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April 30th, 2010

Gear Review: MidwayUSA Compact Competition Range Bag

MidwayUSA recently sent us its new Compact Competition Range Bag for review. Overall, we were very impressed. The bag is made from a strong, heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester, with high-quality, large-toothed zippers. A comfortable, curved carry strap is secured by sturdy, all-metal clips. The “build quality” is visibly much better than most range bags on the market. I wish my airline carry-on bags were built as well as this. The bag is offered in black for $26.99 or olive-drab for $39.99. We tested the handsome olive-drab version which is a good match for our khaki AIM 60 Tactical Drag Bag.

Measuring 16″L x 12″W x 10″H, this Compact Range Bag is definitely smaller than MidwayUSA’s popular Large Range Bag (22″L x 15″W x 10″H). However, the “Compact” version will hold plenty of gear — pretty much all a pistol shooter will need at the range. For a rifle shooter, it will haul ammo boxes, earmuffs, magazines, and other miscellaneous gear. You CAN get a rear sandbag in the MidwayUSA range bag, but it’s probably best to use the bag for ammo boxes and the like. Overall, we really like this bag, as do most buyers. Among 43 MidwayUSA customer reviews, the average rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Here are two typical buyer reports:

“This bag is great. It easily holds both my S&W MP9s, hearing and eye protection, 6 magazines, magazine loader, targets and enough ammo (200-300 rds) for a good session at the range. The quality is comparable to bags costing twice as much.” — Richard B, Virginia

“I have used many different range bags over the years, but I have to say that this is by far the best…. Plenty of room for ammo, hearing and eye protection, documentation and other materials. This bag is a great buy.” — Mark C, Oklahoma

MidwayUSA Compact Competition Range Bag

Quality Revealed in the Details
The details of this bag reveal smart design and quality construction. On the bottom, two plastic foot pads with ¼” high ribs are stitched to the fabric for grip and moisture standoff. On the inside of the bag a removable, waterproof sole further protects the contents. On both ends of the bag are full-width zippered pockets, with a handy clear identification window on one side. Metal D-rings above the end pockets provide solid attachment points for the heavy-duty shoulder strap. The shoulder strap pad has a rubberized underside that keeps the strap from sliding off your shoulder.

The main compartment is conveniently accessed through a Velcro end closure plus two long, parallel zippers whose pull-tabs are connected with a cord. The main compartment is big enough to hold two large MTM Caseguard R-100 series rifle ammo boxes, with plenty of room left over. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to lock any compartment on the bag. That’s too bad, since some jurisdictions require handgun cases to be locked during transport.

Deceptively Large Capacity for a ‘Compact’ Bag
To test the carrying capacity of the MidwayUSA bag, we loaded it up with 100 rounds of rifle ammo, 600 rounds of centerfire pistol ammo, 500 rounds rimfire, earmuffs and FOUR pistols tucked in the padded side sleeves. All that gear fit nicely with room to spare. (We recommend putting handguns in protective sleeves if you load two per side). The padded, full-width, zippered main pocket keeps seven spare magazines organized and protected. On the reverse side of the bag, a similar, full-length padded pocket provides undivided storage space. That large outside pocket also has a zippered compartment with dividers for pens and a small notepad. The bag’s many pockets make it easy to organize miscellaneous gear such as staple gun, target stickers, small binoculars, timers, and radios.

The durable fabric, thick padding, heavy-duty zippers, and quality stitching should deliver many years of hard duty. This is a bag that holds its shape more like a luggage piece, not a thin bag that will squash flat and lay on the shelf out of the way when not in use. The black Compact Range Bag is available now. The olive drab version we tested should be in in stock on 5/28/2010.

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April 30th, 2010

New Edition of NRA Training Counselor Guide Released

NRA Training Counselor GuideThe NRA Training Counselor Guide (TC Guide) is the “textbook” used for training new NRA instructors. It includes lesson plans and course outlines for Basic Instructor Training, plus NRA Instructor qualifications and assessment exercises. The new THIRD Edition of the TC Guide (complete with PowerPoint CD) has just been released. Shooting organizations involved in training NRA Instructors should replace older TC Guides with the new Third Edition.

