April 26th, 2007

Schmidt & Bender 12.5-50×56 Long-Range Scope–The Ultimate Zoom?

Well folks, the speculation is over… Schmidt & Bender has developed a long-range version of its 12.5-50×56 Field Target scope announced last year. Originally built as an air rifle scope for the popular European Field Target discipline, the initial version of this scope had parallax set for a maximum of 70 meters. We reported that this design could readily be adapted for long-range use, and we’ve been proven correct. The new long-range scope adjusts from 50m to infinity and is strong enough to handle any centerfire cartridge up to 50 BMG according to Schmidt & Bender.

This is an exciting product introduction–with S&B’s legendary lens quality, this new scope could set a new benchmark for clarity and resolution in high-magnification zoom scopes. Click HERE to download a Powerpoint presentation with specifications for the new scope. The scope has a 34mm main tube, 70mm eye relief, and a 1.8mm exit pupil at max power. It is currently offered with metric windage and elevation controls, .25 cm per click. NOTE: the North American export version of the scope might feature MOA clicks instead. According to Schmidt & Bender, “a new turret and MOA-based click value (probably 1/8 MOA) are under development”. Two reticles are offered with the scope at this time: 1) a second focal plane “Sport Reticle” which has a “floating” center dot and a lower dot in the bottom half; 2) a first focal plane “Tactical Reticle” with vertical and horizontal hash marks for ranging. We think neither of these reticles is ideal for long-range BR and target shooting. Hopefully, S&B will release a more conventional Fine Cross-hair reticle, or something similar to the Nightforce NP-R2 reticle. There is a discussion of the reticle options on Long-Range.com.

Schmidt Bender 10-50x56 Scope

The key questions remain, when will the scope arrive in the USA and how much will it cost? We contacted Mark Cromwell, head of Schmidt & Bender’s North American division today. He confirmed that the new scope will be sold in the USA. Thirty Field Target versions are on order, which Mark hopes will arrive before September. The long-range version will probably not be available in North America before the end of 2007, and it might be January or February 2008 before we see inventory. Cromwell told us that the 12.5-50×56 will likely be priced in the $2600 range in the USA, but that is subject to change. Whether we can expect more reticle choices is unknown at this time. If you have questions about this scope, visit SchmidtBender.com where updates will be posted as available. Click HERE for Large Photo.

Schmidt Bender 10-50x56 Sport ReticleSchmidt Bender 10-50x56 Tactical Reticle

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