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August 14th, 2012

Long Range Records Set at Perry and Gustin Wins Wimbleton Cup

Story based on Reports by Lars Dalseide for NRAblog
Clear skies, calm winds, and superior marksmanship combined for a host of record-breaking performances at the NRA Long Range Championship yesterday Monday, 13 August, at Camp Perry. NRABlog editor Lars Delsaide reports: “Today was a day in which records were set. Records so significant that a few competitors requested their targets be brought up from the pits. Not one record. Not two records. But more than a dozen Long Range Rifle records. One small clarification — today’s record-breaking performances resulted in three new National Long Range High Power records. So why did I say that more than a dozen were set? Because the standing records to which I’m referring were broken multiple times today.”

Perry David Luckman

The records started falling in the Doc Aiken match. The previous high Doc Aiken record was 199-8X, set in 1998 by John Jackson. Amazingly, that record was topped by nine shooters before Great Britain’s David Luckman recorded the highest score of all, a 200-13X, which will be the new record.

Luckman ended the day with yet another entry in the record books — the new high mark for the Sierra Trophy. The Sierra Trophy is based on the combined scores of the Doc Aiken Match and the Andrus Memorial Trophy match. The existing Sierra Trophy record was 400-19X set by Robert Gustin a decade ago. On Monday, Norman Anderson topped that with a 400-22X, and then Brit David Luckman raised the bar even higher, setting a new mark of 400-23X. Well done David!

Perry David LuckmanGustin Wins Wimbleton Cup
The Wimbleton Cup is one of the most prestigious trophies awarded at Camp Perry. Robert Gustin earned redemption this year winning the 2012 Cup, after losing out in 1985 due to a scoring error. Wimbledon is a slow-fire, Any rifle 1000-yard match. The record was established back in 2004 by Michelle Gallagher. Qualifying for the shoot-off with a score of 200-14X, Gustin shot a near-perfect 100-9X in the shoot-off to earn victory in 2012.

Gustin’s win was doubly sweet as the California shooter lost out on the Cup decades ago through bad luck. “Back in 1985, Bob thought he won the Wimbledon Cup,” explained Nancy Tompkins. “But they couldn’t find one of his shots in the shoot off. He was devastated. Later, after everything was finalized, they pulled his target and found an X they missed. My heart just broke watching it happen. So this is great.”

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August 16th, 2011

Tubb Wins Wimbleton Match and Leads LR Championship

David Tubb, 11-time National High Power Champion, won the prestigious Wimbleton Match at Camp Perry earlier this week, and David currently leads the field of competitors for the 2011 Long-Range Championship. John Whidden is close behind, but Tubb has been at the top of his game this year. Tubb credits much of his success to his wind-reading: “Honestly, my wind reading is the best it’s ever been and my prone skills are coming around.” If you want to learn more about David’s wind-reading methods and strategies, watch the video interview below, filmed at the 2010 SHOT show.

David Tubb on Reading the Wind

Tubb Wins Wimbleton Cup Match
David Tubb, shown below, earned his second Wimbledon Cup title after drilling ten shots inside the ten ring for a final shootoff score of 100 points with five Xs. The Wimbledon Cup is one of the oldest of all NRA trophies. First presented to the American rifle team attending the British matches at Wimbledon in 1875, the Cup now is awarded to the top shooter in a two-part, 1000-yard event. The highest scoring competitors from each initial relay are chosen to shoot in a second “shoot-off relay”. Shoot-off competitors fire three sighting shots and 10 record shots. In case of a numerical tie for winner, the winner is determined by a shot-by-shot elimination shoot-off without regard for Xs.

David Tubb Camp Perry Wimbleton 2011
David Tubb looks downrange after scoring 100-5X in the shoot-off to win the Wimbleton Cup Title. The scoring board in the foreground replicates David’s shots on target. The yellow dots are for three sighters, while the red markers show David’s 10 shots for record.

Report courtesy The NRA Blog.
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