look for the dark blue-gray border). When you right click, you’ll see a pull-down menu. Select “Copy Link Address”. Then you can paste this link anywhere you like, using the paste command (CTRL-P on a Windows computer).

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May 10th, 2011

Forum Upgrade This Evening (May 10, 10:00 pm Central)

Here’s a “heads up” for our Forum members and site visitors. This evening, we plan to install new software for our SHOOTERS’ FORUM. As a result, the FORUM will be offline for a couple hours on TUESDAY, May 10, starting at about 10:00 pm Central Time. After the upgrade, we will activate a new URL to bookmark. The upgraded forum software will be installed on a dedicated server. This should give us improved security and stability, and it should allow the FORUM to run faster. In addition, the upgraded software has a new “look and feel” that should improve the user experience. You will still be able to use your same forum name and password.

So guys… don’t freak out if you cannot access the FORUM tonight. God willing, everything will be in place within a few hours. If all goes according to plan, all existing FORUM threads and posts will be preserved — there will simply be a “time out” for two or three hours.

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