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June 28th, 2021

USAMU Wins Interservice Team Match at Quantico

2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match USAMU Quantico Virginia

This past weekend, the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Service Rifle Team won the 2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match held in Quantico, Virginia. The USAMU squad finished with an impressive score of 4918-185X! This competition features 10-person teams. All the shooters have to perform well to secure the team victory.

2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match USAMU Quantico Virginia

This is a tough match, shot with multiple positions at 200, 300, and 600 yards. In this course of fire, all members of a 10-person team complete the following stages:

Stage 1 at 200 yards — 10 standing, slow fire shots with a total time of 66 minutes.
Stage 2 at 200 yards — 10 sitting from standing, rapid fire shots within 60 seconds per shooter.
Stage 3 at 300 yards — 10 prone from standing, rapid fire shots within 70 seconds per shooter.
Stage 4 at 600 yards — 20 prone, slow fire shots with a total time of 126 minutes.

2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match USAMU Quantico Virginia
2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match USAMU Quantico Virginia

Team members were: Sgt. 1st Class Walter Craig (coach), Lt. Col. Erik Andreasen (captain), Staff Sgt. Erin McNeil (497-21X), Sgt. Brandon Muske (495-22X), Sgt. Jarrod McGaffic (495-18X), Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Green (494-20X), Sgt. Jared Desrosiers (494-15x), Staff Sgt. David Bahten (492-19X), Spc. Kade Jackovich (492-17X), Spc. Luke Rettmer (489-16X) Staff Sgt. Verne Conant (487-13X) and Sgt. Lane Ichord (483-24x).

2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match USAMU Quantico Virginia SSG Erin McNeil

By earning the top score in this match, SSG Erin McNeil (shown above) also earned the Lt. Col. Reynolds Trophy. SGT Muske placed second in this category. The 2021 Interservice Match at Quantico concludes today with the well-known Infantry Trophy Team Match. See more Interservice match photos at: USAMU Flickr Archive (742 images).

2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match USAMU Quantico Virginia
2021 Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match USAMU Quantico Virginia

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March 13th, 2015

Soldiers and Marines Test Talladega Targets

CMP USAMU USMC Marksmanship Talladega Park CMP

It’s rare when Soldiers and Marines agree on anything. But in this case, both Army shooters and Marine marksmen endorsed the electronic target system at Talladega. Members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) and the U.S. Marine Corps Service Rifle Team traveled to Alabama to test the Kongsberg electronic target system at the CMP’s new Talladega Marksmanship Park. Despite wet weather, the system worked well, allowing shooters to see their shot locations (and scores) instantly. At each shooting station a monitor displays the shooter’s target. Shots are plotted as contrasting white dots with shot values automatically calculated. Watch the video below to hear what the Soldiers and Marines thought of this high-tech system.

Video Shows Electronic Target System in Action

SGT Joseph Hall of the USAMU said the target system was “Super-smooth, super-quick. So far everything has been fantastic. We are saving a tremendous amount of time. There are no pit changes because everything is electronic. We are able to concentrate more on the shooting aspect… and less on … taking care of the targets and pit changes and relay changes. The relay changes here are just as simple as moving your equipment and the next guy getting on the line. The amount of time you’re saving is just incredible.”

CMP USAMU USMC Marksmanship Talladega Park CMP

CMP USAMU USMC Marksmanship Talladega Park CMP

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July 29th, 2013

USAMU Shooters Win Team and Individual Interservice Titles

Soldiers from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) captured the overall individual and team championships at the 52nd Annual Interservice Rifle Championships, held July 16-23 at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. More than 100 competitors from the Army, Army Reserve, Marine Corps, Navy, and National Guard fired on targets at 200, 300, 600, and 1,000-yard distances.

USAMU Interservice Rifle Championpships Quantico

SSG Brandon Green won his third individual championship and was also a member of the winning Army team, which claimed its seventh consecutive team championship and 16th in the past 19 years. Posting a 992-56X score, Green made history with his third championship. He is the only Army marksman to ever win the Interservice championship three times and the second armed service member to do so in the competition’s 52-year history. “The whole match went very well,” Green said. “The weather was perfect, the guns and ammo shot well. You have to be focused out there and be on top of your game because the guy shooting next to you is just as good as you are.”

Brandon Green SSG Interservice Championship Quantico

New 1000-Yard Service Rifle Record Set
SFC Daniel Peters won the service rifle long-range championship. Peters also set a new service rifle 1,000-yard record with a score of 200-11X. SSG Ty Cooper won the match rifle long-range championship. SGT Augustus Dunfey won the prestigious Lt. Col. C.A. Reynolds Memorial Trophy for high score in the 10-man team match with an outstanding 499-22X.

