September 12th, 2017

Custom Rimfire F-Class Rifle for a Grand-Daughter

Doan Trevor .22 LR rimfire Mango stock Anschutz model 54
The dots and dashes are Morse Code for the shooter’s initials. The wood is Mango with Walnut fore-end wing inlays. The barreled action is an older Anschutz Model 54 that spent years in a prone stock.

Build Report by Doan Trevor
How do you build a stock for the grand-daughter of an award-winning shooter? Over the years I have built five or six rifles for this shooter, and now his grand-daughter had taken an interest in F-Class. He wanted her new rifle to mirror his own F-Class rifle, and he provided me with an old Anschutz Model 54 barreled action. Her new rifle would get her started in rimfire with the possibility of graduating to High Power (centerfire) shooting. The dots and dashes on the sides of the stock are Morse Code for his grand-daughter’s initials — “AMS”.

Rimfire F-Class Stock Design Factors
Typically when I build a rimfire F-Class stock I use the same pattern as I do for High Power stocks. The pattern has evolved from my prone stocks, as it has proven very successful with time. Also, there is a known issue of using wood for a stock in F-Class. The wood needs to be cured, and unfortunately, finding wood in the specific dimension for the stock is near to impossible. Therefore, I inlay pieces in the fore-end making sure that it is straight and on center. Other materials can be used for an F-Class stock, but keeping them straight and centered can be very difficult. Using cured wood during the build process, I continually check the centerline from fore-end to the rear slider, ensuring that the stock stays centered. This helps ensure good tracking and return to point of aim.

Doan Trevor .22 LR rimfire Mango stock Anschutz model 54

Adapting Prone Stock for F-Class Use
There is a current trend of older Palma and prone shooters to convert their rifles for F-TR and F-Open due to eyesight problems and other disabilities. The stocks that they have been using (and loving) can be recycled to their new shooting styles with a few design changes. I have been doing this successfully for the last several years. Whether it be a new shooter or an older one, you can either plan for the future or adapt older equipment so that all can shoot the style that they want. My philosophy in rifle building is to create every rifle with the potential to win a national or world championship. I am proud to say that I have build rifles for Derek Rodgers, Trudie Faye, Lige Harris, Barry Smith, Eric Rhodes, Kent Reeves, Terry Glen and many more award-winning shooters. And I look forward to many more.

Doan Trevor .22 LR rimfire Mango stock Anschutz model 54

What the Heck is .22 LR Rimfire F-Class?
There is no official NRA F-Class rimfire discipline (at least not yet). However, many F-Class shooters (both F-0pen and F-TR) employ .22 LR rifles for low-cost training. For example, James Crofts practices extensively with his 40X rimfire F-TR rig. In addition, many shooting clubs offer F-Class style rimfire fun matches, shot prone with front rest or match bipod. This rifle was built for an F-Class fun match hosted regularly by the Los Angeles Rifle & Revolver Club (LAR&R).

The photo below displays a different Doan Trevor-crafted rifle, a rimfire benchrest rig with Turbo action. This shows how Doan makes the 3-inch-wide fore-end. Outboard left- and right-side wings are bonded to the central stock material, then the wings are carefully shaped for straightness. Getting the geometry “just right” helps the rig track perfectly.

Doan Trevor .22 LR rimfire Mango stock Anschutz model 54

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January 26th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Stiller’s New Rimfire Benchrest Action

The new Stiller Precision Rimfire Benchrest action is on the verge of entering production. This high-tech Copperhead rimfire action, in development for over two years, has DUAL firing pins at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock for improved ignition. It also has an Anschutz-style feed ramp and other features for enhanced performance. The action’s footprint matches a Rem 40X so it should fit many existing rimfire stocks. Priced at $1150.00, the new Copperhead action should be available in spring 2011.

Jerry Stiller tells us 10 Copperhead prototypes are currently being assembled for final testing. Stiller hopes to have 50-100 actions built for retail sale in two to three months. A lot of experimentation and careful design work has gone into this new action. If Stiller’s Copperhead lives up to its promise it could become the new action of choice for smallbore benchrest competition. With the popularity of precision rimfire games, we expect this action to be in high demand, once word gets out. You may want to contact Stiller Precision Firearms, (972) 429-5000, and get on the waiting list to ensure delivery this year.

