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March 9th, 2010

Eliseo Wins CA Palma Championship with CSS TubeGun

Gary Eliseo of Competition Shooting Stuff (CSS) builds great TubeGun rifle kits and he’s a superb shooter to boot. This past weekend Gary won the California State Palma Championship in Coalinga, California. Gary was shooting his CSS BN1 tubegun with a Barnard action, Krieger 1:13″ twist barrel, and Berger 155.5gr bullets.

Gary Eliseo

Gary reports: “Conditions went from super easy to pretty vicious. The scores haven’t been published yet but mine was 889, and I think the next three were: Lane Buxton 886, Martin Tardif 883, and Jim O’Connell 881. I was using one of my B1 rifles, Barnard P action, Krieger 13 twist barrel, Berger 155.5s. My load was N150 with Winchester .308 brass weight-sorted to 1%. This was the same rig I used at Phoenix (AZ) but I wasn’t completely happy with the performance at 1000 yards. Then, in German Salazar’s Rifleman’s Journal Blog, I read that Mid Tompkins was ‘soft-seating’ the same bullet in his Palma gun. So, I gave that a try for Coalinga and the results were much better. Elevation at 1000 was excellent — the gun holds X-Ring elevation with ease.

The way soft-seating works is that I load long with pretty light neck tension. The bullet moves back about .010-.012 as the bolt is closed. If I extract the round I can barely see any engraving mark on the bullet. But be careful when extracting a soft-seated round because it is possible for the bullet to stick in the rifling. Anyway, the results with soft-seated bullets were much better. So this is a method which works with the .308 case and the Berger 155.5s and my well-worn throat. I don’t necessarily recommend this with other bullets, calibers and throat configurations. And if your discipline often requires you to extract loaded rounds, soft-seating is not advised.”

Gary Eliseo

Top Row: Gary Eliseo (far left), MartinTardiff, unknown, John Giles | Bottom row: Randy Tesseidre, Marco Rojas, Allan Morita. Note that nearly all the rifles are CSS (Eliseo) tubeguns.

To learn more about shooting with Eliseo’s innovative CSS stocks, read German Salazar’s article: Adjusting the TubeGun Stock.

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March 9th, 2010

New Champion Eyewear Offers Enhanced Impact Protection

Champion Target has introduced a new series of shooting eyewear with impact resistance rated four times greater than “industry standard” ANSI Z87.1 specifications. These glasses are offered in both clear and gray-tinted lenses, either full-frame or open frame. The new clear ballistic shooting glasses (item 40615, MSRP: $17.49) have an open frame with a wrap-around design offering enhanced temple protection. The clear lenses are good for iron sights shooting, offering high light transmission even while providing 99% UV protection.

Champion Ballistics Glasses

Full Frame Glasses meet MIL-PRF-31013 Standards
The full-frame ballistic shooting glasses (item 40613, MSRP: $20.49) feature gray smoked lenses for reduced glare and enhanced image sharpness, and 99% UV protection. With impact protection that meets the tough military standard MIL-PRF-31013, these glasses are available in either red or black frames. NOTE: The new Champions are not the only shooting glasses that pass the MIL-PRF-31013 test. Many of the Wiley X products do so also (see video below).

You only have one set of eyes, and they are NOT replaceable. You should ALWAYS wear eye protection when shooting and it makes sense to use the best eyewear available. For more information on Shooting Eyewear, read our article on Eye Protection for Shooters.

MIL-PRF-31013 Certification vs. ANSI Z87.1
Safety glasses for US military applications must be certified with a ballistic Vo rating which exceeds ANSI Z87.1 requirements by a factor of four. ANSI Z87.1 testing checks for penetration with a .25 caliber projectile at 150 fps. The military MIL-PRF-31013 Vo protocol checks for penetration by a .15-caliber projectile moving at roughly 650 fps. See Video below, showing test of Wiley X eyewear.

MIL-PRF-31013 Test — .15 Cal Projectile at ~650 fps — Wiley X PT-1 Glasses

YouTube Preview Image
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