October 5th, 2013

Covered Loading Trays from Midsouth & Cabelas

When we first saw this product in 2010 at Cabela’s we thought: “Great idea… it’s amazing nobody else has offered a covered loading tray before”. Being able to cover your loading tray makes sense. With the cover in place, you can’t inadvertently drop something into the tray, or knock over cases filled with powder. Plus the covered cased eliminates the risk of contaminating cases with overspray from lubes or solvents. You can also keep loaded rounds protected from the elements before they’re packed into ammo carriers.

Now Midsouth Shooters Supply offers covered loading trays for just $8.62 (that’s a lot less than Cabela’s price). You can purchase the 50-round loading tray from Cabelas.com for $14.99 (item IK-215760) with a green base, or get the same thing with a red base from Midsouth for $8.62 (item 038-502032). Order Midsouth’s 30-45 cal model (item 038-502032) for 6BR and .308-sized rims. For loading .223 rounds, get the 9mm-223 model (Midsouth item 038-502033).

covered reloading tray

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