In addition to the new Copperhead action, Stiller Precision continues to produce a wide variety of high-quality centerfire actions in stainless, as well as aluminum with steel insert (such as the original Viper). Shown below is a selection of Stiller stainless actions, including the rare stainless Viper:

Stiller Actions

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March 3rd, 2010

CMP Cinderella Rifle — Rem 40X Rimfire Reborn

Forum member Ken Littlefield recently had a older CMP Remington 40X restored/upgraded with a handsome walnut prone stock and top-of-the-components. Ken also added a CG Trigger and a RightSight front sight made by Stallings Machine. There’s also an adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable buttplate, and what looks like an aftermarket trigger guard and handstop. Ken posted his upgraded 40X on our Shooters Forum, noting: “Jim Cloward recently finished restocking my CMP 40X in English walnut. The rifle also has a CG uni-trigger and Rightsight. Jim also fitted a 0 degree rail to the receiver (I have a Leupold 6.5-20 EFR scope for ‘any sight’ training and matches). Jim can be reached at (425) 334-3006. The rifle will be used primarily as a winter training rifle for Palma, but hopefully we will sneak in a smallbore prone match now and then.”

Hopefully Ken can tell us more about the build and all the hardware upgrades. Ken certainly has created of the nicest 40X rimfires we’ve seen. Ken’s beautiful 40X has inspired envy among fellow Forum members. Flatlander posted: “Ken, I applaud your (incredibly successful) efforts to bring one of these old CMP rifles to the level of aethetic beauty and functionality it’s entitled to. I’d love to see more of these rifles ‘all dressed-up’ instead of stored in someone’s closet.”

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January 24th, 2010

SHOT Show Report: PT&G Rem 40X Replacement Bolts

If you recently purchased a Remington 40X rimfire rifle from the CMP, and the bolt is old, worn out, or missing altogether, take heart, Dave Kiff of Pacfic Tool & Gauge (PTG) has a solution.

PT&G 40X replacement bolt

For a $199.00 “locked-in price” for readers, PT&G offers a complete Remington 40X replacement bolt for CMP Rem 40X rifles. Even if your original factory 40X bolt functions, the replacement bolt should fit better (with less slop) and provide more consistent ignition, shot after shot. We won’t promise improved accuracy, but we predict that you get fewer unexplained flyers with the Kiff replacement bolt. Below, the charming Ashley Kiff explains the $199.00 special offer for our readers.

YouTube Preview Image

PT&G 40X replacement bolt

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January 1st, 2010

PTG 40X Rimfire Bolts Now Available For $199.00

We know many readers took advantage of the recent CMP sales of Remington 40X rifles and barreled actions. And now many proud new 40X owners are looking for upgrades. A brand new, precision-machined bolt can improve both the accuracy and the reliability of rimfire rifles. For a limited time, Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G) is going to offer complete 40X rimfire bolt assemblies for under two hundred bucks.

Dave Kiff of PT&G recently told us: “After all the feedback we’ve received regarding the 40X Rimfire bolts, Pacific Tool & Gauge is going to run 250 pieces and is currently taking orders. To place your order, please give us a call at (541) 826-5808. If you place your order during the first run, the price for the complete bolt assembly (handle installed) is $199, but if you miss the first run, the price will be going up to $225.”

If you’re interested in adding a new, high-quality bolt to your 40X rimfire action, now’s the time to buy. We suspect PT&G will sell out on the initial order quickly.

