April 17th, 2007

Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS on Sale

Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS is, in the opinion of many, the best 22LR ammo ever made. Red-label Ultimate EPS is the 22LR ammo with which Joe Friedrich recently shot a perfect 2500 and set a pending ARA 4-target record of 9700. This editor personally saw Joe shoot a 5-shot group at 50 yards that was one elongated hole about 0.300″ edge to edge. Lapua, RWS and Wolf also produce outstanding rimfire ammo, but if you’re looking for the pinnacle of rimfire accuracy, you owe it to yourself to try a couple boxes of Ultimate EPS. Through the end of April, MidwayUSA has Tenex Ultimate EPS on sale for $12.99 per box, item 126879.

Eley 22LR Ultimate EPS rimfire ammo

If you need a particular batch of Eley ammo, Bob Collins of C&S Accuracy sells Eley products by specific lot number. If you’re curious about how lot differences can affect rimfire accuracy, read this ELEY AMMO ARTICLE by Bob Collins. Here’s a sample: “Eley uses a system where the first three letters are for grade, year, and crimp. For example, with UFW prefix, U is Ultimate, F is 2001, and W is the crimp machine. The next four numbers are for loading machine and Lot number. Thus, for ammo marked UFW4375, 4 is the four machine and the 375 is the Lot number. The fps is printed underneath, e.g. 1055 fps. This fps on the label is an average of 50 shots from one of the six test guns at the Eley factory; these guns have 26 inch barrels with the chronograph three feet in front of the barrel. There are 4 different machines that load Eley Ultimate and Match EPS. I have found that these machines are very specific to which gunsmith chambers and fine-tunes your rifle. Depending on barrel twist, length, and the gunsmith who put the gun together, you will find at least three Lots of ammo that will shoot under different conditions without turning the tuner. Each machine has subtle differences, so that different machine lots of Ultimate can chamber and give the best accuracy.” If you have questions, call Bob at (478) 472-7176. He truly has a wealth of information to share.

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