March 18th, 2009

John Loh Front Rest Now Offered by Sinclair Int'l

John Loh produces some of the most beautifully-machined shooting hardware on the planet. The Loh pedestal from JJ Industries is truly the “Rolls-Royce” of conventional (non-joystick) front rests. This editor has tried all the premium joystick (co-axial) rests, and numerous windage-top conventional rests. The Loh has the smoothest, steadiest horizontal tracking of any rest I’ve ever tried. F-classers who prefer to “hold-off” rather than dial clicks for windage changes will absolutely love the Loh. The vertical controls are extremely precise and allow you to make very minute movements of the cross-hairs with none of the “notchiness” or jumping you’ll find with some other models.

John Loh Front Benchrest Pedestal

Sinclair International now offers the Loh front rest for $879.95. Sinclair says: “The windage control system is built directly onto the baseplate so the entire top, post, and handwheel assembly moves as one complete unit. If you are looking for a premium made front rest that functions smoothly and is rock solid, then look no further.” Here are key features of the Loh rest:

– Weighing 17.7 lbs., the Loh is rock solid, with a very low center of gravity
– Full 100″ of windage travel at 100 yards
– A 3″-wide filled Edgewood front bag is included
– Large bubble level installed in easy-to-view position
– Large-diameter fluted mariner wheel for major elevation changes
– Solid brass speed screw
– All stainless hardware
– Durable black satin finish

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