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November 13th, 2014

$25.00 Gun Tool Combines 18 Specialized Tools in One Gadget

Avid Design sells a unique multi-tool designed expressly for rifles and shotguns. The $24.99 Gun Tool combines 18 of the most commonly used long gun tools in a compact package. The Gun Tool boasts three Torx wrenches (T20; T15; T10), two Allen hex drives (3/32″; 5/32″), and four screwdriver blades (1/8″ flat; 3/16″ flat; Phillips 1 & 2). In addition, there is a magnetic 3/16″ driver, a pin punch, and a stainless claw blade useful for opening shipping boxes or trimming target backers.

The most unique feature of the Gun Tool is a stepped, multi-size choke-tube wrench that fits six shotgun bores from .410 all the way up to 10 gauge (see photo below right). For active shotgunners, that provides great versatility in a small package.

Praise from Respected Reviewers
In 2012, the NRA’s American Hunter magazine awarded The Gun Tool their Golden Bullseye award in the “Gear of the Year” category. The Gun Tool has also been awarded an outstanding 100% approval rating and a full endorsement by the North American Hunting Club.

Noted gun journalist Jim Shepard wrote: “I’ve been playing with ‘The Gun Tool’… and I’ve found it to be a pretty promising device that really should find a place in lots of range bags. If you’re a long gun shooter, it has something you’ll eventually need in the way of a tightening/loosening/adjusting tool.” Jim cautions that the claw blade does not lock into place.

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February 24th, 2012

Larry Racine’s Switch-Barrel System

Larry Racine is a respected gunsmith based in New Hampshire. He is also a two-time member of the U.S. Palma Team, and a five-time New Hampshire State Highpower rifle champion. Larry, who runs LPR Gunsmithing, has developed a brilliantly simple means of switching rifle barrels with an ordinary spanner or open-end wrench. With this set-up you can switch barrels in the field in seconds without the need for a barrel vice.

For most barrels, Larry mills a hex with six flats on the end of the barrel. This allows a shooter to change barrels quickly at home or on the line with a simple box-head wrench or a socket wrench. Larry says: “You don’t even have to take the barreled action out of the gun. Just set the buttstock on the ground, between your feet, put a wrench on it, hit it with the palm of your hand — and off comes the barrel.” For barrels fitted with a muzzle brake, Larry has a slightly different system. He mills two flats behind the brake so you can use an open-end wrench to do the job.

With either a hex on the end, or two flats for a brake-equipped rifle, the system works with any medium- to heavy-contour barrel with a muzzle-diameter of at least 0.700″. This will even work for high-power rigs using clamp-on sights or bloop tubes. Larry explains: “A lot of us here in New England use clamp-on front sights. The barrel will be turned to 0.750 for the sight, with the hex on the end. A bloop tube can go right over the end, no problem.”

Larry has used this system over the past few years to win a number of matches. In one 600-yard 3 by 20 prone match, Larry used three different barrels, with three different chamberings, on the same Savage rifle. Larry changed the barrels on the line.

Larry was able to do this because the system has little to no loss of zero from one installation of a given barrel to the next installation of that barrel. This lets the shooter start the match with confidence that the first sighter will be on paper. Larry reports that the simple system works great: “To date we have used this system on Savage, Remington, Winchester, RPA, and Nesika actions.”

Racine’s system is very affordable. If Larry does the chamber work on your barrel he charges $45.00 extra to mill a hex or two flats on your barrel. If you only want the hex or flats done, Larry charges $55.00. For more info, visit or call Larry at (603) 357-0055.

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May 8th, 2010

40% Off Savings on Savage Barrel Nut Wrench

Thanks to Savage’s signature barrel nut system, it’s easy for Savage rifle owners to swap barrels without gunsmith assistance. With a pre-fit barrel from Pac-Nor or Shilen you can easily re-barrel your rifle and set the headspace with go/no-go gauges. In addition to a barrel vise, you’ll need a specialized barrel nut wrench to swap Savage barrels. Now through 5/31/2010, MidwayUSA has the Wheeler Engineering Savage Barrel Nut Wrench on sale for just $22.99, marked down from $38.49 (a $15.50 savings — roughly 40%). For comparison, Brownell’s charges $47.90 for the Sharp Shooter Supply Savage barrel nut wrench.

Wheeler Savage barrel nut wrench

The double-ended Wheeler Savage Barrel Nut Wrench (item #288765) allows easy removal of the barrel nut on Savage model 10, model 110, and model 12 series rifles. Made from 3/16″ steel, the Wheeler tool features two 1/2″ square drive holes for a swing bar or torque wrench.

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April 15th, 2009

Seven-Function Tool for AR15s Released by ATI

With the new AR15 combo tool from American Tactical Imports, you can pretty much take apart an entire AR15 rifle. This all-purpose tool can be used for installing and removing buttstocks, free float tubes, barrel extension tubes, and handguards. It will work with both standard stocks and M4-style stocks. The tool also fits CAR stocks with 3 point castle nut and locking rings.

AR15 multi combo tool

American Tactical Imports’ AR15 Combo Tool is seven tools in one. In addition to the uses already mentioned, the tool can be used to align barrel nuts to the gas tube. It has a wrench for muzzle brakes (compensators), plus it has a ½-inch drive for socket and torque wrenches.The ATI AR15 combo tool features a matte black, corrosion-resistent, hard-coat finish. Suggested retail price for the tool is $39.95, and that includes a limited lifetime warranty from ATI. With its versatility, we think this tool could be invaluable for owners of AR15s or AR-based “space-guns”.

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