March 9th, 2015

Rebates on Savage Rifles — Save Up to $100.00

Savage Rifle Arms rebate $100 Off

Thinking about getting a Savage rifle? With the Save on a Savage Rebate you can save up to $100.00. Here’s how the promo works: Get a Savage Model 12 or 10/110 LE Series rifle and claim a $100 mail-in rebate, or choose any Model 25, Trophy Predator Hunter, or AXIS Heavy Barrel and get $50 back. Rimfire shooters who purchase any Mark ll, Model 93, 93R17 or B.MAG will be eligible for a $25 mail-in rebate. To qualify for the rebate, you must purchase the rifle before May 31, 2015, and submit a rebate form before June 30, 2015.

CLICK HERE to Download Savage REBATE Coupon.

Savage Rifle Arms rebate $100 Off

Read the Fine Print — Details of Offer
Firearms must be purchased between February 1, 2015 and May 31, 2015. Rebate coupon must be received by June 30, 2015. Trophy Hunter XP and Trophy Predator Hunter XP models eligible in U.S. only; Int’l Trophy Hunter XP and Int’l Trophy Predator Hunter XP models eligible in Canada only. This rebate of Federal Firearms Excise Tax is paid for the benefit of our vendee as a reduction in their original purchase price of the article. Offer valid in U.S. and Canada; U.S. funds only.

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September 8th, 2011

15-Year-Old Gal Wins Her First-Ever F-Class Match

Here’s a positive success story about a family that shoots together. Shooters’ Forum member Troy (aka ‘TTFreestyle’) is a competitive shooter whose 15-year-old daughter Michele is following in his footsteps. It looks like Michele is a born shooter, with exceptional natural talent — she won her first-ever F-Open match, shooting a 450-22x without dropping a point. Marksmanship definitely runs in the family. (Interestingly, Michele has a twin sister who also shoots, but according to Troy, “Michele’s twin doesn’t crave shooting the way Michele does.”)

Youth F-class

Troy reports: “My daughter Michele shot her first F-Open match today at Chattanooga rifle club. It was a three-relay, mid-range match with 15 shots at 300 yards and two more 15-shot relays at 500 yards. Michele shot 450-22x out of 450 with her Savage 6BR.” Troy revealed: “I was worried that I had not done enough load development for her, but I but guess it was good enough!” Troy added: “I helped Michele get set up with the rest and rear bag. I told her to have fun and follow-through. She did the rest. We were fortunate that the conditions were favorable for her relays — not too breezy and with little mirage. The wind really kicked up later while we were in the pits.”

Michele’s Rifle Specs — a Hot-Rodded Savage 110
Michele’s winning rifle, which Troy just completed two weeks ago, has some key upgrades. The barrel is a 28″ 6mmBR pre-fit Criterion from Northland Shooters Supply. Troy noted: “My wife’s gun also has a Criterion pre-fit barrel. Both Criterions shoot great — 2.5″ at 600 yards with minimal load development.” The Savage 110 action on Michele’s rifle now sits in a a href=”” target=”new”>Sharpshooter Supply Long Range Benchrest stock, pillar- and skim-bedded by Troy. One of the new Sightron tactical 8-32x56mm scopes rides on top on an EGW +20 MOA rail. The gun has the old three-screw Savage trigger with some tweaks done by Troy, who says “I prefer the old trigger (with some mods) to the new Accutrigger.”

Troy tells us: “Michele and I are both just starting in the mid/long range game. We have so much to learn and have met some very helpful friends. At Oakridge, I met Danny Biggs who gave us some advice I’ll never forget: ‘Matches are won in the reloading room’.” The load Troy developed for Michele was 30.2 grains Varget and 107 SMK into the lands running about 2850 fps.

Youth F-class

Father, Mother, and Daughter All Love to Shoot
Troy is quick to credit Michele’s trigger-pulling skills: “Michele is solid — 45 shots in a row and she kept going. I don’t think I can out-shoot her.” Troy added, “My wife Tammy also shoots. In fact, at Chattanooga, Tammy also cleaned the 300-yard match with 150-9X but dropped a few points at 500. After seeing how well Michele and Tammy did, maybe I just need to put the guns together and watch.”

Congrats to Michele, Tammy, and Troy! A family that shoots together is a great inspiration.

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