The new TC Guide incorporates several policy changes and formatting has been standardized. The new edition also allows revisions to be posted as addenda, making it easier to update. The print version of the new TC Guide (3rd Ed.) is available from the NRA program materials center for $45.00. Later this year the NRA hopes to release a digital version of the TC Guide at a reduced cost.

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April 29th, 2010

New FREE May Edition of Shooting Sports USA

Shooting Sports USAThe latest May 2010 digital edition of Shooting Sports USA is available, and it is definitely worth reading. This May issue contains the much-anticipated sequel to Part One of Competitive Gun Cleaning. Part Two of the series on Gun Cleaning can show you how to clean more effectively, with longer lasting results. Shooting Sports USA Editor Chip Lohman explains that: “Advances in chemicals for the marine, auto, and airline industry have benefited shooting sports in general and competitive shooting specifically”. There are many new products that speed up the cleaning process, so you can spend more time shooting, and less time scrubbing barrels.

Also featured in Shooting Sports USA’s May Edition are:

  • A “must-read” profile of legendary High Power shooter Middleton (‘Mid’) Tompkins.
  • A Guide to the Distinguished Shooting Program for all 5 NRA disciplines.
  • An Introduction to .22LR Rimfire Benchrest Shooting, with resource links.
  • Complete schedules for NRA competitive matches nationwide — this covers a wide range of disciplines, including high power, smallbore, black powder cartridge, silhouette, cowboy silhouette, and pistol matches.

Middleton Tompkins

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April 29th, 2010

NRA Open Range Day For Disabled Shooters May 8th in Phoenix

NRA Open Range Day PhoenixThe Disabled Shooting Services of the National Rifle Association will host the second annual Open Range Day at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 8, 2010. Open Range Day is an all-inclusive event where certified trainers and instructors introduce a variety of shooting sports to people with physical disabilities. Sponsors provide shotguns, rifles, pistols and air rifles for the participants.

“We had a huge response from first-time shooters last year,” said Disabled Shooting Services Manager Vanessa Ross. “Registration for 2010 is already twice the size of last year’s class, and we can’t wait to get things started.”

Open Range Day begins with a safety clinic led by NRA Certified Instructors. Participants then have the opportunity to learn the proper way to shoot shotguns, rifles, pistols, and air guns. “The important thing is for everyone to explore their personal potential on the range and simply have fun,” explained Ross.

“We wouldn’t be able to hold such an event without our corporate sponsors,” said Ross. “Ruger, Savage, and Davidson’s are donating the use of their firearms, White Flyer Targets and Birchwood Casey are donating targets, while Kowa Optimed, Pyramyd Air, Lapua and Remington are donating spotting scopes and ammunition.” For more on Open Range Day, contact Vanessa Ross at (703) 267-1495 or email disabled_shooting [at] CLICK HERE to learn more about NRA’s disabled shooting programs. If you’d like to volunteer as an Open Range Day assistant, click the link below.

NRA Open Range Day Volunteer Application Form

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April 29th, 2010

Annual Economic Impact of Firearms Industry is $27.8 Billion

At a Capitol Hill breakfast briefing today, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) released a newly commissioned report detailing the significant economic impact the firearms and ammunition industry has on the nation’s and each state’s economy. The numbers were impressive. Overall, the firearms industry had an economic impact of $27.8 BILLION dollars in 2009. The firearms industry generated $8.2 Billion in workers’ wages and $4.4 Billion in tax revenues. “During difficult economic times and high unemployment rates nationally, our industry actually grew and created 16,800 new, well-paying jobs,” said NSSF President Steve Sanetti. “Our industry is proud to be one of the bright spots in this economy.”

Shooting Impact Reports

The economic growth America’s firearms and ammunition industry experienced last year was driven by an unprecedented number of Americans choosing to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms and purchase a firearm and ammunition. Also cited in the Economic Impact Report were the significant taxes paid by industry member companies to federal and state governments and the Pittman-Robertson excise tax — a major source of wildlife conservation funding in America. “In 2009 our industry increased its contribution to wildlife conservation by over 37.6 percent, which translates into sportsmen contributing more than $7.5 million dollars daily to conservation efforts,” said NSSF General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane.

