May 8th, 2008

Newcon Optik Laser RangeFinder from Canada

Newcon Optik, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, produces many optics products for the Canadian military including laser rangefinders, image stabilizers, and night-vision gear. Newcon Optik also sells a line of laser rangefinders for consumers. Newcon claims that its rangefinders offer performance comparable to Leica, but at a much lower cost. The Newcon Optik LRM2000 Pro is designed to function out to 2000 meters, with a “reliable, all-conditions range” of at least 1500 yards. The LRM2000 Pro sells for $499.95 at, making it considerably cheaper than comparable models from Leica and Swarovski. has not been able to field test the LRM2000 Pro ourselves. For that reason it was not included in our Review of Laser Rangefinders done in 2007. However, we’ve handled the unit at SHOT Show and there are many features we like. First, it has a selectable reticle, offering a choice between a small rectangle and a cross-hair. By contrast, the $890.00 Swarovski Laser-Guide only offers a rather large aiming circle. Some hunters have complained the Swaro’s reticle is just too big for deer-sized animals out past 600 yards or so.

1 – Measurement result
2 – Units of measurement (Yards, Meters, Mils, Degrees)
3 – Low battery indicator
4 – Over 100m indicator (LRM 2500, LRM 2500CI Models only)
5 – Laser active indicator
6 – Target quality indicator (optional)
7 – Reticle (cross or rectangular selectable)

We also like the Newcon Optik’s shape and ergonomics. Sized 4.72″ x 4.8″ x 2.36″, the Newcon is flat and easy to hold, with non-slip rubber grip sections on both left and right sides. You can hold the brick shape securely with two hands, horizontally, like using binoculars.

By contrast, Leica went to an ultra-compact, vertical design for its latest CRF1200 rangefinder. The CRF’s small size makes the Leica easy to carry, but it is more difficult to hold the Leica stable when precise aiming is needed. With the Newcon Optik, you can set it flat on top of a case or rucksack and it’s easier to maintain a solid grip. The LRM2000 Pro also offers a built-in digital compass, a nice feature for anyone in the outdoors.

In the video below, Alex Rudi of Newcon Optik explains the features of the LRM2000 Pro model:


How do the Newcon Optik rangefinders perform in the field? Do they live up to the claims of Leica-class performance? We invite our readers who own or use Newcon Optik rangefinders to add their comments.

CLICK HERE for LRM2000 PRO SPECS SHEET (.pdf file)