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May 27th, 2008

High Marks for PRVI Partizan 75gr HPBT Match .223 Ammo

Site Contributor Danny Reever has tested the bargain-priced PRVI Partizan .223 factory ammo in his 7-twist Sig 556 and AR15. He gives it a definite “thumbs-up”. Danny reports: “You should try some of the PRVI Partizan 75gr Match ammo. I was really surprised. This stuff shoots great. At 100 yards it delivered one MOA, easy, with my Sig 556. With a custom match rifle it might do even better. This is great ammo for the price. I’m going to buy more before the price goes up.”

Danny was also impressed with the brass: “This is quality brass, all boxer-primed and reloadable. For varminting and general-purpose use, I wouldn’t hesitate to stack it up against more expensive brands.”

PRVI Partizan G75gr HPBT Match .223 ammo, item PPA223MATCH, is available from for $10.99 per 20-round box, including shipping. Graf’s also stocks PRVI .223 ammo in other bullet weights: 55gr FMJBT (M193), 55gr SP, 223 REM 62gr FMJBT, and 69gr HPBT-MATCH.

PRVI Partizan 75gr Match ON SALE for $8.99/box
Now through May 31, 2008, MidwayUSA has the PRVI 75gr Match Ammo on sale (ITEM 790565). This is the same stuff that worked so well for Danny. The sale price is just $8.99 per 20-rd box, marked down from $11.99. You may want to jump on this deal before the price goes back up June 1st. (NOTE: 1:7″ or faster twist required.) Midway customers who have tried this ammo agree with Danny — this is quality 1 MOA or better ammo:

In my RRA Predator Pursuit rifle this ammo produces consistent 1 inch groups at 100 yards. Burns clean with no funky powder odors, no feed problems were encountered. Brass is clean and shiny, good practice and hunting round. Get it now before the price goes up. — Juan S., TX

Comparable to MUCH more expensive ammo in both accuracy, and terminal performance. EASILY shoots sub-MOA groups @ 200 yards from my RRA A4 Varmint. Stock up while you can! — Paul J., AL

I shot this ammo out of my Colt H-Bar AR 1-7 twist and got 1″, 5-shot groups at 100 yards. I doubt you’ll do better than that for this price. I will be ordering more. — David A., AL

Wideners has PRVI Partizan 75gr .223 Bulk Packs also has large supplies of the PRVI Partisan 75gr .223 Match ammo. Price is $82.00 for 200 rounds (10 x 20-ct boxes), or $399.00 for 1000 rounds. The 1000-round price works out to $7.98 per 20 rounds.

Stan Widener tested the ammo and reports: “After firing, the brass was very clean and there was very little residue on the bolt carrier. Very clean powder. The ammo is made with MILAN BLAGOJEVIC powder and GINEX primers. There were no failures or misfeeds of any kind. All rounds functioned perfectly. The cases are very bright and shiny with military anneal mark. With no primer crimp to deal with, the brass should reload well. CONCLUSION: This is truly the best buy you can get in match 223 ammo.”

Great Price at AIM Surplus
Forum member Graymist notes that AIM Surplus has the PRVI Partizan 75gr BTHP Match for $8.25 per 20-rd box or $7.95 per box for 10 or more boxes (200 rounds or more.) Compare shipping costs with other vendors, however, to determine if this is the best deal, given your location. Remember includes shipping in their price.

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May 27th, 2008

Koenig Wins his 11th Bianchi Cup. Potterfield Donates $50K.

“Koenig” means “king” in the German language. The name fits. Doug Koenig is truly King of the Bianchi Cup, as he recorded his 11th career Bianchi Cup this Memorial Day weekend. This year marked the 30th Anniversary of the event, the most prestigious action pistol competition in the world. Koenig narrowly beat 2006 NRA Bianchi Cup champ Bruce Piatt based on X-Count, 1918-185X to 1918-182X, respectively. Koenig credits dedication and preparation for his win: “I try to be absolutely prepared. I never leave any stone unturned …I live it, think it, sleep it….”

The NRA National Action Shooting Tournament is a money-winning event. For his 2008 victory, Koenig took home the Bianchi Cup trophy, plus cash awards of over $8,000. Robert Vadasz’ win in the Metallic Sight class netted him over $5000.

Since its inception in 1979, the NRA Bianchi Cup has retained its original course of fire, consisting of four matches: Practical, Barricade, Moving Target and Falling Plates. Speed and accuracy is the key to winning the Championship. Each event is timed and is worth 480 points, equaling a total of 1920 possible points.

Inspired by the success of the 30th Annual National Action Pistol Championships and its impact on his hometown of Columbia, MO, Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA pledged $50,000 cash for the 2009 NRA Bianchi Cup. The gift may be used to increase the $95,000 currently given out in cash and prizes. Potterfield’s pledge earned praise from NRA President John C. Sigler: “Larry and Brenda Potterfield … are outstanding citizens [and] have always been great supporters of the National Rifle Association and huge promoters of the shooting sports.”

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