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May 25th, 2008

2008 Super Shoot Results — Costa Wins Two-Gun Overall

For racing fans, Memorial Day weekend means the Indy 500 at the Brickyard. The equivalent of the Indy 500 for precision Benchrest shooters is Kelbly’s Firearms Industry Super Shoot at the Kelbly’s range in North Lawrence, Ohio. Despite high gas prices, 330+ shooters made the pilgrimage to North Lawrence to compete in the most prestigious event in Benchrest shooting.

Kelbly Super Shoot Benchrest

Topping an incredibly competitive field, Larry Costa won the Two-Gun Overall championship. Larry did extremely well in both rifle classes, finishing second in BOTH Light Varmint Grand (100 +200) and Heavy Varmint Grands. Congrats to Larry for his outstanding shooting. We’ve been told that Larry brings pre-measured, weighed charges (and then loads his rounds at the match), but we’re still waiting for confirmation. Jeff Summers, displaying great consistency, combined 4th in the LV Grand and 4th in HV Grand, to place Second Overall in the Two-Gun behind Costa. Andy Shiffle finished third in the Two-Gun, matching his placing in the HV Grand. We were pleased to see George Kelbly, “Founding Father” of the Super Shoot, take second in the LV 100.

Overall Two-Gun Standings

1 – Larry Costa
2 – Jeff Summers
3 – Andy Shifflett
4 – Gene Bukys
5 – Lou Murdica
6 – Billy Stevens
7 – Jeff Stover
8 – Bart Sauter
9 – Tony Boyer
10 – Joe Krupa
11 – Joe Hynes
12 – Stan Bowerman
13 – Mike Rattigan
14 – Charles Huckeba
15 – Bill Goad
16 – Milt Craven
17 – Howie Levy
18 – Danny Sutphin
19 – Jack Lyons
20 – Kent Harshman

LV 100 – Top 3
1 – Lowell Hottenstein
2 – George Kelbly
3 – George Carter
LV 200 – Top 3
1 – Gene Bukys
2 – Larry Costa
3 – Mike Rattigan
LV Grand – Top 5
1 – Gene Bukys
2 – Larry Costa
3 – George Carter
4 – Jeff Summers
5 – Bill Goad
HV 100 – Top 3
1 – Tony Boyer
2 – Bart Sauter
3 – Bud Mundy
HV 200 – Top 3
1 – Andy Shifflett
2 – Jeff Summers
3 – Larry Costa
HV Grand – Top 5
1 – Tony Boyer
2 – Larry Costa
3 – Andy Shifflett
4 – Jeff Summers
5 – Bart Sauter
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May 25th, 2008

New Ultra-Compact Reloading Scales

Two new, very small and light reloading scales have recently been introduced. These are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. While not as precise as a bench-top unit, they can deliver read-outs to within 0.2 grains. These ultra-compact scales should prove very useful for any shooter that needs to load at the range. Additionally, they are affordable enough to be used as a back-up to a larger electronic or balance beam scale.

We knew readers would want to learn about these brand new products. However, both these scales are so NEW that we haven’t yet been able to comparison-test them with a laboratory scale to confirm the claimed levels of weighing precision and see if there are any calibration or “drift” issues. Stay tuned for future test reports.

MTM Mini Reloading Scale — $30
The new DS-1200 weighs up to 1200 grains. MTM claims accuracy (resolution) to plus or minus 0.1 (one-tenth) grain. You can switch measurements among grains, grams, ounces and carats .The unit features a high-impact, plastic sensor cover that doubles as a large powder pan. The DS-1200 comes with a calibration weight, two (2) CR2032 Batteries, and a foam lined storage/travel case. Up to 1200 grain capacity with To save battery power, the large, backlit display shuts off automatically after 3 minutes. Here are sources for this bargain-priced new scale: Item MTDS1200 | $29.99 Item MTMDS1250 | $29.99 — Coming Soon

Acculab Pocket Pro Mini Scale — $112
Sartorius, makers of the popular Acculab-123 scale and its Denver Instrument clone, the MXX-123, has introduced a new, portable reloading scale that is truly pocket-sized. The compact model PP-62 will work as a portable scale or a back-up for a benchscale. It measures 3.5″ long, 3″ wide, and just 7/8″ thick.

The Pocket Pro can handle a maximum weight of 1000 grains. Acculab claims resolution down to 0.1 (one-tenth) GRAM, which provides readability to 0.20 GRAINS. We like the fact that the unit runs on a single, easy-to-purchase AA battery. Battery life is up to 20 hours, if you turn off the back lighting on the LCD display. A sliding cover also protects the weighing mechanism during transport. The PP-62 offers easy one-button calibration with the supplied check weight.

Sinclair Int’l sells the new Acculab PP-62, for $111.50 (Item 10-6200). This includes battery, weighing pan, and 50 gram calibration weight.

CONSUMER ALERT: On the web you’ll find other versions of the Acculab Pocket-Pro┬« Scales, priced at $45-$60.00. These are the PP-201 (photo above) and PP-401. Though these scales appear identical to the PP-62 (Sinclair item 10-6200), they are NOT the SAME. The cheaper PP-201 and PP-401 are only rated to one-TENTH of a GRAM. The PP-62 is RATED to one-HUNDRETH of a GRAM — that gives you an 0.2 GRAIN precision.

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