December 14th, 2015

Bargain Finder 13: AccurateShooter’s Deals of The Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we have launched a “Deals of the Week” feature. Every Monday morning we offer our Bargain Selections. Here are some of the best deals on hardware, reloading components, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Amazon — Sightron 10-50x60mm SIII Scope $779.00

Sightron Scope 10-50x60mm SII Target Dot Amazon

Quite simply, this is a steal. This Sightron 10-50x60mm SIII scope originally retailed for around $1250.00. You can grab it now for well under $800.00. If you want a high-magnification scope for Long Range Competition, this is a good choice. It has been used successfully by many top competitors. There is also a Fine Cross-Hair (FCH) model ($1039.00) and a Mil-Dot model ($960.00).

2. CDNN Sports — Baikal MP161K Rimfire .22 LR Rifle

Deals Week CDNN Baikal .22 LR Rimfire Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22 Bargain

Here’s a very cool semi-auto rimfire rifle from Russia. The modern design of the Baikal MP161K is very ergonomic, making it useful for off-hand shooting. It has an adjustable comb and adjustable LOP. We tried it for some informal silhouette shooting and the testers like it. On the bench the flat “toe” in the rear of the stock works well in the bags. At $229.99, this rifle costs less than a Ruger 10/22. Out of the box we think it’s a better rifle — with a better stock and better trigger. It also comes with a scope rail AND iron sights. A 10-round magazine is included.

3. Cabela’s — Herter’s Range Bag $9.99

Deals Week Herters Range Bag Cabela's Bargain

Range bag for under ten bucks — this $9.99 Herters Range Bag measures 15″ long x 9″ wide. Along with the main compartment, there are four additional zippered pockets suitable for muffs, ammo, safety glasses, and more. There is a removable shoulder strap. If you order other items from, you can even get free shipping. Use Coupon “5JOLLY” for Free Shipping with orders over $49.00.

4. Midsouth — $100.00 Off All Leupold VX-3 Scopes with Rebate

Deals Week Herters Range Bag Cabela's Bargain
Click Image to Zoom for details

No doubt about it — this is one of the best deals going. This $100.00 rebate offer applies to Leupold’s entire line of VX-3 Optics. And Midsouth has sweetened the deal by offering FREE shipping on VX-3s purchased this month. The Leupold $100 cash-back program is good through December 31, 2015. CLICK Here for VX-3 scopes with $100 Rebate and Free Shipping.

5. — Federal .22 LR Ammo $48.99 for 500 Rounds

Deals Week rimfire Federal Discount Ammo .22 LR

You can’t have too much rimfire ammo… particularly when you can get quality, American-made .22 LR ammunition for under $50.00 a brick. This Federal HV Match ammo is good for varminting, cross-training, and general plinking. Graf’s price includes shipping after a single $7.95 handling charge. Buy while you can — this will sell out fast.

6. Amazon — Kowa 60mm TSN-601 Spotting Scope Body

Deals Week Kowa Spotting Scope TSN-61

If you are looking for a rugged, reliable, and affordable spotting scope to watch flags, mirage, and shot spotting discs, this angled-body Kowa TSN-61 will do the job. These Kowa spotters have been used successfully for years by prone and High Power competitors. Sure the glass is not as sharp as the latest top-of-the-line HD spotting scopes, but the TSN-61 is a small fraction of the price of high-end models which can run $2000 or more. The money you save can buy four premium hand-lapped barrels. NOTE: This item is the scope body only. Eyepieces are sold separately — expect to pay about $250.00 for a Kowa 20-60X Zoom eyepiece.

7. CDNN Sports — Insanely Cheap ANSI-rated Eye Protection

Deals Week Stansport Thermos Bottle Shotgun Shotshell

Safety eyewear for two bucks. That’s right, you can get ANSI Z87.1-rated safety glasses (clear or amber lenses) for just $1.99. At that price you should pick up a half-dozen sets, just so you have extras for friends and family. We strongly recommend that shooters wear eye protection at all times when handling firearms. You only have one set of eyes folks — take care of them. This eyewear special is offered by CDNN Sports in the latest catalog (pp. 101-102). Call 800-588-9500 to order.

