August 3rd, 2009

Capt. Dave Funk Runs for Congress

Veteran pilot, rifle shooter, hunter, and AccurateShooter forum member Dave Funk is running as a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Iowa. Dave Funk, known as ‘Captain Dave’ by many, served as Co-chair of Iowa Sportsmen for McCain-Palin and has been active in conservative political circles for most of his adult life. He recently serviced as co-chair of the Iowa Sportsmen for McCain-Palin. He is also is the current President of the Iowa Chapter of Safari Club International.

Dave Funk for CongressNow working as an aviation security consultant, Dave served for nearly ten years as an attack helicopter pilot with the Iowa Army National Guard. He has over three decades of aviation experience, most recently as a Boeing 757 Captain for Northwest Airlines.

Why does a family man, living in rural Iowa with his wife and children, want to go to Washington? Dave Funk, a “tried and true conservative”, believes the country is at a crossroads and basic American values and freedoms are being challenged.

Dave explained: “Last fall, in the President’s Message in the Safari Club International’s Iowa Chapter quarterly newsletter, I wrote the following regarding the then-pending election: ‘As a nation we are at a fork in the road, one turn, towards the left, is in a direction much like our European allies have gone, to more government intrusion, higher taxes, fewer individual rights, and unrelenting attacks on our traditions as hunters and, to top it all off… stagnant economies. The other turn is toward the right, to freedom and liberty, lower taxes, [and] a vibrant economy.'”

Dave continued: “The ‘hope’ and ‘change’ thing sold to the American people last fall is not really working out. Democrats took control of Congress… and through a series of legislative missteps have increased the costs of doing business for all of us through higher taxes, excessive spending and massive federal intrusion into the private sector — including taking over banks and manufacturing companies.

I don’t want to face my son 20 years from now when he asks me, ‘Dad, in 2010, when there was still time to save this country, why didn’t you do something?’ It’s time that real Americans step up… before it’s too late. That’s why I’m running for Congress.” To learn more about Dave Funk and his campaign visit, or call (515) 966-2066.

Dave Funk for Congress

EDITOR’S NOTE: Whatever your political leanings, you have to admire Dave for undertaking this campaign. We applaud the fact that a fellow shooter is making the effort to get involved in the national politics. It is easy to sit back and complain about the state of affairs in the nation. It takes courage and commitment to do what Dave is doing.

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