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April 28th, 2010

Berger Bullets Special Sell-OFF — Save Big Buck$

Hey guys, here’s your chance to buy Berger Bullets at super-low prices. Berger has arranged an exclusive “Bullet Sell-Off” promotion for readers. These bullets are not blems or damaged. They are mostly first-quality overruns. After yesterday’s sale, what’s left are primarily 22 caliber. Some are moly-coated but most are not. The prices are insanely low on these sell-off bullets. You can save $10 per 100 (or more) on some types.

Eric Stecker, Berger’s Master Bulletsmith, explains: “Over time we accumulate bullets that are either discontinued, overruns or were part of a test that is completed. These bullets are Match Grade and every bit the same as any Berger. Circumstances specific to each lot available is compelling us to release these bullets for very low prices. Below I’ve listed the quantity, description, lot, price and a brief explanation on why they are available for such a low price.”

Berger will sell these bullets for the next few days. To purchase the Special Sell-Off bullets, call Berger’s main line at (714) 447-5456 to place the order. Doing this will help keep things sorted out as the calls come in — first call, first served. UPDATE: The 17 Cal just sold out.

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April 28th, 2010

New Jersey Now Requires CMP Rifles to Ship to NJ-Licensed FFLs

CMP M1 GarandOne of the great things about ordering an M1 Garand or rimfire Target Rifle from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is that, if you satisfy all the purchaser requirements, the gun can be shipped directly to your home (in most states). You are NOT required to receive a CMP surplus rifle through an FFL, at least in most jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, that situation has changed in New Jersey. The State of New Jersey is now requiring that CMP guns be first shipped to Federal Firearms License-holders who also have a current New Jersey State License.

New Jersey Now Restricts CMP Firearms Transfers
Orest Michaels, CMP Chief Operating Officer, reports: “On April 12th, CMP representatives met with representatives of the NJ State Police and the NJ Attorney General’s office. At issue was the fact that CMP customers were receiving rifles at their home and not from a firearms dealer licensed by the state. It was the opinion… of both the NJ State Police and the AG’s office that NJ requires all firearm transactions be face to face and the transfer of a rifle be made to the customer by a NJ licensed dealer. Therefore, NJ residents cannot certify paragraph K on the CMP order form that reads: ‘I further certify that I will not be in violation, by reason of my receipt or possession of a rifle, of any state law or published ordinance applicable where I reside’.”

Effective immediately, rifles sold and shipped to NJ residents must be shipped to NJ licensed firearms dealers. Customers should provide the CMP with copies of the dealer’s FFL and NJ State license, along with the CMP order form. This applies to all rifle orders the CMP has already received and not yet shipped. [However], New Jersey residents who visit either CMP store may purchase and pick up rifles without the necessity of going through a NJ licensed dealer.

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April 28th, 2010

Waveceptor Watch with Countdown Timer — $13.99 Today Only

If you compete in matches with time limits for record fire, a timer with both count-down and stopwatch functions comes in very handy. Creedmoor Sports sells a nice, basic battery-powered match timer for $26.95, item C1033. If you don’t want to pack an extra piece of kit, and want something more versatile, consider a watch with a count-down timer and stopwatch.

Casio WaveCeptorRight now is selling a Casio Waveceptor Watch with an easy-to-use countdown timer AND a chronograph stopwatch. For the next 9 hours only, the price on this watch is just $13.99! Typical selling price is about forty bucks. One cool feature of this Waveceptor watch is that it automatically sets the correct time, to the second, by “tuning in” to the official “Atomic Time” radio signal (in both the USA and the UK). The watch also displays world time in 48 different cities around the globe. That is handy for travelers. SORRY — WATCH is SOLD OUT!

Act now if you want the watch for $13.99. The offer expires this afternoon. This Editor owns another Waveceptor watch. The auto time-check feature really works. For months, my Wavecepter has been accurate, to the second, when checked against the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) atomic clock.