8. Amazon — ShotShell Thermo Bottle

Deals Week Stansport Thermos Bottle Shotgun Shotshell

Looking for a perfect, last-minute holiday gift for a shooter in your family? This is a great gift item that is as useful as it is clever. Verified purchasers of this 25 oz. Shotshell Thermo bottle give it high marks, saying it is a great gift for a hunter or sportsman.

9. Amazon — 8x30mm Military Marine Binoculars

Deals Week Steiner Military Marine Binoculars

Your Editor uses these Steiner 8×30 binoculars. For most duties, they work great. They are compact, light-weight (18 oz.) and easy to hold. The best feature is the focusing system. Once you adjust each eyepiece for your eyes, everything from about 25 yards to infinity is in focus — honest. The $202.49 price at is $30-$50 less than you’ll pay at other vendors. NOTE: If you want better dawn/dusk low-light performance, spend more money on premium binoculars. But for basic daylight duties, these will do the job. NOTE: Steiner offers a 10x50mm version, but the 8x30mm is HALF the weight. Verfified Purchaser Review: “I bought these binoculars for a recent hunting trip. They are…very clear at any range. I have very different eyes, one is 20/200, the other is nearly perfect, 20/30. The sports auto-focus on this is GREAT. Once I set them for my eyes, they were perfect.”

Steiner 8x30mm Military Marine

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July 27th, 2014

Great Deals on Rimfire Guns at CDNN

Everyone needs a few good .22 LR firearms for fun shooting, target practice, and cross-training. We found two exceptional deals right now at CDNN Sports, a large wholesaler that specializes in inventory close-outs. CDNN acquires products at low cost, so they can sell well below MSRP.

The first item that caught our eye was a nice 1911-style target pistol. These full-size, German-made GSG rimfire 1911s often sell for $400.00 or more (MSRP is $427.95). This item is currently on sale for just $279.99. Plus a $30.00 distributor’s rebate is available for purchases made through July 31, 2014 (so you’ve got a few more days to grab one for $249.99 after rebate). Because the GSG is the same size as a centerfire 1911 pistol, the GSG is great for cross-training. The GSG is also compatible with many full-size 1911 parts.

GSG .22 LR Ruger 10/22 special

German Sport Guns (GSG) M1911 Target — Same Look And Feel As Full-Size M1911

GSG .22 LR Ruger 10/22 special

Ruger 10/22 with Synthetic Stock or Wood Stock for $189.99
If you own a ranch or farm, or have some kids (or grand-kids) who enjoy plinking, a Ruger 10/22 should be part of your gun collection. For 50 years, the Ruger 10/22 has been America’s favorite .22 LR rifle. Durable and simple, the Ruger® 10/22® rifle is well-suited for informal target shooting, “plinking”, and eradicating small varmints. And now you can get one for under $200.00.

GSG .22 LR Ruger 10/22 special

CDNN currently has the 10/22 with synthetic stock on sale for $189.99. Weighing just 5 pounds, this rifle features an 18.5″ barrel, 13.50″ Length Of Pull, and a 10-round rotary magazine. MSRP is MSRP $279.00, so this is a very good deal. A wood-stocked version is also offered for just $189.99.

GSG .22 LR Ruger 10/22 special

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April 20th, 2014

Great Deals from

Texas-based CDNN Investments, a large vendor of firearms and accessories, regularly offers great deals on guns and shooting gear. CDNN acquires overstock and discontinued inventory from major manufacturers and then sells this merchandise at a deep discount (way below MSRP). Over the years, CDNN has also specialized in law enforcement “buy-backs”, acquiring large quantities of “previously owned” police handguns, many of which have fired very few rounds. In addition to the overstock and trade-in firearms, CDNN maintains a huge inventory of new magazines and other gun accessories.

