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March 19th, 2010

Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone Actor Fess Parker Passes at 85

Fess Parker Davy CrockettYesterday beloved actor Fess Parker, who earned fame in the roles of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, passed away at age 85. Parker died peacefully at his Santa Barbara County, California home on the birthday of his wife of 50 years, Marcella.

For many baby-boomers (including this Editor), Fess Parker (as Davy Crockett) was a childhood hero — our first rifle-toting role model. The first installment of “Davy Crockett,” with Buddy Ebsen as Crockett’s sidekick, debuted in December 1954 as part of the “Disneyland” TV show. A native Texan, Parker was a towering 6’6″ tall, well-suited to playing legendary frontiersmen Crockett and Boone. Fess Elisha Parker Jr. was born August 16, 1924, in Fort Worth, and Parker loved to point out that Davy Crockett’s birthday was August 17.

Fess Parker was far from the Hollywood stereotype. He was a quiet, modest, honorable man — a good husband and father (Parker had two children and 11 grandchildren). But more than that, Parker was a generous soul who gave back to his community. This Editor was born and raised in Santa Barbara, where Fess Parker was an important community leader for the past four decades. After his 22-year Hollywood career, Parker built a popular oceanfront hotel in Santa Barbara and started a successful winery in the nearby Santa Ynez Valley. He gave generously to local charities and lead efforts to create new city parks.

I have stayed in Parker’s hotel, visited his winery, and as a young man practicing law, I even met Fess and worked on one of his business projects. I can say Mr. Parker was a true gentleman — as honest and forthright as the characters he popularized on television and in the movies. Though he was not a vocal gun rights advocate like fellow actor Charlton Heston, Parker, as a true Texan, enjoyed hunting and shooting. Parker certainly helped spur interest in historic rifles and shooting through his acting roles. Many may not know that Parker’s first movie appearance was alongside Gary Cooper in Springfield Rifle in 1952. So Fess Parker will always be an iconic American Rifleman, a hero to all those who believe in the frontier spirit. Rest in peace Mr. Parker — you gave us all many great memories.

Fess Parker Davy Crockett

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March 19th, 2010

Smith & Wesson Offers Free Mags and Pistol Rebates

Smith Wesson RebatesSmith & Wesson has launched promotions for the M&P 15 Rifle, M&P Pistol, S&W Sigma pistol, and the Walther PPS pistol. Under the Spring Load-Up offer, M&P Rifle purchasers will get five (5) free magazines from Smith & Wesson. M&P Pistol buyers will receive a $50 rebate OR two free magazines from Smith & Wesson. Likewise Sigma pistol purchasers will receive a $50 rebate OR two free magazines directly from Smith & Wesson. Finally, when a consumer purchases any new Walther PPS pistol chambered in 9mm or .40 S&W, they will receive one (1) free Walther magazine. NOTE: In states where restrictions apply 10-round magazines will be available.

Each promotion has time limits. CLICK HERE for more details. To take advantage of the mail-in rebate offers consumers must complete the rebate coupon (downloadable online) including serial number, enclose a copy of the dated sales receipt with store name and have their redemption coupon postmarked by date indicated on the coupon.

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March 19th, 2010

2010 NRA High Power Competition Rule Changes

NRA High Power RulesThe NRA Competitive Shooting Division has issued its updated Rules for 2010, complete with a quite a few notable changes. Download updated Rules by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE to Download 2010 High Power Rule Changes (8 page PDF file; changes only).

Competitors should download and read the changes. There are some interesting changes. For example, the eligibility rules have been changed so that foreigners can win NRA matches: “2.1.1 Non-US Citizens — Non-US citizens may compete and are eligible to win any NRA Sanctioned tournament, unless further restrictions are imposed by conditions stated in the program.”

There are also a series of small changes to the Service Rifle (3.1), Any Rifle (3.2), and NRA Match Rifle (3.3) Rules. For Service Rifles, rifle descriptions have changed from separate numbers to Rule 3.1 alpha-subsections, (i.e. 3.1 (a), (b), (c), (d)). Notably, the new 7.62mm M-110 Service Rifle, first approved in 2009 under (then) Rule 3.1.6, is now incorporated under the general service rifle definition as new section 3.1 (d). For Palma competitors, the 2010 Rules have further codified the rifle eligibility standards: “3.3.1 U.S. Palma Rifle — (a) A rifle with metallic sights chambered for the unmodified .308/7.62 or .223/5.56 NATO cartridge case; (b) Any service rifle with metallic sights chambered for the unmodified .308/7.62 NATO or .223/5.56 NATO cartridge case.” There are no 2010 changes for the “Any Sight Match Rifle/Tactical Rifle”, adopted in 2009 under Rule 3.3.4.

If you have questions about any of the rule changes, contact Jan Raab at CLICK HERE to sign up for the FREE monthly Competitive Shooting E-Newsletter. The hard-copy High Power Rule book (without 2010 revisions) can be purchased on the NRA Website.

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