July 21st, 2008

PACT Professional XP Chronograph on Sale

The PACT XP Chronograph is now on sale at MidwayUSA for $206.99, $23.00 off the regular price. (Sale ends July 31, 2008.) This unit contains many advanced features, is fairly easy to set up, and has a handy control unit with built-in printer. An enhanced “Glint Guard” bullet detection system provide greater sensitivity in a wide range of light conditions.

PACT Chronograph

The PACT XP chronograph can also be upgraded with infrared screens. We highly recommend the infrared option, a $49.95 upgrade from PACT. You can also purchase the PACT Pro XP with infrared kit directly from PACT for $269.95.

PACT Chronograph

The PACT Pro XP includes improved “Mark 6″ Skyscreens, mounting bracket, storage case, and a 9-volt battery. With software available from the PACT website, you can transfer your data to a laptop or home computer. The PACT Pro XP also features a built-in ballistics calculator that uses your actual chronograph and bullet data and corrects for windage, elevation, and temperature. PACT provides a bullet database with the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of nearly all bullet designs from popular bullet-makers.

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