Great Prices at CDNN on Ruger 10/22 Rifles and Ruger 22/45 Pistols
The latest CDNN 14-1 Catalog has been released, and we found some great deals on Ruger rimfire firearms. If you are looking for an inexpensive, reliable .22 LR rifle and pistol for plinking with the kids (or dispatching furry pests on the farm), here are some great deals. The Ruger 10/22 is a classic that can easily be upgraded with aftermarket stocks, barrels, optics, and even triggers.

CDNN Ruger 10/22 a 22/45 pistol

CDNN Ruger 10/22 a 22/45 pistol

CDNN Launches All-New, Easy-To-Navigate Webstore
For 2014, CDNN has completely updated its website. At you’ll now find a modern, secure shopping cart system, with user-friendly navigation. Up top are tabs for Firearms, Optics, Accessories, Gun Parts, Magazines, Ammunition, and Current Specials. You can search by brand or keyword, so it’s now much easier to find specific products, such as grips and magazines for particular brands of pistols.

CDNN Investments Secure Webstore

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November 11th, 2013

Hot Deal: Remington ‘Take-Out’ Stocks, Barrels, and Triggers

Are you thinking thinking about a low-budget Remington 700 project? Perhaps you want to build a basic hunting rifle for a young family member. Or maybe you want to re-stock or re-barrel an old Rem 700 that’s sitting in the safe. Well here’s your opportunity. CDNN Investments has attained a large inventory of brand new “Take-Out” factory parts from Remington rifles. You’ll find triggers for $49.99, barrels for $49.99/$69.99, and synthetic stocks for $49.99/$59.99. If you already have a Rem 700 action, this will let you assemble a complete rifle for very little money. These are new Remington-made parts. NOTE: Though chambered as indicated, gunsmithing is required for installation of these barrels.

For more information, or to order, visit or call (800) 588-9500.

CDNN Investments Remington Parts

CDNN Investments Remington Take-out Parts

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February 17th, 2011

Winchester Factory Rifle Stocks at Huge Discounts

If you have a model 70 or a modern Winchester bolt-action that needs re-stocking, here is a great opportunity to pick up an inletted factory stock for peanuts. Gunsmiths who build customs on model 70 action should also take notice. CDNN Investments has acquired a huge quantity of Winchester factory stocks of all shapes and sizes, wood, laminate, and synthetic. CDNN is selling them off at “fire-sale” prices. For example, a Sporter Walnut Featherweight Blem stock for a post-64 action is just $39.99 including buttpad and swivel studs. A black, checkered, synthetic stock for a post-64 action (with heavy barrel) is just $49.99, including pad and studs. And if you need something fancy for a modern Long Action Winchester, a Grade II/III walnut Sporter stock, checkered, with recoil pad and swivel studs, is $149.99. That’s still cheaper than many uninletted walnut blanks.

CDNN Winchester Stocks

These and other stock bargains are contained in CDNN’s latest 2010-6 catalog, on page 138 (shown above). You can view the new CDNN catalog online, or download the catalog as a PDF file.

CLICK HERE for Direct Download of CDNN Catalog 2010-6 (41.3 megabyte PDF).

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November 8th, 2010

New CDNN Fall Catalog Available

Ruger 10/22 bargainTexas retailer CDNN Investments often acquires large inventories of overstocked firearms and then offers them at close-to-wholesale prices. When CDNN comes out with a new catalog you know there will be some amazing deals that won’t last long. The latest 2010-4 CDNN catalog was recently released.

CLICK HERE to download CDNN 2010-4 Catalog.

There are some great deals this month on Howa 1500-series hunting rifles. The lightweight “Lightning” model with 22″ barrel and Realtree camo stock is just $349.99, chambered in .243 Win, .308 Win, 25-06, .270 Win, or .30-06. Without the camo, a tan version in .243 Win is just $339.99. We were most intrigued by the Howa 1500 Custom Varmint models at $399.99. Fitted with 20″ or 24″ barrels, you have your choice of five popular chamberings: .204 Ruger, .223 Rem, .22-250, .243 Win, or .308 Win.

