March 3rd, 2010

CMP Cinderella Rifle — Rem 40X Rimfire Reborn

Forum member Ken Littlefield recently had a older CMP Remington 40X restored/upgraded with a handsome walnut prone stock and top-of-the-components. Ken also added a CG Trigger and a RightSight front sight made by Stallings Machine. There’s also an adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable buttplate, and what looks like an aftermarket trigger guard and handstop. Ken posted his upgraded 40X on our Shooters Forum, noting: “Jim Cloward recently finished restocking my CMP 40X in English walnut. The rifle also has a CG uni-trigger and Rightsight. Jim also fitted a 0 degree rail to the receiver (I have a Leupold 6.5-20 EFR scope for ‘any sight’ training and matches). Jim can be reached at (425) 334-3006. The rifle will be used primarily as a winter training rifle for Palma, but hopefully we will sneak in a smallbore prone match now and then.”

Hopefully Ken can tell us more about the build and all the hardware upgrades. Ken certainly has created of the nicest 40X rimfires we’ve seen. Ken’s beautiful 40X has inspired envy among fellow Forum members. Flatlander posted: “Ken, I applaud your (incredibly successful) efforts to bring one of these old CMP rifles to the level of aethetic beauty and functionality it’s entitled to. I’d love to see more of these rifles ‘all dressed-up’ instead of stored in someone’s closet.”

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