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April 27th, 2010

Final Results from NBRSA 600-Yard Nationals

NBRSA 600 NationalsThe final results of the 2010 NBRSA 600-Yard National Championship held at the Sac Valley Shooting Center on April 23-25, 2010, are now available. Click the link below to download an MS Word file with complete scores.

Official Scorer Jim O’Connell reports: “On Friday Billy Copelin was presented his NBRSA Long-Range Hall of Fame Jacket. He joined a very elite group of shooters. Congratulations to Billy. The weather was fairly nice and the wind (light brezze) was manageable. Robert Hoppe and Don Nielson both broke the 6-target Light Gun score record with a 278-3X. Don beat Robert because Don had the smaller group. Richard Schatz broke two records, the 6-target Heavy Gun group (3.045), and the twelve target Two-Gun group (2.782). Don Nielson was the 2010 National Champion with a score of 12 (8-Heavy Gun Score, 2-Heavy Gun Group, 1-Light Gun Score, and 1-Light Gun Group). Congratulations to Don. Thank you all for your participation and support of the Sloughhouse Benchrest Shooters. Hope to see you all at the NBRSA 1000-Yard Nationals.”

CLICK HERE to Download 2010 NBRSA 600-Yard Nationals Scores (MS Word file)

NBRSA 600 Nationals

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April 27th, 2010

$250,000 in Prizes for Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Competitors

three-gun nationOne of the nation’s major multi-gun competitions took place this weekend at the new Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. The Sabre Defense Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship attracted scores of top shooters, drawn by over $250,000 worth of gear and certificates on the prize table. The “Blue Ridge” is a hugely popular match — probably the biggest 3-gun event in the country.

This is the second year for the event at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, an impressive addition to the Park Mammoth Resort. With roughly 250 shooters this year, attendance was up over 42% since last year. One reason the Blue Ridge 3-Gun match is so popular is its unique terrain. Match Director Andy Horner explains: “The BRM3G has several characteristics for which it is known. First of all, being one of two major matches held over natural terrain, the match uses features of the land to create interesting and challenging courses of fire. Stage design also sets the BRM3G apart. The stages are physically demanding and have a higher-than-average round count. This is not a stand-and-shoot match. We strive to create stages that require competitors to get out of their comfort zone and have their abilities tested. This is accomplished through requiring significant movement, unusual shooting positions, unusual presentation of targets, and occasional longer shots.”

Despite rainy weather, the competitors fought through 10 stages over three days. On Sunday, among the top stage performers, 32 shooters were selected for the shoot-off. These 32 dueled in elimination matches until just two competitors were left: Taran Butler and Erik Lund. Erik and Taran then battled against the clock in a final stage run. When the dust settled, Taran Butler took the championship by a few seconds, earning a $5000.00 check from Leupold. As the Blue Ridge 3-Gun Champion, Butler earned a spot at the 3-Gun Nation Finals in September, which will be held in conjunction with the USPSA 3-Gun Nationals. Below are images from the 2009 Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun event.

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April 26th, 2010

Don Nielson Wins 2010 NBRSA 600-Yard Championship

NBRSA Long-Range BR Hall-of-Famer Don Nielson earned his second NBRSA 600-yard championship this weekend in Sacramento, California. Don took the overall title, which counts score and group results for both Light Gun (LG) and Heavy Gun (HG). 6mm Dasher shooters Richard Schatz and Robert Hoppe finished second and third overall, respectively. Potential new records were set at the match, with possible new records by Nielson in LG Group Agg, LG Score Agg, and (possibly) 12-target Agg. Along with winning the Championship, Don placed first in LG Group, first in LG Score, second in HG Group, and second in Two-Gun Group Agg. Nielson also shot the smallest LG group, a 1.4″ group with four of five shots in slightly over 1/2 inch!

Don shot two 6.5×47 17-lb rifles, one in Light Gun and one in Heavy Gun. (He shot two near-identical rifles so he didn’t need to clean between LG and HG relays). For his pair of 6.5x47s, Don loaded Alliant Reloder 15 powder, with Federal 205M primers, and Berger 130 VLD bullets “right out of the box.” Don’s rifles featured Kelbly 1000-yard stocks, Bartlein 30″ barrels, and March 10-60x52mm scopes. Below Don Nielson is shown testing in 2008. Don shot this gun in the match, but it has a new Bartlein barrel.