Howa 1500 rifle specials

Listed below are some of the best gun deals we found in the new 2010-4 Fall Catalog. There are also some amazing deals on HK, Sig Sauer, and Springfield Armory handguns with prices “too low to print”. You’ll need to call CDNN at (800) 588-9500 for details.

  • SigArms 522 .22LR Trainer, $399.99 (MSRP $572.00)
  • Ruger No.1 in .204 Ruger, 22″ Barrel. $649.99 (MSRP $1147.00)
  • Winchester m70 Super Grade, .30-06 (24″ bbl) or 300 WM (26″ bbl), Fancy Walnut Stock, Engraved Receiver, $899.99.
  • HK PSP 9mm handgun, ‘A’ grade select. Every serious handgun aficionado should have a P7m8 or PSP squeeze-cocker in his collection. These are beautifully machined, slim, accurate handguns. Call for Price.
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June 19th, 2010

More Deals from CDNN Investments’ New Online Catalog

CDNN Sig SauerCDNN Investments has updated its online catalog, and now you can access the catalog with one click from your browser. (Previously you would have to download a huge PDF file). As usual the CDNN catalog is full of exceptional deals. Multi-Gun competitors may be interested in the ultra-reliable Sig Sauer 556 Carbines. For a limited time, if you purchase a Sig 556 in .223 Rem, you get a FREE Sig Sauer 522 rifle. The 522 is a semi-auto .22LR rimfire rifle with ergonomics virtually identical to the centerfire 556. This allows you to train for matches with inexpensive rimfire ammo. If you’ve always coveted a Sig Carbine, this is a great offer.

CDNN’s current catalog contains thousands of bargains in its 124 pages. In addition to handguns, rifles, and shotguns at bargain-basement prices, you’ll find a full range of shooting accessories. Some of the intriguing deals we found are listed below. The Sig p232 is a superb .380 acp carry gun — probably the most reliable .380 you can buy. This all-metal gun is a good deal heavier than “pocket” .380s, but it is durable and very accurate. As the owner of a Sig p230, the predecessor to the p232, I can tell you that these guns are crafted with typical Sig quality, and the p23X series of pistols hold their value very well.

CDNN Sig Sauer

CDNN is also selling Bore-Snakes for just $8.99, and it is selling Birchwood Casey target stickers at ultra-low prices. Choose from fluorescent orange stickers, or the Shoot-N-C variety that leave a bright yellow ring around each bullet hole. We really like the orange stickers for testing at longer ranges. The 2″ sticker is great at 300 yards, while the 3″ sticker is big enough for 600 yards. The orange circle is easy to pick up on a target board, and the black diamond in the middle of the 3″ sticker is visible at 600 yards with a high-magnification scope. This allows very precise aiming at 600.

CDNN Sig Sauer

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May 2nd, 2010

NEW CDNN Spring Catalog Available for Download

Ruger 10/22 bargainTexas retailer CDNN Investments often acquires large inventories of overstocked firearms and then offers them at close-to-wholesale prices. When CDNN comes out with a new catalog you know there will be some amazing deals that won’t last long. The latest 2010-2 CDNN catalog was recently released. CLICK HERE to download CDNN 2010-2 Catalog.

Listed below are some of the best long-gun deals we found in the new spring Catalog. There are also some amazing deals on HK, Sig Sauer, and Springfield Armory handguns with prices “too low to print”. You’ll need to call CDNN at (800) 588-9500 for details.

  • Ruger 10/22 Stainless Package, $239.99 (Reg. $357.00)
  • Ruger No.1 in .204 Ruger, 22″ or 26″ Barrel. $649.99 (MSRP $1147.00)
  • Winchester m70 Super Grade, .30-06 (24″ bbl) or 300 WM (26″ bbl), Fancy Walnut Stock, Engraved Receiver, $849.99.
  • FNH SLP Mark I Tactical Shotgun with 9-shot mag, scope rail, and fiber optic front sight. A great choice for 3-Gun competition, the FNH SLP was the 2009 NRA Shotgun of the Year. Call for Price.

