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February 23rd, 2011

Cowboy Action World Championship Tonight on Shooting USA

End of Trail SASSTonight, Feb. 23, at 8:00 pm on the Outdoor Channel, Shooting USA features End of Trail, the Cowboy Action World Championship. Hosted annually at the SASS Founders Ranch in New Mexico, End of Trail attracts over 1,000 shooters, hailing from 50 states and many foreign countries. SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society, is one of the most popular shooting organizations on the planet, having issued over 90,000 member badges. For SASS members, End of Trail represents the Superbowl and World Series combined.

End of Trail SASS

If you like multi-gun competition, you’ll enjoy watching Cowboy Action Matches. The top male and female shooters are experts with three kinds of firearms: Lever Rifle, Single-Action Revolver, and Shotgun (which can be a double-barrel side-by-side, or a pump, or even an 1887 lever-action). The guns must be originals or reproductions made prior to 1898 to be used in competition. A typical stage will require 5 shots from each of two six guns, ten rounds from the rifle, chambered in a pistol caliber, and 6 to 8 shotgun rounds.

End of Trail SASS

24 Rounds from Four Guns in under 13 Seconds
To give you an idea of the action you can see tonight on Shooting USA, here is a video of past world Champion Spencer Hogland, aka “Lead Dispencer”. In this video, Spencer fires 24 rounds, with four guns, in just 12.81 seconds (look at the timer in lower right corner). Spencer shows blazing speed with his lever gun and note how quickly he loads his shotgun. Fast loading is key to a successful stage run. Unlike modern multi-gun comps, normally Cowboy Action Shooters must start with empty shotguns.

YouTube Preview Image
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December 27th, 2010

New NRA TV show Premieres January 2 on Outdoor Channel

On Sunday, January 2, the Friends of NRA television show will premiere at 10:30pm EST on the Outdoor Channel. The Show is co-hosted by professional shooter Jessie Abbate and former MLB player Matt Duff (host of the Buck Commander series). Based on the Preview Video below, it appears the show will have high production values and be entertaining. Click Here for Guide to Future Episodes

Click on Screen to Start Video

In the show, Matt and Jessie travel across the United States to explore the world of NRA’s grassroots fund-raising program known as Friends of NRA, which provides grants for firearms education classes, construction and maintenance of shooting ranges and various youth programs.

Hundreds of Friends of NRA banquets are held across the country each year. Matt and Jessie will attend events and meet the people whose generous donations help the world of shooting sports. Here is the the Outdoor Channel’s description of the upcoming show:

Whether they’re spending time at the Whittington Center, showcasing the world’s best at the Bianchi Cup, going behind the scenes on an exclusive Black Bear Hunt in Alaska, or introducing America to our unsung heroes during a Wounded Warrior Elk Hunt — Matt & Jessie will go everywhere and explore everything to uncover the unseen facets of the shooting [world].

Matt Duff (L) and Jessie Abbate (R) Host New Friends of NRA TV Show.

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June 26th, 2010

Impossible Shots TV Show Now on Saturdays AND Wednesdays

Flanigan Impossible ShotsImpossible Shots, a spin-off of the Shooting USA TV show, is now the most-watched series on the Outdoor Channel’s Wednesday Night line-up of gun-related broadcasts. Reflecting its growing popularity, Impossible Shots will now also air on Saturdays, at these times: 4:30 PM EST, 3:30 CST, 2:30 MT, 1:30 PT. Impossible Shots features amazing trick-shooting challenges performed by six top professionals: Pistoleros Bub Munden, Jerry Miculek, and Gil Guerra, rifleman George Sutton, and archer Byron Ferguson. There are also regular appearances by Team Winchester’s Patrick Flanigan, considered the world’s fastest shotgun shooter. In the video below, Flanigan shoots 12 shells in just 1.442 seconds!

YouTube Preview Image
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September 2nd, 2008

Full Slate of Shooting TV Shows Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday on the Outdoor Channel, starting at 4:00 pm, you can enjoy a full line-up of firearms-related television shows. That’s right, you can sit down and soak up 7 hours of shooting broadcasts without changing a channel. That may be overkill, but it’s nice to know there’s plenty of firearms-related content every week, all in one place. Here is a typical Wednesday-night schedule for the Outdoor Channel (specific offerings and times subject to change). MidwayUSA is to be commended for sponsoring many of these shows.

CLICK HERE for detailed Outdoor Channel Programming Guide.

Wednesday 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM EST

4:00 PM: American Rifleman Television
4:30 PM: Shooting USA
5:00 PM: Sighting In with Shooting USA
5:30 PM: Guns & Ammo Television
6:00 PM: Hunter’s Specialties Outdoors
6:30 PM: Inside USA Shooting
7:00 PM: Step Outside
7:30 PM: MidwayUSA’s Cowboys
8:00 PM: Shooting Gallery presented by Crimson Trace
8:30 PM: Shooting USA
9:00 PM: Sighting In with Shooting USA
9:30 PM: Guns & Ammo Television
10:00 PM: American Rifleman Television
10:30 PM: MidwayUSA’s Cowboys

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