April 29th, 2010

New FREE May Edition of Shooting Sports USA

Shooting Sports USAThe latest May 2010 digital edition of Shooting Sports USA is available, and it is definitely worth reading. This May issue contains the much-anticipated sequel to Part One of Competitive Gun Cleaning. Part Two of the series on Gun Cleaning can show you how to clean more effectively, with longer lasting results. Shooting Sports USA Editor Chip Lohman explains that: “Advances in chemicals for the marine, auto, and airline industry have benefited shooting sports in general and competitive shooting specifically”. There are many new products that speed up the cleaning process, so you can spend more time shooting, and less time scrubbing barrels.

Also featured in Shooting Sports USA’s May Edition are:

  • A “must-read” profile of legendary High Power shooter Middleton (‘Mid’) Tompkins.
  • A Guide to the Distinguished Shooting Program for all 5 NRA disciplines.
  • An Introduction to .22LR Rimfire Benchrest Shooting, with resource links.
  • Complete schedules for NRA competitive matches nationwide — this covers a wide range of disciplines, including high power, smallbore, black powder cartridge, silhouette, cowboy silhouette, and pistol matches.

Middleton Tompkins

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