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December 3rd, 2009

CMP Taking Orders for Rem 40X Rifles and Barreled Actions

CMP Remington 40X rifle

The CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) Sales division has secured a limited supply of Remington Model 40X target rifles and 40X barreled actions. The rifles are single shot, bolt-action rifles returned to Army inventory by ROTC and JROTC units. What remains for sale are heavy-barreled target rifles with standard stocks (item R22M40XHB), plus 40X models with shortened stocks for juniors (item R22M40XHBSS). These rifles are missing the front and rear sights, handstops, slings, and the intermediate bases for mounting scopes. Otherwise, these rifles are complete and do function. Bases are present for the front and rear sights. The stocks have the typical dings, dents, gouges, and scratches, and may not be the original style with stocks possibly having aftermarket adjustable buttpads. In addition to the rifles, two kinds of 40X barreled actions are offered — either heavy barrel version or standard barrel. Prices start at $275.00 for item R22M40XBR, a stripped receiver and standard barrel (no other parts).

CMP Remington 40X rifle

The Remington Model 40X is a single-shot, .22LR bolt-action rifle. Overall length is 46.5″, with a 28″, six-groove barrel (standard or heavy contour). The heavy barrel model has a barrel diameter at the muzzle of 7/8″ while the sporter model measures 3/4″ at the muzzle. All of these rifles are returns from JROTC and have been in use for decades. NOTE: Rifles are sold without sights. A limited number of sights are available (while quantities last) on the CMP Estore; click on the Part Surplus tab.

Estore Reservation Required Prior to Purchase
To order a surplus Remington 40X rifle or barreled receiver you must first reserve the item through the CMP’s Estore. Once you place this order your rifle will be reserved for the next 14 days — pending CMP receipt of your hard copy order and CMP eligibility verification. If you satisfy the eligibility requirements, you will receive a confirmation email. The Rem 40X rifles are listed under the Rifles Surplus tab. To place a reservation you must login with your CMP Estore ID or otherwise create a new account at

CMP Remington 40X rifle

Credit Forum Member Gary Wood for finding this Rem 40X sale opportunity. Thanks Gary!

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December 20th, 2008

Emergency Surgery — Stan Ware Fixes a 40X

Stan Ware SGR CustomMinnesotan Stan Ware is an extremely knowledgeable gunsmith, known for his precise machine work and attention to detail. When you have work done by Stan, you know he will “sweat the details” to ensure that everything is assembled to the correct, precise tolerances. Stan is also a successful benchrest competitor, shooting in score matches, and Hunter Benchrest matches using his innovative short-neck Wolf Pup wildcat.

Stan recently received a Remington 40X receiver from a customer on the West Coast. Supposedly, the action had been “trued” by a California gunsmith (who shall remain nameless), who also fitted (using the term loosely) a PT&G replacement bolt. To be brutally honest, the California gunsmith butchered the job, and Stan Ware was called in to “save the day.”

Stan looked over the 40X action carefully and was able to determine flaws in the truing work and serious problems with the way the replacement bolt was fitted and the bolt handle attached. Faulty work by the California smith resulted in a myriad of problems — the bolt timing was off, the bolt was headspacing on the handle (not the lugs), the bolt was not camming correctly, the lugs were lapped improperly and they were not bearing correctly inside the action. All in all, this action needed major surgery. In the videos below, Stan explains how he diagnosed the problems, and he illustrates the work he did to restore the 40X to a safe, functioning condition.

Moral of the story? When you have action work to do, go to a respected smith like Stan Ware (SGR Custom Rifles), rather than some local “gun plumber” who may mess up the action big-time, leaving it downright dangerous. Watch the videos below, and you’ll be amazed at the problems that Stan had to correct.

Part 1 — Diagnosing the Problems
Stan explains: “We recently received this action to be fixed. Because the bolt is such a good example of what the things you want to avoid, I put together this video. It’s a great example of what happens when the bolt is out of time or not in the correct position.”

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2 — Fixing the Lugs
According to Stan, “We encountered some more problems after machining the bolt handle off and installing the new Kiff bolt. We found that the lugs were lapped at a angle and that we were loosing cam as we rotated the bolt. So, we decided to go back in and re-cut the integral lugs and true the bolt lugs.”

YouTube Preview Image

Part 3 — Final Bolt Installation
Stan notes: “Here we show you what was done to correct the bolt that was not installed correctly. The Kiff bolt (Pacific Tool & Gauge) is a good system and laid out well. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to accurize his 700 Action.”

YouTube Preview Image
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