March 15th, 2007

"Superfeet" for your Front Rest

Dave Dohrmann has a clever new product for Benchrest and F-Class competitors. His “Match Superfeet” consist of stainless disks with neoprene (wetsuit material) on the bottom. The disks are spring-loaded, so they self-adjust to uneven surfaces. Superfeet are legal for IR 50/50, NBRSA, and IBS BR Competition, as well as NRA F-Class. These provide solid grip on wood and concrete benches, and eliminate problems with cratered benchtops. Superfeet easily attach to all popular front rests; no modification is required to height adjustment screws. The Standard Set (2 Superfeet w/spring retainers and 1 without) costs $27.95, while the 3 Spring Set (3 Superfeet w/spring retainers) costs $29.95. To order, call Dave at (864) 884-0155 or send email to dbugholes[at]

Dave Dohrmann Match SuperFeet

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