USAMU Wins All Team Matches
The USAMU swept all team matches, including the 1,000-yard, Commanding General, Marine Corps Infantry Trophy, and 10-man Interservice Rifle Team Championship matches. “The team continues to be successful because of the holistic approach that the unit takes towards marksmanship,” said Capt. Ryan Calhoon, operations officer. “We combine a world-class custom firearms shop; a load facility that continues to develop and test ammunition for our weapons; and world-class shooters[.]”

File Photo from 2010 Interservice Rifle Championships
USAMU Interservice Rifle Championpships Quantico

Next Stop — Camp Perry
The USAMU rifle team is now focused on Camp Perry, Ohio, where team members will conduct the annual Small Arms Firing School followed by competing in the National Rifle Championships and National Trophy Matches.

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September 13th, 2011

Glock Donates $75K to Marine Corps Service Organizations

Glock 25 YearsLater this month, GLOCK, Inc. will donate a total of $75,000 to two organizations, the Young Marines and the Marine Corps League. On Wednesday, Sept. 28th, Glock V.P. Josh Dorsey (a former Marine) will present $50,000 to the Young Marines and $25,000 to the Marine Corps League during a presentation held at the Iwo Jima Memorial, Quantico, Virginia.

$50,000 to Young Marines
This will be the sixth consecutive year that Glock has made this contribution to the Young Marines totaling $300,000. The Young Marines is a nonprofit youth organization whose mission is to provides programs for youth that promote mental, moral and physical health through teamwork, self-discipline and a drug-free lifestyle. The program strives to instill core values of “Honor, Courage and Commitment” adopted by each member of the Marine Corps.

$25,000 to Marine Corps League
This is the second year that Glock has made a contribution to this organization. The Marine Corps League is comprised of retired Marines volunteers who render assistance to all Marines and former Marines and to the families of fallen Marines. The group actively supports injured Marines, and assists youth programs. The League takes an active role in Veterans benefits issues and helps with the National Marine Corps Museum.

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September 3rd, 2010

Seven New Nat’l Records Set at Quantico High Power Weekend

by Lorne Cooper
This past weekend at Quantico MCB Range 4, the Quantico Shooting Club hosted its 3rd NRA Registered Tournament for 2010. This was a match for the ages, with a total of seven (7) pending National Records set in Individual and Team Competition. The 34 competitors in this 2-day match had to cope with hot, 95° weather, but otherwise conditions were generally mild — helping the marksmen record some spectacular scores.

Quantico Club High Power Weekend

300-Yard F-TR and Service Rifle Records Broken
Match One consisted of the 300-yard, 15-shot Individual Prone Course. In the F-TR Class, Brian Santucci fired a 150-7X to break the 149-8X record set by Joseph Sturtevant and GySgt Daniel Borowiecki fired a 141-5X to set a new record for the Service category. In the F-Open Class (Senior), David Dye fired a 150-10X to tie the record set by Jim Murphy. On the High Power side, Nathaniel Guernsey placed 1st with a 149-8X.

Quantico Club High Power WeekendNew National F-TR Team Record: 1744-61X
Match 2 was a 4-man team fire of the Mid Range Prone Course (45 shots per member), 15 shots each at 300, 500 and 600 yards. In F-TR, the winning Camp Butner F‐Troop team set a new National Agg Record of 1744-61X. The team consisted of Joseph Conley (436-15X), James Croft (438-11X), Phil Kelley (426-13X), and Jeff Rorer (444-22X).

New Iron Sights Team Records
For High Power Metallic Sight, Team VFEMI set a new record with an aggregate score of 1767-82X. Team members were Carl Lindezweig (432-20X), John Badger (444-18X), Nathaniel Guernsey (447-28X) and Jack McKinney (444-16X). The USMC Gold team also set a new National Record in the Service Category with a score of 1765-76X. The team members are: Sgt Sean Morris (442-16X), GySgt James Otto (440-14X), and Sgt Joshua Peterson (435-17X), and Sgt Emily Windmassinger (448-39X). The Long Range Palma Course of Fire (Match 3) was shot on Sunday. GySgt Daniel Borowiechi broke the record he set back in June in the F-TR Service category with a 399-5X.

Quantico Club High Power Weekend
Special thanks go to GySgt Chris Stephens for running a smooth and efficient Line! Our next match will be a Fullbore match to be held on September 25th & 26th. Come out to Quantico for what is expected to be another fantastic weekend!

Note: The National Records reported here are based upon the latest information available and are still subject to verification. Photos courtesy of Doug Hurst.
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August 5th, 2010

USAMU and SSG Green Dominate 2010 Interservice Match

U.S. Army Marksmanship UnitThe U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Service Rifle team dominated the 49th Interservice Rifle Championships. USAMU shooters won the coveted 10-man Interservice Rifle team championship and swept every major award at the Interservice tournament, held last week at Quantico, Virginia. USAMU teams also won the the 1,000-yard team match in both the service rifle and match rifle categories, setting a new match record in the service rifle category. With its performance at Quantico, the USAMU completed a sweep of all interservice marksmanship championships in 2010 — soldiers and teams from the USAMU previously won the shotgun and pistol interservice competitions, as a team and individually.

