October 7th, 2015

White/Black Shoot-N-C Targets for Long Range Practice

Here’s a unique product that may be useful for practice sessions at 400 yards and beyond. Birchwood Casey now offers high-contrast, White/Black versions of its popular Shoot-N-C targets. There are four types of Shoot-N-C White/Black targets: 8″ Bulls-Eye X (#34802), 12″ Bulls-Eye X (#34019), and 12″ multi-diamond target (#34219), and 12″ x 18″ silhouette (#34615).

On all White/Black Shoot-N-C target types, the target background is all-white, and a large black “halo” or circle appears around each bullet hole. This makes the bullet impact much easier to see at long range. Normally it is very difficult to see 6mm (and smaller) bullet holes past 500 yards or so, unless conditions are absolutely perfect. At 800 or 1000 yards it can be nearly impossible to see even 30-caliber bullet holes in conventional paper targets. With these new white/black Shoot-N-C targets the large black ring surrounding each hit can be seen fairly easily, even at extreme ranges. NOTE: These targets work great with a target-cam — even if you have a monochrome monitor.

While you can certainly use the smaller black Shoot-N-C targets that produce a yellow “halo” when hit, we like these big bulls because they have a large enough background to show bullet impact even when you’re not quite “dialed in” at 500 yards and beyond. Also, when the mirage is thick, the black on white offers very high contrast. These white-background Shoot-N-C targets also work well in early morning, low-light conditions.

As priced on Brownell’s website, 6-target packs of the 8″ bulls cost $4.99, 5-target packs of the 12″ bulls cost $7.99. All three target types can also be bulk-ordered in multiples of 100. All these targets come with plenty of extra white pasters for extended target life. Birchwood-Casey says that these white/black targets also work great for indoor shooting.

Other White/Black target packs are available from Birchwood Casey on Amazon.com. They are more expensive, but the shipping is free.

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