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October 8th, 2013

Pentax PF80-ED Angled Spotting Scope on Sale for $684.95

Here’s a great deal on an excellent spotting scope. Right now has the Pentax PF80-ED Angled spotting scope body for just $684.95 with FREE Shipping for Prime members. Supplies are very limited, so don’t hesitate. Mind you, this is just for the BODY ONLY — but the PF80-ED body alone sells elsewhere for $899.00 (See: Optics Planet PF-80ED). also has the Pentax PF-80ED with straight body for just $629.00 (eyepiece not included). With either straight or angled version, a Pentax 20-60X zoom eyepiece will cost another $240 or so from, but you can find used models for less on eBay.

Pentax PF-80ED Angled spotting scope body

The PF-80ED has a large objective lens with high-definition glass. Focusing is fast and precise. You will have to purchase an eyepiece separately — but rest assured, the Pentax eyepieces are some of the best available, with large-diameter, astronomy-style mounts, and wide-angle view with extended eye relief. We use a Pentax PF100-ED and PF80-ED, with both zoom and fixed-focal-length eyepieces. The Pentax eyepieces are outstanding.

We actually prefer the PF80-ED (vs. the PF100) for most duties because it is MUCH more compact, and sits more steady on the tripod. While the PF80-ED has been out for a few years, it still compares favorably with spotting scopes that cost twice as much. To do better, you’ll need to spend over $2000.00 for a Kowa, Leica, Nightforce, Swarovski, or Zeiss spotting scope with low-dispersion glass. And, with most of these brands, that two grand will only get you the spotter body — you’ll then need to spend $400-$700 for the eyepiece. We think it’s hard to beat a PF80-ED at this sales price. Even after purchasing the eyepiece your total cost is about $925.00.

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January 20th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Pentax Power Zoom Scope — Push-Button Magnification

A riflescope that zooms in and out with the push of a remote button may seem like technological overkill. But think about it — most common point and shoot cameras these days offer power zoom and auto-focus. Modern binoculars have image stabilization and other high-tech features. There’s no reason a riflescope shouldn’t benefit from useful technologies we’ve already adapted to other optical products.

Pentax Marketing Demo — Ultimate Zoom
YouTube Preview Image

The new Pentax “Ultimate Zoom” scope got little press when it was launched in mid-2010. But we think it may be a true trend-setter. The big advantage for a varmint hunter is that you can keep your eye on the target. You don’t have to raise your head up or move your hand away from your firing position (see video above). With this scope you can zoom from 3X to 15X without changing your grip on the rifle or moving your head away from the scope. In the field, the batteries can last many months. The Pentax Ultimate Zoom typically retails for about $349.00 street price. However, currently offers the Ultimate Zoom for just $199.99 — a very good deal. In the video below you’ll see a product demo from SHOT Show.

YouTube Preview Image
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December 10th, 2010

New Enhanced Website for March Scopes

March scopes (built by Japan’s Deon Optical) have become extremely popular with short-range benchrest competitors, and we are seeing an increasing number of 600-yard and 1000-yard shooters upgrade to March scopes. The March product line offers high magnification (up to 60X power), a wide choice of reticles, and extremely bright, sharp lenses.

March has also quickly acquired a reputation for reliable tracking and shot-to-shot consistency. In the unforgiving short-range benchrest game, if your reticle shifts just a tiny amount from shot to shot, that can open up your group and drop you from a top place to “also-ran” status. Top short-range shooters have praised the March for its ability to “stay put” with no reticle movement, shot after shot.

March Deon Optical scopes

New Website with All the New Scopes (with Specs)
In the USA, March scopes are sold by Kelby’s Inc., which has a page dedicated to March products on the website. If you need MORE Information about the March scopes, there is now a new March Website, with more models, more photos, more data, and more reticle diagrams. You’ll find the latest Benchrest models on the new March website, including the popular 36-55x52mm Benchrest EP Zoom Scope, the 10-60×52 Zoom, and the 40X, 50X, and 60X fixed-power BR scopes. In addition, the website features March’s new hunting and tactical series of optics, including the 1-10×24, 2.5-25×42 scopes which boast a revolutionary ten times Magnification Ratio.

March EP Zoom March EP Zoom

March Scope Reticles

March Scope Reticles

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January 14th, 2010

March Introduces 8-80X56mm ultra-high-power Zoom Scope

We thought we’d seen the upper limit of riflescope magnification with the new 10-50x60mm Sightron SIII, the 12-50x56mm Schmidt & Bender PMII, and the 10-60×52mm March variable. Now March has raised the magnification bar — with a zoom scope boasting Eighty times (80X) magnification at max power.

That’s a lot of magnification for a spotting scope, much less an optic designed to sit on top of a rifle. We wonder how useful the 80X max power will really be. At 80-power the exit pupil is a tiny 0.7 mm — what we consider the very lower range of usability. A very small exit pupil makes the viewer’s head position ultra-critical; you’ll need to get your head aligned just perfectly. Still, the extra power may prove useful for ultra-long-range shooting or at middle distances when conditions are ideal (no mirage).