FN Tactical Shotgun

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March 13th, 2010

NEW 2010 CDNN Catalog Released — Some Notable Bargains

CDNN CatalogThe first 2010 CDNN Investments catalog has just been released for downloading. As usual, it contains impressive deals on handguns, rifles, shotguns, scopes, magazines, gun parts, and shooting accessories. Plus, as part of CDNN’s “March Madness” sale, CDNN is offering low-cost $5.99 shipping for any internet order. You can also get Free Shipping for internet orders over $200 (use Coupon Code fs200). NOTE: These special shipping offers apply to this weekend only — the offers expire Monday, March 15th at 12:00 noon CST.

CLICK HERE to Download 2010-1 CDNN Catalog (32 mb PDF file)

HK, Sig Sauer, and Springfield Pistols on Sale
Plus Nice Winchester Model 70 Rifles

Among the discounted handguns are the popular KelTec sub-compacts, HK USPs and P30s, and a wide selection of Springfield Armory 1911s. CDNN also has stainless demo models of the sleek Sig Sauer p232 — complete with night sights. Very nice gun that will hold its value. There are scores of AR15 type rifles at deep discounts, plus CD Defense AR15 bare lower receivers for just $99.99. Hunters should check out the inventory of Winchester Model 70s. There’s a nice Belgian-proofed Featherlite with Safari sights, premium Schnabel fore-end stock, and cut checkering. Chambered in either 300 WSM or 7mm WSM, this would make a handsome elk rifle for just $699.99.

Winchester Model 70s

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October 4th, 2009

NEW CDNN Catalog Released — Some Great Deals

CDNN Investments is a large retailer that acquires overstock inventories of rifles, shotguns, and pistols, as well as shooting accessories. You can often purchase brand new rifles for 50% to 70% of the original retail price. And this includes major brands such as Browning, Remington, Ruger, T/C, and Winchester. Just released, CDNN’s latest catalog includes great deals on FN (Winchester M70-type) actions with scope rail and box magazine ($349.99, p.33), Ruger No. 1s ($699.99, p.35), and T/C Icon hunting rifles (starting at $499.99, p.40).

CLICK HERE to download the latest catalog (29.2 megabyte PDF file).

We found some great deals in the new CDNN catalog. Hunters should check out the Winchester m70 Super Shadow package. Complete with a composite stock and Simmons 3-9x40mm scope, this light-weight (6 lb.), 7mm WSM hunting rifle is just $389.99 (catalog, p.39). A complete elk-hunting rig for under $400 is a bargain.

CDNN Investments

Hunters or target shooters who travel by air should consider the Browning 4-gun Travel Case (catalog, p.121). This torpedo-shaped container holds up to four (4) long-guns in soft bags. Airline-approved, these Browning cases are quite durable. Their 4-gun capacity lets you avoid expensive baggage surcharges. If you’re headed out on a varmint hunt with multiple rifles, this is a good option. Regularly priced at $120.00, the Browning Airline case is just $49.99.

CDNN Investments

Owners of Sigarms SSG 3000 and Sauer 200 series rifles should act quickly. The complete factory 22 rimfire Conversion Kit, normally $2000.00, is on sale at CDNN for just $799.99 (catalog, p.98). This Kit includes bolt, magazine adapter, and 22LR barrel. CLICK HERE for a previous Daily Bulletin report showing this conversion in a Sauer 202 rifle. It is a very slick system that lets you use your normal stock, action, and trigger. Grab it at this price.

Sauer 22LR Conversion

CDNN Investments

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June 26th, 2009

How to Save $1400.00 on a .308 Tactical Rifle

We noticed that the shooting media has touted Wilson Combat’s announcement that it will sell the FN “Patrol” .308 rifle for $1995.00. This rifle, as built by FN, has a Hogue black or olive drab stock with an aluminum bedding block. The action is a Model 70 clone.

