April 4th, 2007

Free Ballistics Programs

On AccurateShooter.com’s Ballistics Page, you’ll find the excellent JBM Ballistics program. This not only calculates bullet trajectory with great precision, but will also output clicks so you can create your own “come-up” chart to keep with your rifle. In addition, you can download FREE versions of Pejsa and Point Blank ballistics software. Point Blank is also a database that stores your favorite loads. Pejsa, an Excel spreadsheet with a sophisticated drag formula, is a great choice for VLD bullets (.Zip version). We normally store loads in Point Blank (resident on the computer), and generate come-up tables with JBM or Pejsa (for VLDs).

Here are links to more FREE Ballistics programs:

Big Game Info Ballistics Calculator

NFA Ranging Ballistics Computer (Excel file Download)

Federal Cartridge Ballistics (for loaded ammo)

Remington Shoot Ballistics Software (Software Download)

Shooting Times Ballistics
(Choose caliber for sample ballistics by bullet weight.)

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