Sgt. Brandon Green USAMu

Individually, Staff Sgt. Brandon Green was the big winner during the week. He won six championships, including the overall individual championship — his second time winning the prestigious title. He also won the Coast Guard match, the Marine Corps match, the 600-yard match rifle, the 1,000-yard match rifle, and the match rifle individual long-range championship.

Members of the winning 10-man Interservice Rifle team were: Sgt. 1st Class Lance Dement, Sgt. 1st Class Grant Singley, Staff Sgt. Tyrell Cooper, Staff Sgt. Brandon Green, Staff Sgt. Joel Micholick, Staff Sgt. Scott Grant, Sgt. Sherri Jo Gallagher, Spc. Kevin Trickett, Spc. Augustus Dunfey, and Pfc. Amanda Elsenboss. Coaches were Sgt. 1st Class Emil Praslick and Staff Sgt. Walter Craig. Cooper was the high individual shooter during the match with a score of 497-21x.

Interservice Championship USAMu

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May 29th, 2010

Quantico Memorial Day Weekend Remembering the Brave Match

Quantico Marine logo VirginiaThe First Eastern Armed Forces Memorial Match is being hosted by the Quantico Shooting Club this Memorial Day weekend. Each year, 14 military service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country will be honored at this match. The trophies will bear the names of the service members and the winner of each match. All match entry fees are donated to the Remembering the Brave Foundation, which was founded by Stephen Beck. Steve was a Casualty Assistance Officer in the Marine Corps and is a high power shooter. This match was his idea as a way to remember our fallen heroes.

Quantico Memorial Day Match
De Oppresso Liber (“to Liberate the Oppressed”) is the motto of the United States Army Special Forces.

The 1000-yard individual match is named in honor of PO1 Joseph Adam McSween. Adam’s mother Florence was present and spoke to the group of shooters after the match about her son. Adam was killed by enemy action while conducting combat operations in Kirkuk in 2007. he presented the trophy named for her son to the winners. Victor Armenta was first with a score of 199-12x. Jon Howell was one “x” behind for second place and Dave Kerin was third with 198-12x.

The 1000-yard team match is named in honor PO2 Marc A. Lee, the first SEAL to be killed in Iraq in 2006. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart posthumously. The winning team was the Virginia Shooting Sports Association. The individual aggregate match is named for SSG Marc J. Small, a Special Forces Medic, who was killed in Afghanistan last year. His father, Murray, was at the match and spoke about his son’s decision to join the Army. Murray presented the awards to the top three shooters in the aggregate. Jon Howell was the high individual shooter, dropping only three points on the day. Victor Armenta was second and Ken Roxburgh was third.

Story and photo courtesy the NRA Blog and Jan Raab, Nat’l Mgr. of NRA’s High Power Rifle Program.

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February 24th, 2010

Young Champion Relies on Tack-Driving 6mmAR Upper

After we reported that Tyler Rico of Arizona won the Nevada Regional High Power Championship (at the ripe old age of 15), some of our readers asked about Tyler’s match rifle. Tyler, who earned his Distinguished badge at age 13 (the youngest ever to do do), primarily shoots AR-platform rifles. The AR with which Tyler won the 2010 Nevada Regional featured a custom 6mmAR upper built by Robert Whitley’s AR-X Enterprises. The 6mmAR chambering, basically a 6.5 Grendel necked down to 6mm, was popularized by Robert, who is himself an avid High Power shooter.

Tyler Rico’s 6mmAR upper has an interesting history. Whitley explained: “Originally we built it up for some testing by the Marine Shooting Team and we took it down to Quantico. They liked it a lot but did not have authority or funding to buy them. When Tyler’s father called me looking for an upper for Tyler, I offered a special deal on it because we wanted to help support a junior shooter.” Built on a heavy-walled DPMS Low Pro receiver, Tyler’s upper features a 26″ Krieger 1:8″ twist barrel, and a side-positioned charging handle.

According to Whitley, “My test rifle with Tyler’s upper shot great. Above is a photo of one of the initial 10-shot, 100-yard test targets I shot with the upper at 100 yards. This gun really hammered. Remember The ‘X’ ring is the size of a dime”.

Five Shots at 300m that Could Fit under a Quarter
Robert Whitley took the photo below at the Marine’s Quantico, VA, Precision Weapons Section facility. The photo shows a target shot with Tyler’s upper at 300 meters. That’s a five-shot group the size of a quarter. Robert reports: “The Marines wouldn’t let me take the target home, because they planned to use the target to support their lobbying effort for funds to purchase new 6mmAR uppers.”

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