April 27th, 2007

Caldwell "Orange Peel" Targets on Sale

orange peel caldwell targetWhen you’re practicing at long-range (or sighting in at 100/200 yards), it’s much easier to see your bullet holes with the layered “splatter” type targets that create a bright, contrasting ring of color around your hits. Through the end of April, MidwayUSA has Caldwell “Orange Peel” targets on sale. A yellow ring appears around a hit in the black bull, while a white ring appears around a hit in the surrounding orange field. Click HERE to download a 3.3 meg video that shows how the “Orange Peel” targets work, or click this Streaming Video link if you have a fast connection. Shown is the 25 pack of 4×4″ targets, item 559073, our favorite target set for 500- and 600-yard practice. This set is marked down $3.00 to $11.99. To see all “Orange Peel” targets, go to MidwayUSA.com and type “Orange Peel” in the search box.

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