When we saw this rifle on Wilson Combat’s website we thought, “Hmm, that looks familiar….” Sure enough, CDNN Investments is now offering essentially the same FN rifle (but with non-fluted barrels) for nearly $1400.00 less.

Wilson Combat FN Patrol (with trigger adjustment) — $1995.00

FN Patrol rifle

Wilson Combat FN Patrol (no trigger adjustment) — $599.99

FN Patril rifle sale

CDNN is also selling an olive drab (green) version for $699.99. And if you don’t like either Hogue stock, you can buy the barreled action for $499.99, or the FN Patrol short action (complete with scope rail, bottom metal, and detachable magazine) for $349.99.

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January 9th, 2008

Citi/First Data Anti-Gun Policies Stir Controversy, Calls for Boycott

The news that Citi Merchant Services and First Data have refused to process sales for guns and gun accessories has spread like wildfire across the internet, arousing the ire of gun owners around the country. The story broke when the NSSF reported that Citi Merchant Services and First Data terminated the merchant account of CDNN Sports, a large, Texas-based gun retailer. There have been calls for the boycott of Citicorp/Citibank/Citi-Card products, as many gun owners have vowed to close their Citibank accounts or terminate their Citi-affiliated credit cards.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Citicorp/Citigroup has faced a boycott threat from gun owners. In 2000, after Citibank imposed a “no firearms” policy on a Nevada gun range, firearms owners nationwide responded with a boycott that caused Citibank to alter its policies.

The Year 2000 Citibank Boycott
As reported by the Second Amendment Foundation (“SAF”), the “Battle began with a February 7, 2000 letter from Citibank to the Nevada Pistol Academy stating that their recently approved account would be closed in ten days ‘due to Citibank not maintaining accounts for businesses that deal in weapons.’ This letter revealed an otherwise secret policy of refusing accounts from lawful, Federally-licensed firearm-related businesses.” In response to a threatened boycott from the SAF and other firearms groups, Citibank, a member of CitiGroup, agreed to drop its policy of refusing accounts of lawful firearms businesses. Citibank agreed to treat small firearms sellers the same as other businesses “using the same standards” according to a Citibank media statement.

Citicorp and First Data Alliance
Fast forward to 2008 — In the current dispute, some folks have wondered whether Citicorp is directly involved in the denial of card processing services to CDNN Sports which sparked the controversy. The answer is yes. Though First Data provides processing solutions, Citi Merchant Services handles the actual banking end of the card processing. First Data explains: “Citi Merchant Services provided by First Data Merchant Services Corporation is a contractual alliance in the U.S. between Citicorp Payment Services, Inc. (CPSI) and First Data Merchant Services Corporation (FDMS). FDMS provides all the systems, technology, processing services and customer support to the alliance. CPSI is the sponsoring card association member and provides the clearing and settlement functions on behalf of the alliance.”

Termination Based on Faulty Legal Interpretation
In terminating CDNN’s merchant services account, and freezing $75,000 of CDNN’s card collections, Citi Merchant Services (“CMS”) and First Data specifically cited the sales of firearms in interstate commerce as the reason. CMS/First Data asserted that interstate firearms sales violate the Gun Control Act and that “shipping across state lines is also banned”. CMS/First Data misconstrue the law, and ignore the fact that any and all firearms sold by CDNN to non-Texas customers must be shipped to licensed FFLs, in full compliance with Federal statute. If you have ever purchased a gun from CDNN you know it will only ship to verified FFL-holders.

Either CMS and First Data are completely ignorant of the law, or they are using a faulty interpretation of Federal law as a pretext to deny services to CDNN. Either way, the actions of CMS and First Data are unjustified. As one internet poster wrote: “Citi Bank [CMS/First Data] has taken the view that THEY are an arm of the BATF. Problem is, they do not even understand the rules.” Here is the termination letter sent to CDNN Sports. Click the image for a full size version with the key text highlighted:

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