Don Pumpkin Nielson

The Match was well-attended — 46 of the nation’s top mid-range shooters competed. Don Nielson said conditions were “pretty nice until the third (last) relay on Sunday”. Don felt that winds didn’t top 10 mph until late on Sunday. Don credited both his guns for performing very consistently and he wanted to acknowledge his fellow shooters: “Richard, as usual, shot great with his Dasher. Robert (Hoppe) shot well as did Darryl Kightlinger and Everet Smith, whom we call the ‘Shasta Locomotive'”. Below are preliminary results provided by Lynn Dragoman.

Overall NBRSA National Championship
1. Don “The Pumpkin” Nielson
2. Richard Schatz
3. Robert Hoppe
4. Darryl Kightlinger
5. Everet Smith
6. Curt Mendenhall
7. William Hubina
8. Kenneth Schroeder
9. John Crawford
10. Lynn Dragoman Jr

Two-Gun Score
1. Everet Smith
2. Darryl Kightlinger
3. Richard Schatz
4. Curt Mendenhall
5. Don Nielson
6. Kenneth Schroeder
7. Lynn Dragoman Jr
8. Robert Hoppe
9. Stu Harvey
10. Lou Murdica

Two-Gun Group
1. Richard Schatz
2. Don Nielson
3. Robert Hoppe
4. Everet Smith
5. Curt Mendenhall
6. William Hubina
7. Kenneth Schroeder
8. Darryl Kightlinger
9. John Crawford
10. Greg Wilson

Three-Target Winners
Heavy Gun 3-Tgt Score — Darryl Kightlinger
Heavy Gun 3-Tgt Group — Robert Hoppe
Light Gun 3-Tgt Score — Robert Hoppe
Light Gun 3-Tgt Group — John Crawford

Light Gun Score
1. Don Nielson
2. Robert Hoppe
3. Darryl Kightlinger
4. Everet Smith
5. Curt Mendenhall

Light Gun Group
1. Don Nielson
2. Richard Schatz
3. Robert Hoppe
4. John Crawford
5. Darryl Kightlinger

Heavy Gun Score
1. Richard Schatz
2. Kenneth Schroeder
3. Everet Smith
4. Stu Harvey
5. Darryl Kightlinger

Heavy Gun Group
1. Richard Schatz
2. Don Nielson
3. Everet Smith
4. Curt Mendenhall
5. William Hubina

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April 26th, 2010

Jessie Abbate Drops Glock — Potential Sponsors Line Up

Jessie AbbateAfter Olympian Kim Rhode, Ace handgunner Jessie Abbate is probably the most popular and marketable female shooter in America. A member of Team Glock for many seasons, Abbate split with the Austrian pistol-maker after Glock refused to allow her to wear a secondary sponsor’s logo on her competition jersey. Now all the major action shooting sponsors will be vying for Jessie’s services. Smith & Wesson will likely pursue Abbate, but Jessie might end up with Sig Sauer whose team is lead by multi-time National Champion Max Michel. If Sig can sign Abbate, Sig Sauer would arguably have both the #1 male shooter and #1 female shooter on the same squad.

Jessie AbbateOn DownRange.TV, Paul Erhardt notes: “Now that the women’s division shooting powerhouse has said Auf Wiedersehen to the Haus of Glock, the question is who will [sign her]?

Smith & Wesson — This is the obvious #1 choice. If I were [S&W’s team managers], I’d be hell bent for election to sign Jessie. The 158 year-old juggernaut has already assembled a very strong shooting team, the largest of any firearms company. They are still smarting from having lost out on Max Michel who went to Sig due to bad timing with S&W’s budget year.

Sig Sauer — This company finally got into the competition world with Max Michel who promptly won the USPSA Open Nationals and the Steel Challenge. He’s a lock for both titles in the future. Jessie would bring titles in Production, Limited-10, Steel Challenge, Single Stack and Open if they build a Sig Open gun for her on an STI body.”

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