Mach 8-80 scope

The new March 8-80x56mm Tactical/Long Range scope features 1/8 MOA clicks, a 34mm maintube, and 60 MOA of elevation. Weight is a reasonable 29.8 ounces (845 grams), while scope length is 16.0″ (shorter than many 40-power scopes). Five (5) different reticles are offered: 1/8 dot, 3/32 dot, 1/16 dot, MTR-1, and MTR-2.

In addition to the new 8-80x56mm, March will offer another tactical scope with a 10 times zoom range. The new March 5-50x56mm also has 1/8 MOA clicks, 60 MOA of travel, and comes with the same five reticle choices. At 15.67″ OAL and 29.3 ounces, the 5-50X is slightly smaller than its 80-power big brother.

Mach 8-80 scope.

We’ll learn more about the new March ultra-zooms at SHOT Show next week, when we visit the Kelbly’s booth. We’ll try to get a good look at the 8-80×56 and let you know how all that power works in the real world. Stay tuned for our SHOT Show reports staring January 19th.

CLICK HERE for March 8-80x56mm and 5-50x56mm Specifications Sheet.

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October 21st, 2009

New Scope Zoom Lever from MGM

Here’s a new product for shooters who need to make rapid zoom changes with their optics. The MGM Switchview is a small, lightweight lever that clamps around the power adjustment ring of variable power scopes. Made from anodized 6061/T6 aluminum, the Switchview allows the user to quickly adjust the scope’s power setting with a push or pull of the lever, without taking your head off the gun. That should help 3-gun competitors who must rapidly switch from near to far targets and back again.

switchview zoom control lever

The MGM Switchview works with short, tactical optics as well as high-magnification long-range scopes. Only slightly taller than most target style turrets, the lever is easy to use, even while wearing gloves or in slippery or wet conditions. The manufacturer says that: “Whether you are glassing a large area for a target and then zooming in to make the shot without loosing your sight picture, or you need to transition from far targets to [close] targets in a hurry, the MGM Switchview will get to the magnification setting you need quickly and easily.”

The MGM Switchview is now available for a variety scopes, including the Burris XTR, Leupold CQT, Leupold Mark IV (illum. reticle), Millet 1-4x24DMS, and Nightforce NXS. And soon MGM plans to build Switchviews for the IOR Valdada 1-4 and 1.4-8, Leupold VXII and VXIII, and Nightforce NXS Compact.

switchview zoom control lever

MGM Switchview zoom levers cost $59.95 and come standard in anodized black. However, the levers can be special ordered in custom colors for an extra $12. (Add 3 weeks delivery time for custom color orders.)

For more info, visit To order, call 208-454-0555 or 888-767-7371 (toll free), or email travis [at] You can also contact Mike Gibson Manufacturing, 17891 Karcher Rd., Caldwell, ID 83607 .

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October 17th, 2009

Greatest Hits: Revolutionary March Eyepiece Zoom Scope

LINK: March 33-55x52mm ‘Eyepiece Zoom’ Scope
This is a revolutionary new high-magnification scope, with the zoom in the eyepiece. It provides all a BR shooter could want… from 100 to 1000 yards.

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September 14th, 2009

Good Deal on Sightron SII 6.5-20x42mm Scope

Here’s a very good deal if you’re looking for a quality zoom optic for a varmint rifle. Natchez Shooters Supply currently has the Sightron SII 6.5-20X42mm zoom scope on sale for just $299.99. While not the “latest or the greatest”, this is a good optic that has reliable tracking and precise front parallax/focus control. For most daylight conditions, even at 20-power, the 42mm objective will give you a nice, bright picture, though the exit pupil will be smaller than on a scope with a 50mm or larger front objective.

The Sightron SII 6.5-20×42, Natchez product SH200198, weighs just 2.11 lbs, and comes with a standard duplex reticle. Click values are 1/8-MOA. We’d prefer 1/4-MOA clicks for a varmint scope, but this does give you extra-precise adjustments. The nitrogen-filled SII scope body is waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. A screw-in sunshade is included, and the scope is covered by the Sightron Lifetime Warranty.

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May 19th, 2009

Sightron 6-24 Zoom Scopes Compared

Sightron optics, particularly the new SIII 30mm series scopes, have been very popular with our readers. We recently tested the SIII 6-24×50 mildot scope and found that it offered outstanding clarity, sharpness, and tracking. A leader in its price class, the SIII 6-24×50 rivals some scopes costing hundreds of dollars more.

Sightron 6-24x56 scope

Three 6-24 Sightron Scope Models Now Offered
With the introduction of the SIII 30mm 6-24×50 Sightron, Sightron now offers THREE 6-24 power zoom rifle-scopes. This has created some confusion among buyers. Readers often ask us: “What is the difference between the SII 6-24, the Big Sky 6-24, and the new SIII 6-24?” At the NRA Annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ, we meet with Alan Orr, Sightron Product Manager. In the video below, Alan was kind enough to explain the differences among the three Sightron 6-24s. You’ll note that the three scopes offer different amounts of total windage and elevation travel, plus the amount of elevation per rotation is different. Also, the older SII 6-24 runs about $400.00, while the new SIII 30mm 6-24×56 sells for about $825.00. Watch the Sightron Video to learn more.

YouTube Preview Image
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